Jon & Kate Plus Already Separated for 6 Months

Despite pretending to be working on their marriage in the premiere episode, Jon and Kate Gosselin have allegedly been separated for six months, according to In Touch:

“They’re married, but it’s for the show,” according to Todd Cruz, a close friend of Jon’s brother and a bartender at 3rd & Spruce – a Reading, Pa., restaurant that Jon used to frequent. “He explained it to us at the bar,” Todd tells In Touch. “He said he was completely miserable and the marriage was pretty much done.” And though Jon has gotten a lot of flak for going out to bars and flirting with college girls, Jon revealed to Todd that it was Kate who ended their marriage. “Jon said then that he confronted Kate six months ago about her relationship with the bodyguard,” Todd shares.
As In Touch previously reported, Jon and Kate were indeed separated for several weeks this winter, with Jon living at his mother’s Pennsylvania home while Kate remained at their house with the kids. At the time, a rep for the show claimed he was simply helping around the house while his mother recovered from a foot injury – but Todd says the separation was real. And while Jon did move back into the family house, we can now reveal that it was purely for the sake of ratings. “Jon’s had it – it’s all fake. And Kate is putting on a show,” Todd says.

Adding weight to In Touch’s claims, Jon just spoke to People from an attorney’s office where he says he’ll quit the show if it’s in his kids’ best interests:

But while Kate spoke openly to PEOPLE in May about the perilous state of her marriage, confessing that “Jon is confused and struggling with a lot of different things,” Jon himself is cautious about being too candid.
Except when the subject turns to his children. “Exploited?,” asks Jon. “I don’t even want to use that word, because I think it’s ridiculous,” he says heatedly. Jon insists his children’s happiness will remain his focus – even if keeping them happy means quitting the show.

Of course, Jon’s words became moot when Kate burst into the office and fired quills out of the top of her head paralyzing Jon so TLC producers could haul him into a van waiting in the alley. And that, my friends, is what’s up with her hair.

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