Jon Gosselin & Octomom going on a date for reality show

October 28th, 2009 // 49 Comments

Please tell me he’s not broke enough for this happen. Via InTouch:

According to former Cheaters producer Bobby Goldstein, Jon has agreed to star in a cheesy new reality show in which he’ll date Octomom Nadya Suleman, who called Jon “hot” recently. “I heard that Nadya has an insatiable desire to spend time with Jon and to put their families together,” Goldstein tells In Touch. “And I had the idea that this could be a very entertaining fiasco.” The pilot, to be called Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom and produced by Goldstein and a former producer of The Jerry Springer Show, will follow Jon “as he contemplates what hooking up with Octomom could really be like,” a press release obtained by In Touch states. “He’s totally creeped out by the idea that if they got married, they’d have 22 kids.” Also creepy is the plotline for Nadya, 33. She will have such an obsession with Jon, 32, that “she’s already talking openly about the two of them getting married,” the press release explains. “It’s so bad that when they finally meet, Octomom’s brood may start calling Jon ‘Daddy.’ If this doesn’t make Jon lose it, then Octomom modeling her bikini body for him will.”

If even an iota of this is true at all, now would be a good time to take our families outside and shoot each other in the head. Seriously, I hope the lizard people make better use of the surface than we did because Jesus Christ….

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  1. Andrew Wesley

    Disgusted as I am, I’m first.

  2. Aja

    NOOOO!!!! GOD NO!!!!! That’s it. Game over. I’m out.

  3. Bonediggity




  4. steph

    This is so disgusting. I hope for his kids sake that, this isnt true. I dont think kate would let them be on this show. At least I hope not.

  5. jivon

    Misses plastic, Nadya, and Mister Skank, Jon multiply like frickin’ rabbits.

    Don’t those parents know that having a large litter of kids means that the likelihood that those kids are slow and mentally retarded is very great? I already can tell that Jon’s boys are mentally challenged.

  6. Randal(l)

    I have a dog that just gave birth to several puppies, I’m scared that I’m going to find octo-mom sniffing around my house trying to bang my dog for reality TV.

    Scared….. and aroused?


  7. Seventh!


  8. ******Krazy Hot Kelli******

    If John met me he would beg me to have his children. But I wouldn’t let him near my puzzy because it is gold! Zorry boyz, it’z ladiez only til I find a zugar Daddy worth my time. Zo long lozerz!

  9. Carrie

    Great, now the Superficial will continue to follow this train wreck of a story ad nauseam, just like it has with the Spencer Heidi bullshit

  10. Spikey DaPikey

    Burn them… BURN ‘UM ALL !!

  11. havoc

    An accurate sign of the times…..


  12. just-this-guy

    That’s it. Hell has officially frozen over.

  13. JADE

    In Touch is the new Enquirer. You can’t believe a thing they write. So I would call this story straight up bullsh*t.

  14. marielouise

    This doesn’t come as a surprise …..did see that coming. gross

  15. Rough intentions

    Sounds like the next logical step to me! Youd think out of 22 kids you cant get one Menendez Bros. out of it…

  16. What's all this?

    “…If this doesn’t make Jon lose it, then Octomom modeling her bikini body for him will.”

    Doesn’t that just say it all? >.<

  17. Kelley

    I agree with #8. Is it possible for this asshole to be a bigger douche than Spencer Pratt ?? Don’t answer that …

  18. DannyBoy

    If this is real I don’t think we’ll have to be so patient as to wait for the end of the world in 2012 (or that stupid ass movie comming out)

  19. Off them both

    #3 is dead on the money. I’d go even further; both of these reproducing idiots need to be removed from the human gene pool.

  20. Ah…has someone been reading my awesome reality show ideas?

    It’s comment 21. This thing won’t let me post it again because it’s too awesome.

  21. Dank

    I shit you not, i will blow up the planet if this happens!

  22. L

    Anyone else think he looks “challenged”?

  23. One Woman

    Ok, I’ve heard it all now, but you know what? They deserve each other, though the kids deserve better. We’ve all seen people who shouldn’t be allowed to breed, but unfortunately we can’t stop them. Sad.

  24. Judith

    Clearly his needs someone to fo his laundry and help him dress.

  25. Jon Gosselin

    This is going to be so cool. Take a drink at every awkward moment. Take a drink whenever they mention their own kids. Take a drink whenever they mention each other’s kids. Take a drink whenever they mention the media. Finish your drink whenever they mention money… Epic drinking game!

  26. KIKI

    I thought he was dating that awesome fox that was passed out on top of that poor plant.

  27. GrammarMenshevik

    Those two even getting close to each other has to cause the sort of biohazard that the CDC has been dreading for years.

  28. iamlemonfresh

    KrazyHotKelli, you’re always telling us “zo long,” but you never actually leave! Don’t let the door hit you in the azz on your way out.

  29. Dyslexic Cnut

    #22: He does look as if he was born with AT LEAST an extra HALF chromosome.

  30. sam

    Jon has broken up with Hailey. He’s likely not interested in Nadya either. He’s dating a Victoria’s Secret model now. GOOGLE it.

  31. Jenipher

    OMG, he is totally dating that Victoria’s Secret model. I think I saw that in the NY Post. OMG, what about poor Hailey? The model is so much hotter than Hailey.

  32. Pete O'file

    Here’s hoping their meeting will create a Douche Worm Hole that collapses on itself.

  33. Brian Jackson

    I just googled it. It says that Jon Gosselin is dating Jessica White. Jessica is one of Terrell Owen’s ex-girlfriends. She was featured on the T.O. show (the model). She is beautiful!

  34. Rogue

    The idea for the show is no more absurd than the fact that people will actually watch it.

  35. Good Lord

    She called him “hot” because she KNEW something like this would happen. Noone is buying this sorry attempt to grab the last quarter in a steaming pile of cow manure. These people are freaking leaches. They would sell their own liver if they were offered a television show and enough money for it.

  36. evil cat

    it’s shit like this that made me cancel cable tv.

  37. ds

    Should work out good for John. Whenever he feels threatened, he can just crawl into her pouch.

  38. Lazarus "Bubba" Tubbs

    Oh, fucking Christ! Maybe the world really will end in 2012 afterall…

  39. Abby

    Oh, how I love it.

  40. Jon Gosselin + Octomom = The perfect match

  41. How stupid. What people will do for money.

  42. it’z ladiez only til I find a zugar Daddy worth my time. Zo long lozerz!

  43. If they combined both families in one show they could call it ‘Alternative Reality Planet’. What the hell, they got a running start on populating a planet so they might as well have one of their own.

  44. Gigs

    We will officially become the most pathetic country on Earth if this show airs.

  45. This is who I will be for Halloween!

  46. Blech

    To quote South Park: Oh… my… GodohmyGodohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod…!

  47. EricLR

    One day, I’ll be telling my grandchildren “And it was from this humble beginning that the greatest reality show in human history would ultimately emerge….”

  48. Rockn' da bass

    Yours, Mine and Ours gone to hell!

  49. It’s going to be great. Every time a strange drink. Take a drink whenever they mention their own children. Take a drink whenever they mention each other’s children. Take a drink whenever they mention the media. Finish your drink whenever they mention money … Epic drinking game!

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