Jon Gosselin spent Kate’s birthday with mistress

June 10th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Apparently Jon Gosselin decided a great gift for Kate’s birthday would be him sticking his penis in another woman’s vagina (Deanna Hummel above) while clear across the country. Do you get a card with something like that? Just curious. Us Weekly reports:

On that day, March 28, Jon was on a steamy, booze-filed trip to Park City, Utah, with 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummel (the June 1 Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode only showed him helping handicapped children ski as Kate celebrated her birthday alone with the kids on a “surprise” trip to the Ace of Cakes’ kitchen).
“Hey, it’s Kate’s birthday,” Jon told a local friend, the new Us Weekly reports. “I should get her something.” Despite visiting a jewelry store, the pal says Jon never followed through. Instead, he spent the day downing free Budweisers with Deanna at the event.
That night, a source says Jon and Deanna “curled up” at the Downstairs bar (co-owned by actors Chris and Danny Masterson), adding, “It was snuggle-o-matic.”
As the night wore on, Jon and his hard-partying pals began “reeking of pot. I know that the kids he’s hanging out with like a little herbal substance.”

Holy shit, a guy with eight freaking kids and a control freak wife smoked pot. C’mon. It’s not like he’s going to go home and raid their Easy Bake Ovens — unless those things make pizza which would be awesome. Think about it, he could have like eight little pies going at once then pretend he’s a giant. Talk about the sweet life. (Minus Kate, the kids, child support and basically everything else pertaining to Jon Gosselin’s life.)

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  1. First Time


  2. Zanna

    Well…….maybe she’s attractive if you set your beer goggles to ‘STUN’

  3. BeezDeep

    I guess anything has to be a step up from Kate and 8 kids running around.

  4. havoc

    mmmm 23……..


  5. ram

    Yo she looks better then Kate does. Come one guys its not his fault you seen the show just look at what he has to put up with. I would have done slap the crap out of Kate of she talked to me like she did him so what if she got 8 kids she dont work John works and he still has to come home to all that. Even is they get like 234234234$$$$ a show he never get to see that money. I say just let them get a divorce and dont make him pay child support she make way to much just to be on that show. it will be really really fucked up if she does.

    PS John you got every guy in the U.S behind your back we all dated a crazy control freak,bitchy girl. If your ever in Orlando hit me up man will get drunk and hook up with girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PSS KATE go to hell

  6. Zanna

    I’m not saying I blame Jon. I’m just saying this new chic is FUG.

    And Jessica Alba is an idiot.

  7. Missy Wu

    I just don’t know what these attractive gals see in Jon Gosselin. He looks like a second-generation Jim Bakker. Kate I could understand, but him?!?

  8. Anonymouse

    Hey Ram- you should have stayed in school. Dude, you spell and write like a retarded 8 year old.

  9. Frank

    Raising children takes two. Raising multiples takes a special two. It takes a husband who works harder to help and a wife to remember that her husband was there first and has needs – physical and emotional. My daughter loves this show. I watched part of one episode and told her this couple was doomed. Jon seems lazy and Kate is a bitch toward him. That is a deadly combination.

  10. melissa

    this bitch is a mess. look at her, bad hair, pumas, sleeping with a married man w/ 8 kids. come on. if this whole ordeal is legit & jon is actually having an affair with this trainwreck of a girl, then he deserves the financial hit he is going to take when kate AND tlc leave his ass in the gutter with that white trash poor excuse for an “affair with a younger woman”. jon gosselin, you are a j.o.k.e.

  11. Alex

    This new girl is cute, smokes weed, and didn’t squeeze 8 bastards through her pooter. This dude took a serious step up from his cunty wife.

  12. DeviousJinx

    #5 – He not only has every guy behind his back, there are quite a long list of girls too (not just the ones he’s f’ing)…she’s a bitch and the type of woman that gives the rest of us bad names! I say go for it Jon!

  13. Deacon Jones

    Nice legs and ass….

    But hell, he would probably rather fuck a cantelope than Ice Queen at this point

  14. Cynthia

    I concur with all the “she’s FUG” comments. If you’ve got loot, a new car (Nismo 370Z), and a contract that allows you to cheat on your wife, why go for some fugly, frumpy, inbred Midwestern twat? Just goes to show he still has SHIT taste in women. I bet she’s one of those broads that go ass-to-mouth without a second thought.

    I don’t normally condone cheating but their marriage was a sham from the start. It’s clear neither of them are in it for the sake of their union or subsequent crotch fruit. Just $$ and infamy.

  15. Jeezy

    It was “snuggle-o-matic”?!?! Who the fuck writes this shit for Us Weekly? And furthermore, who reads this garbage?

    Good for Jon…. stay the fuck away from that bitch Kate and get some young poon.

  16. WJ

    She’s cute… and since this is happening in my town… Jon you got some competition…

  17. WJ

    She’s cute… and since this is happening in my town… Jon you got some competition…

    I’m younger… better looking and don’t have 8 basterd kids weighing me down…

    It’s on!!

  18. JungleRed

    Something must be seriously wrong with this chick. 8 kids running around a guy is the biggest turn off I can imagine. Talk about a buzz kill.

  19. Ted

    Kate’s a reconstructed android called the Cuntinator. This girl is young and has a non-wrecked body. The face? Well, it’s not like bags are expensive.

  20. Fleur

    #15 – I thought the same thing! Snuggle-o-matic should never, ever be used alone or in a sentence, verbally or in print, under any circumstances ever again!!!

    It seems like neither of these idiots are thinking of the kids. They are nice kids and it would be nice if one of the parents would start putting their needs ahead of their own personal objectives.

  21. Totally Disgusted

    I’m disgusted to see some of the comments about the kids – referring to them as “8 basterds” (nice spelling by the way, WTG American education system) etc. Jon & Kate deserve whatever criticism they get, they’re adults and they made a choice to do the show – but the kids are innocent and have no control or say in the matter. So WATCH YOUR MOUTH people and show some decency! These are sweet little children we are talking about!!

  22. Davo

    This girl’s life just took a nose dive into the gutter, she’ll now have her 15 minutes of fame as that trashy girl who banged Jon Gosselin who had 8 kids and a plummeting reality TV show. I’m sure that looks good on a teacher’s resume.

    Aw hell, in a few months no one will even care to remember this. Heck, I almost forgot to care about finishing my comment on this…

    moving on.

  23. justifiable

    #8 Why do I think Ram #5 might actually be Mickey Rourke?

  24. Davo



    Those poor kids are going to have some issues.

  25. Ken

    Relax, #21.

    Those kids will be fine. Being half-chinese, they can run an entire dry-cleaing business themselves. And being half american, they can be materialsitc sluts, too.

  26. tori

    ugh she’s so ugly, plain and white trash-y…the way she displays that tacky dooney bourke just gives her away…kate is crazy, but at 34, is way more attractive than this snore fest of a girl…if youre gonna cheat, do it with SOMEONE HOTTER!

  27. Yea, she’s attractive… and so were the Bush twins…

  28. Excuses, excuses

    Forget the overbearing wife – - what is a guy his age doing partying with 20-something year olds?? He needs to act his age and take responsibility for his children instead of acting like one.

  29. justifiable

    #21 You can thank Quentin Tarantino for the “basterds” – that’s how he always thought it should be spelled hence the new movie title. Thanks for being steuwpid, Quentin.

    Why these two lame-o’s with fertility issues thought they’d just go to the well for “one more” is beyond me – anyone taking that route should seriously evaluate the :what if” factor. It meant he had to grow the hell up and she had to learn to work with him, not make him work for her. Both of them are pretty miserable and fucked up and the kids will be the ones who’ll pay a few years down the road when she’s finally done pimping them out and he’s still incapable of holding a job.

  30. A

    Hi I am here trying to hook up with a well hung black male. Please let me know if there are any here. OOOOoooooooooh!

  31. Funeral Guy

    Even with cheap reality show star fame Jon should be able to do better than this horse face. I imagine he’ll tap this mutt for a while before getting himself at least some B- trim. God knows the poor pussy whipped douche deserves something for putting up with that ball breaking wife of his.

  32. gil

    ummm… why is this news and why should it matter if he is having sex with other women when both John and Kate agreed to having girlfriends and boyfriends on the side? She is also having sex with another man and it’s public knowledge.

  33. One L

    Who still cares around those purses?

  34. t

    I dont think shes busted? Remeber Kate is on TV and probably has a make up artist? I do however think this girl is an idiot, a married man? with all those kids?? hes not going to get any $ its all going to the fam… and hes not even cute. I do however think Kate is a mean mean mean mean woman, and is so mean to Jon. No wonder hes throwing it in some 23 year old! go jon! kate enjoy the vibrator no one is going to tap u anytime soon.

  35. Zanna

    Shit rolls down hill. No one would even comment on the kids or any of this bullshit if TLC was responsible and cancelled the show instead of cashing in on the familie’s demise.

    With that said, I agree 100% with #25 and I’m also suddenly in the mood for a Mai Tai.

  36. paul


  37. Zanna

    Rich! I just replied to your comment on the britney thread. Nice comment erection!

  38. John & Kate Plus She’s Gonna Be Late! LOL Do you get it? Cause when a woman is late with her period she may be pregnant, thus causing a bigger bump in the relationship between John and Kate, do you get it?

  39. veg-o-matic

    This is craz-o-matic! What shock-o-matic news!! However, I see a lawsuit-o-matic from this chick for ruining her bible belt-o-matic, down home country-o-matic reputation.


    I thought all those o-matics would have been a lot more fun to type.


  40. @25 – I think they’re actually like 1/4 Korean, not half Chinese. I think daddy is half-Korean.

    Get your gooks straight!

    Some like to eat dogs, some can’t say Rs, some can’t say Ls, etc…

    What they have in common: bow-legged, stocky, thick coarse black hair, bad smells, slanty eyes, bad teeth, terrible-sounding languages, small dicks, low tolerance for alcohol, etc…

  41. One L

    #38…. We got it, and it wasn’t funny.

  42. Balding dude with hair plugs, eight fucking kids, bad fashion taste and a massive cunt of an ex? I TOTALLY understand why she’d wanna hit it.

  43. niko

    she’s alright . just spend a little money on a makeover and she’d be nice. anything has to beat that man hating nut with the rats nest and patchwork quilt body.

  44. Zanna


    Maybe she’s just in it for the weed.

  45. Amy

    Ugh, Jon is so unattractive and is apparently going through a mid-life crisis.

  46. jimbo

    That’s some young fresh meat meat there. Looks tight. The old ball and chain Kate on the other hand is spoiled scabby roadkill.

  47. jennifer hammond

    Im glad that ugly homely cunt isn’t my kids teacher! she is having an affair with a married man, loving the attention she is getting from it, has a druggie past and present apparently since she was pictured smoking pot, has an ex con brother living with her. What a great role model to children! Seriously, she is one ugly looking girl, her tacky cheap purse and she just looks ragged. Kate is a ten compared to that hot mess. lol.

  48. Dave

    First off, who gives a shit.

    Second, “snuggle-o-matic”? Somebody needs a punch in the throat.

  49. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Cameras chasing around some average girl who is fucking some average guy on some show about average people with fucked up lives. Everyone is famous nowadays what a joke of a country…

  50. Sushi

    HOW can an UGLY fuck like Jon get ANY woman that looks like this???????

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