Jon & Kate Gosselin play nice together – for now

Less than 48 hours after getting ejected from the property by the cops, Kate Gosselin made nice with Jon for the sake of the money the kids the money. The two of them were cordial while Kate arrived for her visitation time yesterday, but she might not have to pretend for long. RadarOnline is reporting that TLC might be looking to cut Jon loose:

TLC is also extremely unhappy with their Ed Hardy-loving star, sources tell exclusively.
One result of that unhappiness is that the network has made a command decision to blur any brand logos that Jon wears on the show. Yes, right now that means Ed Hardy shirts.
The network blurred the shirt logos last week and high-level executives have now decided to make it a policy, has learned.
“The relationship between Jon and the network has become very strained,” the source told
And, of course, in every divorce people take sides. Jon feels like TLC is taking Kate’s side.
The network allowed Kate to do a teary and angry interview with the Today show recently but then canceled Jon’s E! interview, as reported exclusively.
And while they will never admit it publicly, there has been talk by some executives at TLC about following Kate’s lead and divorcing Jon.

Of course, without the show Jon’s neverending snizz bonanza will come to an itchy halt which is why he’s taken the liberty of injecting himself with eight kids of his own. And everyone thought it was a beer gut. Crafty.

Photos: Flynet