UPDATE: Jon & Kate Plus the Cops

Seen here this morning after the fracas, things have gotten ugly in the Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce. The police were called to their home in Reading, Pa. last night after Kate showed up and demanded access to the house despite it being Jon’s allotted time with the kids. RadarOnline reports:

One source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com, “Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly. It’s Jon’s scheduled time to be there with the kids.”
Jon was inside the home and wouldn’t let Kate in.
Kate reportedly started screaming at Jon at the fence outside their once happy home about his relationship with Santoro – the nanny hired by Jon, and not Kate.
Amid all the screaming, someone called the cops. Police arrived, but no arrests were made. Kate left and checked into a local hotel.

Upon leaving the hotel this morning at 4 a.m., Kate somehow managed to arrange a police escort – to her car. Right outside the door:

RadarOnline.com was on the scene as Kate had the police come and carry her luggage and walk her to her black Toyota SUV, which was approximately 40 steps from the front hotel door.
Four police cars showed up and shined lights in every car in the parking lot to make sure no paps were in, and the few cars that did have paps were kicked out of the lot before Kate came out.

She was spotted doing 95 mph down the highway and cutting off her headlights at exits to elude the paparazzi. Oh, c’mon. You know what happens to a regular guy like when I pull a stunt like that? Women want to make out with me. It’s a curse.

UPDATE: TMZ reports Kate’s the one who called the cops, but was ultimately forced to leave. Whether this is because of the custody arrangement or her hair being a deadly weapon remains to be seen.

Photos: Splash News