Jon Gosselin wants his own reality show

Jon Gosselin is reportedly in talks to star in a new a reality show with the classy title Divorced Dad’s Club. The only thing holding him back is his contract with TLC which might not be an issue for long considering the network is getting pissed with his bar hopping. TMZ reports:

We’re told Jon is in talks with a major production company — Endomol — to appear in a show called “Divorced Dad’s Club.” We’re told the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced fathers. We’re told producers talked to Jon, but he’s concerned about his TLC contract.
But Jon may still have a shot at the new show, because we’re told TLC is not happy with his conduct lately on “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” We’re told they fired off a letter to him, claiming he was in violation of the morals clause of his contract, partly because he’s been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

Supposedly, Jon needs the money because he’s pissed through a huge chunk of change since his separation from Kate:

We’re told all the money they made last season from “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.
As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party. Jon gets limited access to the account for basic stuff, and we’re told he’s not happy about it. Kate’s people say Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him and the kids to the tabloids.

While Jon has been spotted shopping for Porsches, it’s pretty obvious what Kate really spent her money on: a publicist. No, really, I’m surprised this story didn’t end with Jon sticking one of his kids in a stripper’s G-string as a tip. Although, in hindsight, that would’ve earned my undying respect. Well played.

Photos: Flynet