Jon Gosselin says he’s not dating Kate Major

Jon Gosselin was apparently “tricked” by Star reporter Kate Major and is not romantically involved with her despite the fact she resigned her job today citing conflicts of interest. RadarOnline reports:

Meanwhile sources close to the situation told that Jon is distraught over Major’s claims that they were romantically involved. He told a close pal that despite her public proclamation, he never slept with her and never was romantically involved with her.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe she did this to me,” he told a source. “What do I do? She’s totally (bleeping) me over?”
In a statement released Wednesday night, Major said they were romantically involved. “I didn’t mean it to happen, it just did,” she said. “I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him.”
That statement caused the scandal to explode in national news coverage and, the source said, infuriated Jon.

Meanwhile, Michael Lohan hasn’t wasted any time glomming onto this story, and told RadarOnline that Jon and Kate Major spent the night at his house in the Hamptons:

“Kate called me up and said ‘I’m with Jon Gosselin and the media is hounding him and he needs a place to go, and can we come out and stay with you?” Lohan told “I said absolutely. She said, ‘Michael, you have to make sure there’s no paparazzi.’ I said, ‘I’ll get in touch with the Mayor, I’ll call the chief of Police, and we arranged that no one would bother them.
And while Lohan refused to directly answer if Major and Gosselin are dating, when told that Jon had said to a close source the relationship was not romantic, Lohan told “Let me ask you a question: If she was using him why did she resign from the Star?”
“I don’t get involved in Jon’s personal life but I’m not his manager or publicist. I’m just someone who’s trying to help him out, like I’ve been trying to do with my daughter (Lindsay) her entire life.”

Where to even begin with that last part. So let me get this straight: Michael Lohan has a direct line to the mayor AND has been a help to Lindsay Lohan throughout her entire life? Jesus. Couldn’t he have gone with a something a little more believable? Like, I dunno, saying he’s from Krypton.

Photos: Splash News