Jon Gosselin spent Kate’s birthday with mistress

Apparently Jon Gosselin decided a great gift for Kate’s birthday would be him sticking his penis in another woman’s vagina (Deanna Hummel above) while clear across the country. Do you get a card with something like that? Just curious. Us Weekly reports:

On that day, March 28, Jon was on a steamy, booze-filed trip to Park City, Utah, with 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummel (the June 1 Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode only showed him helping handicapped children ski as Kate celebrated her birthday alone with the kids on a “surprise” trip to the Ace of Cakes’ kitchen).
“Hey, it’s Kate’s birthday,” Jon told a local friend, the new Us Weekly reports. “I should get her something.” Despite visiting a jewelry store, the pal says Jon never followed through. Instead, he spent the day downing free Budweisers with Deanna at the event.
That night, a source says Jon and Deanna “curled up” at the Downstairs bar (co-owned by actors Chris and Danny Masterson), adding, “It was snuggle-o-matic.”
As the night wore on, Jon and his hard-partying pals began “reeking of pot. I know that the kids he’s hanging out with like a little herbal substance.”

Holy shit, a guy with eight freaking kids and a control freak wife smoked pot. C’mon. It’s not like he’s going to go home and raid their Easy Bake Ovens — unless those things make pizza which would be awesome. Think about it, he could have like eight little pies going at once then pretend he’s a giant. Talk about the sweet life. (Minus Kate, the kids, child support and basically everything else pertaining to Jon Gosselin’s life.)

Photos: Splash News