Jon Gosselin returned the money. For real this time.

October 26th, 2009 // 29 Comments

On Friday reports were flying that Jon Gosselin either did or didn’t really return the money he withdrew from a joint account he shares with Kate in violation of their arbitration agreement. The cash is now back in the account, according to People:

Attorneys for Jon and Kate Gosselin confirmed Monday morning that Jon has complied with a court order to return money missing from the couple’s joint bank account – but Jon says Kate has yet to account for how she spent $33,000 in cash withdrawals.
Jon appeared in Montgomery County court on Monday, while his estranged wife did not. Cheryl Young, one of Kate’s attorneys, told Judge Arthur Tilson that the amount in question accounted for only five percent of what was in dispute, and that a divorce arbitrator did not require her to break down the cash withdrawals.

The Superficial has obtained an exclusive detailed accounting of where Kate spent the missing $33,000:

- Reverse mulletotomies: $10,000
- NASA designed WonderBras: $10,000
- 8 child size tiger cages for when the nannies call in sick: $8,000
- Hypnotherapy to forget having Jon Gosselin’s naked gut on top of her: $5,000

All semi-reasonable expenses, but I dare you to find me a judge that will contest that last one.

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  1. amanda

    i think the last reason alone could account for the whole $33, 000

  2. superstar

    He likes to show his belly a lot =/

  3. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    My puzzy zmellz zweet!

  4. Evil Cat

    just when I thought it was safe to look at the internet again . . . . UGH!

  5. kristy

    can anyone imagine that hairy underbelly thrusting on top of them. BANG! I’ve shot out my imigination for conjuring those hideous thoughts

  6. boo

    WHY does he feel the need to pull up his shirt in every other picture of himself? Did someone tell him that was attractive? And is he so self-deluded that he believed it?

  7. Dar

    Nice of the butthole to return the money he claimed he never took in the first place.

  8. Dar

    Nice of the butthole to return the money he claimed he never took in the first place.

  9. Rough intentions

    What makes fish thinks this is SFW…

  10. gorden22

    Really ?lol………Just heard that he is ho-oking up with a nice gi-rl on the inter-esting cl-ub called: ____Tallconnect Co M____, really ? Sounds it is a famoaus on-line service.

  11. TekMoney


  12. j

    lol @8, i forgot he said he didn’t take the money

  13. FACE

    what a fat piece of shit

  14. myachingeyes

    You can just tell he thinks he’s soooooooo haaawwwwwt.

    I am so grossed out I could just……..

    Oops. Too late. Gotta go change my shoes.

  15. Watch me pull my shirt up

    Next to the word schlub, this picture must be pasted. This F’n moron is a no talent clown.

  16. dude_on

    If I had known in advance that being a short, fat, balding Asian with 8 kids was the pathway to stardom, riches, and celebrity, not to mention overwhelming charismatic charm to pull gaggles of homely skanks, then I might have changed my own course in life.

  17. Anon

    Now I wonder if the women on here condeming him for taking money out of the account will now condem her for doing the same thing yet actually spending it?

    Guess not

  18. 88

    #17, there’s a difference:

    She’s using the money for groceries, bills(heat, electric, water, car,cell, etc), doctor/dentist appointments and general day to day expenses.

    What’s he using his money for? ATV’s and gifts for his girlfriend.

  19. Anon

    Then why wont she account for it?
    How do you know that’s what she spent it on?
    Seems like through her lawyers she’s trying to get out of it.
    If she has nothing to hide she would be open about it. Now she may well have spent it on groceries and day to day expenses. I know I spend £15,000 on groceries.

    What I’m getting at is where is the knee-jerk reaction we seen aimed at him aimed at her before we know the facts?

  20. Chupacabra

    Gosselins, charity begins at home. I told Madonna I only need 38K for my student loans, but for you, I’ll take the 33K and pay off the rest myself. Thanks!

  21. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    That big belly must really make his schlong look really really tiny.

  22. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    God he is fat and disgusting. Did he spend all the money on pork. This guy is a stupid fucking moron.

  23. Lee

    Kate took money to. So it was ok for her to return some of the money and not Jon? Kate blew most of the money on herself not the kids.
    Kate and TLC are trying to smear Jon.
    Kate would be a fat disgusting pig if not for all the surgeries she had.
    To bad men don’t get a fair shake in this country.

  24. Angel

    Jon needs the tummy tuck now!

  25. surprised the kids aren’t already in therapy. Kate is a fake witch. Jon is a philandering loser who could care less about spending money on his kids and is going to make his daughters have daddy issues when they are older because of his poor choices in dating so publicly etc….

  26. Bosco

    This guy gets laid????

  27. Galtacticus

    I wonder how she got cash money in the account.

  28. lol..this guy’s hilarious!

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