Jon Gosselin might be on Survivor or Amazing Race

Because he’s clearly the pinnacle of athletic prowess, Jon Gosselin is in talks to compete on Survivor or The Amazing Race, according to Radar Online:

Jon, of course, is exploring other opportunities now that he told TLC they can no longer film his children, effectively ending Jon & Kate Plus 8. And although the network has filed suit against him, alleging he has breached their exclusivity clause (among other things) that apparently doesn’t mean Jon isn’t exploring other opportunities.

So reading between the lines, it’s obvious Jon Gosselin is negotiating the rights to his first televised heart attack which, to his credit, is probably not a bad idea at this point. If someone offered me a chance to see Jon Gosselin piss himself while vomiting up 20 Marlboros in front of a bunch of women he struck out with, I’d probably take a gander. But that’s just me and my love for physical comedy.

Photos: Flynet
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