Jon Gosselin wants his own reality show

August 19th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Jon Gosselin is reportedly in talks to star in a new a reality show with the classy title Divorced Dad’s Club. The only thing holding him back is his contract with TLC which might not be an issue for long considering the network is getting pissed with his bar hopping. TMZ reports:

We’re told Jon is in talks with a major production company — Endomol — to appear in a show called “Divorced Dad’s Club.” We’re told the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced fathers. We’re told producers talked to Jon, but he’s concerned about his TLC contract.
But Jon may still have a shot at the new show, because we’re told TLC is not happy with his conduct lately on “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” We’re told they fired off a letter to him, claiming he was in violation of the morals clause of his contract, partly because he’s been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

Supposedly, Jon needs the money because he’s pissed through a huge chunk of change since his separation from Kate:

We’re told all the money they made last season from “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.
As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party. Jon gets limited access to the account for basic stuff, and we’re told he’s not happy about it. Kate’s people say Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him and the kids to the tabloids.

While Jon has been spotted shopping for Porsches, it’s pretty obvious what Kate really spent her money on: a publicist. No, really, I’m surprised this story didn’t end with Jon sticking one of his kids in a stripper’s G-string as a tip. Although, in hindsight, that would’ve earned my undying respect. Well played.

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  1. Wow…. that first picture really needs a joint in hand and some smoke coming outta that fatties pie hole.

  2. chupacabrac

    I saw this coming days ago when they were trash talking TLC.

    What will they call it? “Fattie and his mediocrity bang maids?”

    “Bad taste and worse looking”

    “I honk for fugly chicks”

    “I had 8 kids plus a divorce, so please fuck me”

    “I will bang anything that moves with my tiny asian penis”


  3. Lop

    “Lifestyles of the Douchy and Fameseeking”

  4. chupacabra

    the first pic:

    “My thingy is exactly this big when aroused.”


  5. Eagerly Awaiting

    if any crazy bitches want to give me a blow job for stabbing this flake in the face with a shovel give me a call, I love garden tools.

  6. i’m so sick of this fat bastard

  7. Joe Blow

    Why not “The Continuing Tales of a Moby Dick”?


    “Fattie McFat-Fat’s Fatabulous Fat Fest”


    “How many unattractive media whores can I bang this month”


    “I Spit On Your Grave”, with fatboy as the main character.


    “Z-List Celebrity Death Fights!”
    Week 1, Jon vs Tori Spelling, using axes.
    Week 2, Week 1 winner vs Amy Winehouse, using machetes.
    Week 3, Week 2 winner vs Pamela Anderson, using combat shotguns.
    Week 4, Week 3 winner vs Nancy Pelosi using weaponized anthrax.
    Season/Series Finale: Heidi Montag and her wife Spencer, vs LeAnn Rimes and her wife Dean Shermont, using Tactical Nuclear Weapons.

  8. drewski

    I have a better show for him. Celebrities Going Bald Club. He’d be perfect for it….

  9. chupacabra

    I personally love “Fattie McFat-Fat’s Fatabulous Fat Fest”

  10. Nameless

    They both should give it up. Their reality show gravy train has come to the end of the line.

  11. Fatty wants to roll a fattie.

  12. Carolyn

    What a sloppy fat pig.

  13. Deacon Jones

    FISH, are you getting free Ed Hardy shirts everytime you run a story on these assclowns?

  14. Oh wait, TLC hasn’t been doing any shows on fat people for awhile have they? They’re focused on out of control breeding.

    “The Half-Ton Wannabe Has Been”


    “I Eat More Calories Than My 8 Kids Combined x8″

    or start a band like Fat Albert,

    “Fat Jon and the Gosselin Kids”.

  15. kels

    WOW, I guess it’s true that Asians are all about the $$$…greedy bastard should concentrate on his gut, health and kids.

  16. kels

    WOW, I guess it’s true that Asians are all about the $$$…greedy bastard should concentrate on his gut, health and kids.

  17. axdiva

    Time and again his reason for hating his life on his other show was because he hated the attention. Why in the fark would this be any different. Ugh, these two piss me off.

  18. sixpack

    Holy Christ, enough with these 2 assholes already.

  19. havoc

    She probably spent all her money on that backwards raccoon mullet hairdo…..


  20. friendlyfires

    One year, it’s Paris Hilton
    Then it’s triple melt downs, Britney, Linsey and Amy
    Then it’s Speidi
    Now this shit?
    TV and internet is heading for trash

  21. Joe Blow

    You know, those are going to be some pissed off kids when they turn 18 and discover mommy spent all of THEIR money* on plastic surgery, and daddy spent all of THEIR money* on bar hopping and trashy skanks.

    *Yeah, “their” money. It’s not like there would be a TV show, or money, without the litter of kids that nasty sow hog pumped out.

    Oh, and:

    “Society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births. – Kate Gosselin, 2005.

  22. chupacabra

    they should be taxed triple for putting the burden on society to have to see her fat ex-husband bang butterfaces just because she was selfish enough to want to have more KIDS!

  23. Gossip Gurl

    Oh of course he wants his own reality show, it’s the cool thing to do when your a douchebag. He is quickly moving to the top of the Hollywood Douchebag list –

  24. sam

    He should team up with Federline and do a show called The Deuling Diets of Douchebag Divoced Dads.

    It could be sponsored by the maker of the “Bro” or “Manzier” male support garment.

  25. Kelley

    And here I thought that all he wanted was out of this thing in the best interests of the kids. Not sure who is worse, Spencer Pratt or this ass-napkin.

  26. Oscar

    Jon aka “the pregnant man” , having a reality show about, pregnant men???

  27. amoi

    If this overweight, uninteresting mediocrity can get a reality show, it’s just further proof that a) anyone can b) reality TV is going to hit a new low, if that’s even possible.

  28. guest









  29. Kate is a bitch

    TLC worried about morals….. Bwaaaahaaa……..drinking is legal and whole lot more moral than lying and pimping your children out for cash ..TLC is run by fucked up corporate retards

  30. Riiight

    “sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party”

    -Oh, like blowing 100K on a new kitchen to replace the “old” new kitchen

  31. Jon is a D-bag uggghhh

    ……..and now for something completely different ”
    Jon is a douche-bag

    Holy Christ get a new fucking line already ..creativity… mental rejects… creativity

  32. Fatty wants to roll a fattie…. What a sloppy fat pig.

  33. yuki

    way to care about your childrens future you total douche.

  34. big teeth

    @32, here’s some creativity.. the same thing I post in every thread about this fucker, and I didn’t even write it.. haha..

    Here he is, the Biggest Douche of the Universe! In all the galaxies, there’s no bigger douche than you!
    You’ve reached the top, the pinnacle of douchedom! Good going, douche. Your dreams have come true!

  35. weirdo

    #25 cracked me up! Now Jon, go get a real fucking job you fat assed slacker and actually WORK for a living like everyone else. We don’t get handed money for free and neither should you you fucking lazy fug sucking pig!

  36. Dumbfuck

    Daaaahh Jon is a douche dhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. Del

    Why would I watch that? Who is this guy anyways?

  38. Albin Bainbridge

    How about “Family Values; The Legend of Jonathan Gosselin, America’s Culture Warrior”?

    @ 14

    “FISH, are you getting free Ed Hardy shirts everytime you run a story on these assclowns?”

    Wouldn’t that be a powerful incentive to not write about the Gosselins?

  39. ETphonehome

    Actually is picture 1 he’s visually referencing the size of his little wee-wee..All those kids are from invitro..Rock on little asian wee-wee!!

  40. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    Here’s some reality for ya: this guy is a complete fucking asshole. I seriously would not mind if he just died soon. Just my opinion….

  41. alibi

    His wife punked him for 10 years. Now, TLC is doing it. He should go get a normal job to support himself. Kate can support her children with all the “pimp” money that TLC gives her. With Jon off the show, NO one would ever watch. Most folks can’t stand Kate. The Learning Channel needs to get back to programing shows that actually TEACH.

  42. Darth

    He’s looking for new finances because he’s going to be bald.

  43. Galtacticus

    The TLC-show must feel like a prison to him.I’ll guess he’ll do anything to get dismissed.

  44. sick of this

    Please stop posting stories about Jon Gossellin. I just skip past all of them and it’s taking up precious space on your site where I can be reading about Chicken Cutlets…I know she’s out there creating a story.

  45. SemajR

    A lot of people have been complaining about Jon Gosselin’s behavior lately, and word around the campfire is that it’s going to get Jon Gosselin fired. Fired from what? His TV show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. In fact, Jon, Kate, and their brood fired from all media coverage is on many a Christmas list. Ever since Jon and Kate divorced, it seems the clamor is louder than ever; many people would love to see the TLC program go away. (Just because the people who don’t like the show are educated and smart doesn’t mean that the rest of us should take our brains that seriously.) Both Kate and Jon Gosselin got millions from the show – neither will need payday loans again.
    See more at:

  46. spo

    yeah he should get a show called irrelevant non-celebrity fit club. never seen his current show but all i know is I’m tired of seeing his fat ugliness all over these sites when I’m trying to see hot girls’ titties.

  47. marketingwiz

    Jon Gosselin indicating his actual penis size.

  48. Hahaha!
    marketingwiz, you are da man!
    I think that male enhancement will be really helpful for Jon! I would recommend him to try VigRx Plus ! Interesting, does he know how to measure his penis size properly?

  49. Fark Why should this be different. Ugh, these two piss me off.We not given money for free, and should not be fucking lazy pig FuG suck!

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