Jon Gosselin wants out

August 25th, 2009 // 42 Comments

While selling lemonade to raise money for a local fire department, Jon Gosselin has said he wants out of Jon & Kate Plus 8, according to Us Magazine:

“I wish I had a 9 to 5 job instead of the nightmare I’m living. This is 24/7,” he told outside his $1.1 million Pennsylvania home Monday. “I don’t even want to do taping for the show anymore.”
But Gosselin says he’s stuck filming and doing promotional appearances to make as much money as possible. (A source also tells the current issue of Us Weekly that he’s “suspicious” Kate is hiding cash ahead of their divorce proceedings. They make an estimated $75,000 per episode.)
“I have two houses and eight children to take care of and I need to work,” he told Us.

While Jon’s worried about Kate hiding money, she’s worried about him pissing it away on BMWs and 22-year-old vagina. RadarOnline reports:

Jon has taken girlfriend Hailey Glassman to France, spent a week in The Hamptons with Kate Major, bought a BMW, traded it back in, shopped for a Porsche for Hailey, rented an expensive apartment in New York and indulged in other cash-burning activities.
The big problem, according to Kate sources, is the soon to be ex wife thinks the cash is all going to fuel Jon’s Suddenly Single lifestyle and not being put away for the kids.
Jon & Kate Plus 8 is not the couple’s only source of income. They have books and speaking engagements but with divorce suddenly looming, that may not be as lucrative in the future.

Of course, if push comes to shove, it’s not like they couldn’t just open a sweatshop in the basement. And before everyone gets bent out of shape, those kids need to learn porcupine haircuts and ATVs don’t grow on trees. Now make Mommy some wallets, freeloaders.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Chupacabra

    Nice shirt, bitch. You had a bunch of retarded looking jackass kids, too.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaah, because NO ONE wants to make 100 GRAND a day for farting and walking around in front of a camera. TERRIBLY hard DEgRADING job, OH my lord, how terrible!!!!!!! GO!!! run!!! get a GREAT job like the rest of America! work 8-12 hour shifts for shit!!!!! its SOOO much fun! and soo rewarding!

    FUCKING asshole. Puh-lease, SHUT the FUCK up and lose some weight and take care of your kids and quite being a damn pussy. JEESH!


  3. Nanotyrannus

    I might consider taking him seriously about his financial woes if he weren’t wearing a pair of douchey fucking sunglasses that probably cost more than I made last month.

    Asshole. He better sleep with one eye open. Those kids look like they might steal his organs while he sleeps to fund their college education. Or maybe douchey sunglasses for the whole family.

  4. IWantToBeALoserToo

    I can’t believe enough people watch this loser to justify paying him $75,000 an episode. He is a man with a gut that does fugly women. Reality TV is that nasty turd that just will not flush so you keep seeing it when you are near the toilet. Unbelieveable.

  5. Anonymous

    Who really cares about these two imbeciles? Our society sucks.

  6. Chupacabra

    I agree with you Anonymous. Our society does SUCK ONE.

  7. MP


    Did you hear that? It was the world’s tiniest fucking violin playing for this horrible excuse for a man.

  8. EricLR

    In his defense, no amount of money in the world is worth having to sleep next to Kate all those years.

  9. missywissy

    uugh….. This guy is full of shit.

    Agree with #6. Just to brag, I have never seen Jon and Kate, I only know of this made-over dork from celeb mags and sites.

  10. nan

    Kate is the responsible one, she blows 100K on a new kitchen to replace the old new one

  11. Lies Lies Lies

    The “Lies Lies Lies” T-shirt is actually pretty funny if he’s aware of his own humor. I hope that airs on television.

  12. kris

    pssst Jon…the cash is hidden in the fitness equipment…Kate figures you’ll never look there

  13. Parker

    I wouldn’t worry about Kate. She can look forward to a long, happy future of getting her hot, spanking ass pounded.

  14. jubjub

    What kind of 9 to 5 job does he want? Wasn’t he an entry level IT guy before the show? Nothing wrong with IT types but he didn’t get far enough in that field to earn a decent living; what kind of a career path does he have to go back to? Good luck picking up homely chicks on his quad with that kind of income.

  15. Amy

    That shirt is just hilarious. Jon’s not a subtle guy is he?

  16. Oscar

    Pregnant man again!!!! ; Ughhhhhh!!!!!!

  17. abby

    I would love to watch a show minus Jon. What does he do for the show anyway? He’s a waste of space, and a bit of a problem when you have 8 fucking kids.

    Trust me if you were married to this guy you would bug-out often, too.

    When does the Deadbeat Dad Show start?

    Hey Megan, do you still want a millionaire?

  18. Ganja

    They both are annoying. He wants to bang chicks and she wants control. Who takes fertililty drugs after having 2 healthy twin girls? The government should regulate the fertility business. Look what happened to the Octo mom. These poor innocent children do not deseve these problems or parents.

  19. Jamie's Uterus

    I hope he continues to humiliate Kate. I just hate that phoney ass bitch.

  20. truth

    He is one ugly dude. She is good looking. What did she ever see in him to begin with. In spite of how some of you disparage her, at least she takes care of her kids and hasn’t bedded down with some other guy.

  21. truth

    He is one ugly dude. She is good looking. What did she ever see in him to begin with. In spite of how some of you disparage her, at least she takes care of her kids and hasn’t bedded down with some other guy.

  22. HoodFellaz

    Spoiled bitch…. i take care of my family with 50 grand a year, he cries and says he wants a regular job when he makes 75 grand a show…


    90% of the job in america don’t even make 75k a year.

    Your in for a reality check when you get your job.

  23. dee

    For fuck’s sake, make this go away!!

  24. Gina

    I hope he’s a thorn in the greedy child pimping bitches ass for the rest of her life.

  25. nikki

    He is wearing Rob Dyrdeks clothing line Rogue Status…classic.

  26. nikki

    He is wearing Rob Dyrdeks clothing line Rogue Status…classic.

  27. K

    So Aaden’s shirt refers to when the paparazzi spot John finally returning to his house with some high, white-trash chick at 3AM? Right?

  28. Alex

    To #3: He`s wearing Ray-Bans for just about $130-140. What kind of job do you do,so you make less than $140 a month?

  29. Sam

    I CANNOT BELIEVE someone pays this worthless monkey an UNBELIEVABLE $75,000 per a freakin EPISODE!!!!!! That’s a MANAGER level ANNUAL salary, I tell you!! And he has the NERVE to BITCH about it in public.

    Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

  30. alibi

    The truth be told, this farce of a show has run it’s course. TLC can’t continue to keep such ridiculous programing profitable. Even the right wing Christians have had their eyes opened. It’s the “learning” channel, for God’s sake! Goodbye and good ridence to all 10 of them.

  31. omg

    Give me a break, I am so sick of them…. nice shirt asshole.

    can’t someone stop this stupidity???? TLC COME ON…..

  32. omg

    Give me a break, I am so sick of them…. nice shirt asshole.

    can’t someone stop this stupidity???? TLC COME ON…..

  33. Darth

    I wonder how they’re going to find a solution for this.A new partner for Kate Gosselin?

  34. Galtacticus

    This is probably the first time in his life he wants out.

  35. Gando

    How about Doug Reinhardt taking his place in?!

  36. Rhialto


    Hello kids here’s your new rocking horse!

  37. abby

    What would be more entertaining than a single mom with 8 kids?

    Did the value of their home decrease, it was originally posted as 1.3 mill.

  38. Nero

    For how much would Paris Hilton rent him out?

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  40. CHRIS

    they are both crazy,the show should go off the air they are both a disgrace

  41. How long were they on TV before the divorce? Anyone know.

  42. I can not believe enough people see this necklace justify paying $ 75,000 an episode for him. She is fugly women with a stomach that is a man. Reality TV that nasty turd that will not only flush the toilet when you have so you have to keep watching it. Unbelieveable.

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