Jon Gosselin returned the money. For real this time.

On Friday reports were flying that Jon Gosselin either did or didn’t really return the money he withdrew from a joint account he shares with Kate in violation of their arbitration agreement. The cash is now back in the account, according to People:

Attorneys for Jon and Kate Gosselin confirmed Monday morning that Jon has complied with a court order to return money missing from the couple’s joint bank account – but Jon says Kate has yet to account for how she spent $33,000 in cash withdrawals.
Jon appeared in Montgomery County court on Monday, while his estranged wife did not. Cheryl Young, one of Kate’s attorneys, told Judge Arthur Tilson that the amount in question accounted for only five percent of what was in dispute, and that a divorce arbitrator did not require her to break down the cash withdrawals.

The Superficial has obtained an exclusive detailed accounting of where Kate spent the missing $33,000:

- Reverse mulletotomies: $10,000
– NASA designed WonderBras: $10,000
– 8 child size tiger cages for when the nannies call in sick: $8,000
– Hypnotherapy to forget having Jon Gosselin’s naked gut on top of her: $5,000

All semi-reasonable expenses, but I dare you to find me a judge that will contest that last one.

Photo: Flynet