Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend seems classy

Seen here in photos taken from her Facebook page and passed around the Internet like the blunts she enjoys lighting, Hailey Glassman is apparently using her relationship with Jon Gosselin to get famous, according to Us Weekly:

Glassman — whose father performed Kate’s 2006 tummy tuck — has tried out for MTV’s Real World and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.
“I think after realizing she had a connection to Jon through her father and that Jon and Kate’s marriage was rocky, she saw an opportunity to get famous,” one of Glassman’s pals tells Us.
James Appleton, who describes himself as her “hookup friend,” tells Us Glassman dropped him abruptly just before news of the pair broke.
“A couple days later a mutual friend was like, ‘Oh hey, your girl Hailey is pretty famous. She’s dating this older guy who has like eight kids,'” says Appleton, who met her during a 2007 spring break trip to Acapulco, Mexico.

Jesus. Could you imagine if this chick makes it on to Jon and Kate Plus 8 and puts that on her resume?

TV EXEC: Ms. Glassman, it says here you were on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Can you tell me about that experience?
HAILEY: I vomited on eight small Asian children then burnt their playhouse down smoking a J with some guy I banged outside Denny’s.
TV EXEC: …. Welcome to the Real World.
TV EXEC: Whee!
HAILEY: Do I still have to give you that BJ?

The End.