Jon & Kate’s sham marriage details

As the extra special/probably the divorce episode gets ready to air on Monday, details of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage have been slowly leaking out. The two haven’t slept together for month and planned on announcing their separation in July, but hey, ratings don’t grow on trees. They fall out of your vagina. RadarOnline reports:

“Jon and Kate haven’t slept together in months. Jon doesn’t even like to come in the house when Kate is there,” the source told
Their on-screen fighting and bickering pales in comparison to the off-screen chill that exists between them, and Jon has done everything he can to avoid his wife, according to the source.
The marriage has been dying slowly for a while, says the source. In May, Kate’s brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, told that, “Six months ago Kate came to Jon and said, ‘Hey, it’s over.'” But the couple stayed together and learned that they recently moved up the time table for splitting, as tension between them grew.

In the meantime, Gawker reports that Jon is already scoping out apartments in Trump Towers in hopes of picking up college chicks. Because nothing attracts women more than a desperate man with a verifiable track record of producing multiples. It’s like Spanish Fly if Spanish Fly was supposed to make you run the fuck away and sew your uterus shut.