Jon and Kate dad caught cheating

April 29th, 2009 // 135 Comments

Anyone who has seen just one episode of the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 is probably wondering how the hell this didn’t happen sooner, but Jon Gosselin has allegedly been caught with another woman, according to Us Weekly:

Jon Gosselin arrived at the club at 11:20 p.m. and by 2 a.m. “could barely walk” as he exited the less-public back entrance of Legends Lounge — near the family’s $1.3-million home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania — on April 18, a fellow partier tells Us Weekly.
The dad of 8 — kids are twins Madelyn and Cara, 8, and 5-year-old sextuplets, Aaden, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Alexis — was overheard yelling, “Hey, babe! Babe! Give me my jacket!” before climbing into his Nissan Nismo. (She complied.) As cameras began snapping, he panicked, urging his female friend to “get in the car!” before speeding off hastily — without even turning on the headlights.

His wife Kate was on a book tour in Washington promoting her latest book at the time, and apparently, this isn’t the first incident:

In February, the 32-year-old was spotted flirting with — and even attempting to kiss — coeds at Juniata College, multiple students confirm to Us Weekly. (He denied any wrongdoing.) He told one coed “he was getting divorced.” In the May Ladies Home Journal, he says, “I always thought I would be, like, 54 years old and marry a 19-year-old or something.”

It says something that this guy knows he’s going to have pay at least a billion dollars in child support, yet he’s still chasing tail: We’re a simple, simple gender. However, Kate Gosselin could make Mother Teresa want to take a Valium, so it’s kind of a perfect storm really.

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  1. Dave

    Ha no shocker here

  2. Marty

    A ton of little shitters running around and a raging c-word always on your case.


  3. Wow

    A man that made money off his family abandoning his familial responsibilities to chase tail like an over the hill loser.


  4. Wow

    A man who got rich off exploiting his family leaves his responsibilities to chase 19 year old tail like a midlife crisis cliche.




  6. Dave

    This woman is a total bitch

    I’m sure he wants to leave he just can’t afford to

  7. @5 No, white men lick and we do a good job at it….

  8. anonymous

    I don’t blame him one bit. He’s married to a controlling, uptight cow.

  9. sin

    He loves the kids but she is a total control freak bitch. She needs to quadrupile up on Valium. She is nuts.

  10. Hey Jen, The women in the picture above is the reason some man created a blog called women suck. She is a total BITCH!!!!

  11. Tom

    I guess the John Minus 9 joke of The Soup has come true.

  12. The Crow

    You orda eggrole?

  13. Objection sustained


    You still suck, under any alias.

  14. Clarkehead

    What a ratings booster this is going to be. I’ve never seen two more annoying people in my life. They’re perfect for each other.

  15. Beans Baxter

    Divorce is reality too.

  16. Shawn

    And thats cheating because? Oh no some girl got in his car and he sped away…. she had his jacket too! shocker.

  17. Pappy

    Just about now kate is probably greasing up her strapon and getting ready to unleash the fury, good luck johny boy… Maybe next u try to go incognito u shouldn’t drive a ricer

  18. Deacon Jones

    I watch 3 minutes of an interview with that mega cunt and wanted to put my foot thru the TV.

    She reminds me of my friend’s wife, a controlling cunt who’s secretly a lesbian feminist. She actually followed us around town during his bachelor party in her Honda.

  19. cavy

    Who the fuck would want to date Jon Gosselin? No matter how cute, fun or witty, who the fuck would jump into that Baby Mama Drama? Not to mention, he won’t have a cent to his name after that giant litter and queen bee get a hold of his paychecks (oh, I forgot…Jon doesn’t have a “job”)!

    I can totally understand why Jon would cheat on that asshole Kate (I’ve been watching the show/trainwreck since the beginning), but who would want to deal with all that MESS? Any woman willing to put herself through the Hell of dating Jon is one messed up character…but Jon is used to that.

    Oh, and I think Aaden is an adorable kid (those glasses and love for animals!) and Maddy is the biggest brat on the planet!

  20. Classy

    Oh noooo. Although Kate is uptight, and controlling, she really loves her family. So does John. John is a good guy, and if he did cheat they will have to work it out. Kate treats him like another child. I believe she really enjoys the limelight….she had so much to say about Octomom, and now it looks like she be Octomom2, the single mom. Hey, she’ll do another show where she adjust to life after marriage with 8 children. It wasn’t Kate, it was that damn Maddy…she is off the hook!

  21. tim

    #19 – you are confusing “dating” with having sex. Most extramarital affairs are appointments for sex. There is no “dating” – that what single people do.

    The guy’s banging some coed. Two consenting adults having fun. After a good bang, she goes back tot he dorm, he goes back to the screaming nightmare of the daycare center home. Both acheived their goals.

  22. rahilio

    so will this make it john and kate plus 8 minus 1?

  23. Jon Minus Nine

    I find Mary Kate to be a big ol’ b-word. She seems to have alienated everybody who used to help them out.

    Eight kids — too bad she can’t act more human and he can’t stay home.

  24. Jon Minus Nine

    I find Mary Kate to be a big ol’ b-word. She seems to have alienated everybody who used to help them out.

    Eight kids — too bad she can’t act more human and he can’t stay home.

  25. Mark

    If you’re famous in any way, poontang will present itself.

  26. Shockalator

    That bitch is a controlling cunt and she’s lucky she hasn’t met the business end of a baseball bat to the head already. He sits there with this dead, defeated look in his eyes, although it is hard to tell whether it’s suicidal or homicidal.

  27. mothers have it hard

    Listen all of you, the woman has EIGHT kids. Give her a break.
    Who wouldn’t be a bit high-strung? You have to maintain order and someone has to take control– Jon certainly wasn’t going to fulfill that role.

    He’s an immature asshole unwilling to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t thin, super hip, or childless.

  28. Professor Plum in the Library


    Evidence -

    1) “Not Hot at All”
    Exhibit A – the hair plug episode & a picture of his face

    2) “Not Loaded at All”
    Exhibit B – picture of 8 children, a wife, a van, and a ranch house

    3) “Not Getting Any, Any time Soon”
    Exhibit C – a 19 year old chick trying to be seen with him til her name gets in the paper, cashes in & dumps him

  29. Professor Plum in the Library


    Evidence -

    1) “Not Hot at All”
    Exhibit A – the hair plug episode & a picture of his face

    2) “Not Loaded at All”
    Exhibit B – picture of 8 children, a wife, a van, and a ranch house

    3) “Not Getting Any, Any time Soon”
    Exhibit C – a 19 year old chick trying to be seen with him til her name gets in the paper, cashes in & dumps him

  30. Numba faw

    ah, soooo….

  31. PunkA

    LL I know is that my mom had lots of kids and she was way cool, not the total controlling bitch Kate is. Kate has issues she tales out on her husband. Not saying her is perfect, but some women just need to lightne the hell up.

    Wait, not you honey, I didn’t mean you (YES I DID).

  32. gotmilk?

    27, she probably wanted all those fucking little shit kids, he probably didn’t. i don’t feel bad for people who have a lot of kids. they wanted it, right? plus, she’s a miserable cunt. like she takes care of those kids all on her own? they get so many hand outs.

    i don’t blame that guy for cheating. he probably looks forward to going to work every day.

  33. Walt Disney III

    If I was that guy I would break my own neck. I have a wife and two kids and there isn’t day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about what a miserable fucking life I have and how it would be so easy to just end it. I thought about it this morning and I will think about it when I get home. Been married for ten years and I have never had the chance to cheat because it seems as if no women want to fuck me. But the first one that does is going to get it and get it really good. I’m going to fuck her so hard and fast that she’s going to cry.

  34. STINK

    I saw these two annoying losers whining about their birthing problems on a Discovery documentary about a thousand years ago. They have a SHOW? WHY?!?!

    Sooo glad I don’t watch TV anymore…

  35. KEV


  36. themorrison

    after 8 kids that pussy’s blown out

  37. Juniata student

    I go to Juniata and while he did come party here a couple of times, he never cheated on Kate or even tried to. He was just blowing off steam and playing beer pong. He did mention that their marriage wasn’t so happy, but he didn’t cheat. Sorry that that’s not juicy. It’s pretty cool we made on this site, though. I’ve been reading it on and off since high school.

  38. #33
    I’m officially never geting married.

  39. PunkA

    Not only is Kate’s pussy as huge as a Warehouse, it is as soulless too.

  40. Rich Black Lawyer

    @ 33

    WOW!!! I hope you are joking man cause you sound miserable! I am 27 with a great job and car and living the bachelor life to the MAX!!!

    Thank you, I am never getting married man!!!

  41. alexjanes

    I don’t blame him at all. After porking his Cunty hotdog in a hallway wife he isn’t trying to bang anything with less than a 10 inch diameter. If anything, I say he’s a hero for not settling on an emptied pickle jar

  42. already caught a few weeks ago on camera.

    This is Funny.

  43. puhleez

    Of course he wants to cheat–marriage is totally unnatural and there is nothing in it for you if you are male. You wouldn’t cut your own dick off and then chain yourself to a pole would you???

  44. n

    i thought he was asian?

  45. Barry O

    His wife has a wrecked vagina & probably smells like sour milk & poo all the time. But he’s still a twatwad.

    Why does she have duct tape on her shirt? To keep all the leaking milk in?

  46. Deacon Jones

    I nominate #33 for comment of the year.

  47. Jon Lou

    Pics of the girl whom he cheated with???? His wife is a controlling freak with a blown up pussy. With 8 kids vomiting, shitting, crying all the time, it’s a freaking miracle Jon held out on cheating this long.

    Go get yours, Jon! Keep the 19 year old tail flowing, young padawan.

  48. GeorgeWBush

    Oh GOD I hope Jon releases those sex tape he made with Kate when they were a young couple!!!!

  49. tinkabelle

    You guys are SUCH losers. I don’t know why I read the comments on this site because they are always so idiotic. Never again am I going to waste my time.

    1) Wives are not bitchy unless they have reason to be (aka husband does nothing and is a lazy ass and she is expected to do everything) and Kate is probably only stressed to the max as her husband doesn’t seem to be too helpful and she has 8 freaking kids! Should she be lighting incense and singing Kumbaya? Of course she’s stressed with 8 kids and being on TV! Plus the editing probably makes her look a lot worse than she really is.
    2) Her vagina is not “wrecked” after kids. Women snap back amazingly after childbirth, her vagina is no different than a 19 year old’s.
    3) All you idiots saying you’re “happy bachelors” and “I’m never getting married”, you’re right. I don’t know any girl who would want to get with a guy who comments on gossip sites. You guys can bash women and sound cool on a gossip site? Wow…so cool.

  50. Chatham

    Dumbasses, she had C-sections. You don’t think they let you push out 6 at once, do you?? Multiples that many are ALWAYS C-sections.

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