Jon Gosselin wants a Porsche now

Because an ATV surprisingly isn’t attracting the caliber of women he’s accustomed to, Jon Gosselin went shopping for a Porsche in New York yesterday. And also one for Hailey Glassman for all the sex because she’s his “soul mate.” RadarOnline reports:

A car shopper spotted Jon recently taking a good look at various models of Mercedes, and not focusing on the M Class (which seats five and is a sport-utility vehicle). No, think in terms of more acceleration, as in going from married to dating in 4.3 seconds!
Jon and Hailey have also been shopping for a Porsche.
We’re still not sure if the final purchase will be for Jon, Hailey or both. Jon’s unhappy with his new BMW we hear and Hailey wants a Porsche.

Granted, a Porsche might boost Jon’s sex appeal, but if he’s taught me anything these past few months, it’s that he’d be better off riding a tricycle while wearing a T-shirt that reads “Just Left Control Freak Wife of 10 Years and Have No Delusions About Parting With Insane Amounts of Reality TV Cash for Sex.” The guy couldn’t get more laid if he surgically altered his face to look like Robert Pattinson. Which might not be a bad investment.

Photos: Flynet