Jon Gosselin’s tiny penis reduced to novelty act

Jon Gosselin having a small penis has become so universally known that it’s literally costing him money at this point. Via The Huffington Post:

If Playgirl ever asks Jon Gosselin, 32, to pose nude, he may be a little insulted by the offer. “We discussed it, and we’d offer him only $20,000,” Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio tells Life & Style exclusively. “His star is extinguishing, and he’s not very [well endowed]” — as Jon’s exes Hailey Glassman and Kate Major both recently revealed. “Honestly,” says Nardicio, “it’d be more of a novelty than an actual sexy shoot.”

Wait. Someone’s paying $20,000 for pictures of tiny pensies? Excuse me while I call every single woman who’s seen me naked and proceed to laugh in their face.

*picks up phone*

This might take a while. “Hello? Mom? Guess what…”

Photos: Splash News