Jon Gosselin: Kate tried to ‘cry it up’ for the cops

August 14th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Because this situation hasn’t gotten ugly enough already, Jon Gosselin decided to fill the paparazzi in on what went down last night when Kate called the police at their Reading home. Us Magazine reports:

“She tried to come home yesterday, and I wouldn’t let her in the gate, and I guess she called the police,” Gosselin tells Splash News. “The police came and said it was a civil matter.”
“An officer pulled me aside and I said, ‘This has never happened before and I’m just trying to spend time with my kids and she’s [Kate] gonna have to leave,’” he says.
Jon says Kate “tried to ‘cry it up’ with the cops and it didn’t work and they said, ‘You have to leave.’
“It was a miscommunication. Kate said she was coming home, and I said, ‘Well, it’s my time to spend with the kids,’” Jon goes on. “I don’t come home when she’s with the kids, and vice versa — and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

In the center of the argument is Stephanie Santoro, a new babysitter hired by Jon, who also happens to be a cocktail waitress at his favorite bar and someone he probably stuck his penis in:

“I guess she didn’t agree with my babysitting,” Jon says of Kate, adding that it was the first time he’d seen his ex wife for “a long time” (they announced they were separating in June).
When asked why Kate was upset about Santoro (who also works as a “shooter girl” selling shots at local club Legends), Jon says, “I have no idea. I guess ’cause she didn’t have approval.”
Jon says he’ll only approve of Kate’s babysitters “if she’ll approve mine.”

Of course, at this point, these kids would be better off being left alone with a bottle of Jack and a loaded gun. Some might balk at that suggestion, but if you think about it, you’ll realize they’ll actually have a chance at a somewhat normal life. Or that I should never reproduce. Both are correct.


  1. Ana

    Oh my…

  2. deddog

    kate is sad that jon’s passing out yogurt injections right and left while meanwhile nobody will fill up her ticklebox

  3. Bored as hell

    What’s up Superficial, you’re totally getting scooped by TMZ on the Michael Vick story.

  4. youwishyourwerethird

    fucking third ohyeah

  5. norton

    Aren’t these two past their 15 minutes yet?

  6. yu da man

    Jon cracks me up ..cocktail waitress/babysitter/ trim …………haaaahhaaaa

  7. Kate is trailer trash

    Nobody can say Jon hasn’t made the most of his continuous nookie hunt

  8. Janet

    Kate’s banging her body guard when Jon isn’t there, so why not? Have fun Jon

  9. ?

    How long before Jon installs a stripper pole in the livingroom?


    Jon is a fucking douche.

  11. chick

    Kate needs go get full custudy of the kids

  12. Richard McBeef

    Still hope they all die. Still hope the kids die too.

  13. Dora

    I think Kate is so full of herself. She is literally selling out her kids for money.
    Her excuse is thats the only way of means to provide for them… bull^%&*.
    She is money hungry and unfortunately those poor kids are the victim of her selfishness and greed.

  14. Zoe

    Isn’t anyone sick of these idiots yet? WHO CARES!

  15. pp

    What’s the worst that could happen to Jon ?.. Kate gets custody and Jon gets twice a month weekends with the his kids, freeing him up for his poon search.

  16. lol so no1 fell for the water works?

  17. Losers

    Jon: Gee Stephanie, Im really sorry I cant pay for the sex. You see, because of the divorce that bitch has a my money being scrutinized. I have a great idea though. If you just come to the house for a few hours I can pretend your the babysitter and put you on payroll!

    Stephanie: Hee Hee, whatever! Want a beer?

  18. Rose

    Wow I can really tell he loves his kids….LOSER!


    1. The only kind of model Stephanie could be is a model for those in DIRE need of rhinoplasty and

    2. Jon needs to bring me a pu-pu platter and a fucking mai-tai. STAT.

  20. Danielle

    Anything that pisses that bitch off gives many great pleasure. Her scam is up.

  21. sick of them

    Kate screws her BG -Jon screws his babysitter – both scumbag white trash

  22. Joe Blow

    I am so sick and fucking tired of you posting anything about these two sorry motherfucking pieces of shit I could scream. In fact:



  23. paintedfoot

    Legends (where she’s a shooters girl) is a gay bar-fyi

  24. Lucefer

    Kate is crazy!!!!

  25. Lucefer

    Kate is crazy!!!!

  26. Joshlavarn

    Jon is a modern Al Bundy. He rules!

  27. Soylent Green is People

    Jon has every right to his time with the children. But he knew his choice of babysitter would make Kate crazy. Jon, making Kate crazy is like shooting fish in a barrell, give it a rest for your kids sake. A crazy mom makes for a bad mom. Frankly, she seems to deserve it after watching her for long time belittle Jon in front of the kids and be critical of his every move, you go Jon. The kids love their father and he has a right to bring them up his way, frankly, this will be good for the kids to have a more relaxed atmosphere, a nice break from Kate whining and screeching about stains on clothes and bubblegum in hair. Honestly, what is the point spending so many hours getting stains out of clothes they will be outgrown of in a few months. Kate, get your ‘effing priorities in order. Stop playing the victim here. Just because you’re the mother doesn’t mean you have a right to control their every move. Jon has rights and I respect and admire him for not giving in to her hostile passive aggressive moves and standing his ground re spending time with his kids. Kudos to the cops if they told Kate to move along. She wanted out of the marriage and now she doesn’t want to accept the consequences of her decision. You don’t control the world bitch. And stop talking trash about Jon because every time you do you kill your kid’s soul a little bit each time. To them he is their God and a part of them, if you are critical to him you are basically telling the kids indirectly they are flawed somehow. Go get a pedi and a nice session with whatever sad soul you are “in love” with (God help that person). Money has made you a monster, sorry, more of a monster than you already were. If you were a decent person, your family members would not have turned on you as they have.

  28. who you

    @27 Jodi?

  29. Janie

    The kids are more mature then Jon. If this is Jon “finally speaking up for himself” I prefer the passive one who listens to other people. Then he won’t make bonehead decisions designed to upset the peace.

  30. leid-girl

    its really sad…the only victims in these situations are the children.

    They see and hear all this……..and its going to mess them up.

    Fucking attention whore parents. Two wrongs don’t make a right……

    Kids are better off without either of them.

  31. Jamie's Uterus

    It just gets better and better. More humiliation of Kate. I love it. Do it more. The country will see her for who she really is. A insane sadistic witch, living off her children. Next she’ll have a jewelry line on QVC that her kids make during the day. Slave labor!

  32. Zee

    Her hair makes her look very white trash. She needs to hire Heidi’s stylist from that playboy cover. Kate’s face would be decent with a better hairstyle. She’s the bitch you love to hate, but I hate the backwards mullet even more than her personality… which amounts to ALLOT

  33. Kate your in a different life now.Just go forward, and get your divorse and take everything you can,stay clean and don’t go crazy about Jon doing to you the things he does, HE ALREADY HAS SHOWN WHAT A FOOL HE IS.You are going to come out just fine from all of this.your friend Rose.

  34. Kate your in a different life now.Just go forward, and get your divorse and take everything you can,stay clean and don’t go crazy about Jon doing to you the things he does, HE ALREADY HAS SHOWN WHAT A FOOL HE IS.You are going to come out just fine from all of this.your friend Rose.

  35. kingofbeer

    Crazy bitch is CRAZY… Enough of these 2.

  36. Careful who you breed with b/c you will have to know them ’til the day you die.

  37. budah

    TO NUMBER 33…

    GET A LIFE……

  38. maya

    and here comes to custody battle… I think they’re both nuts but I don’t blame Kate for not wanting a “shots girl” to watch her kids (who may or may not be sleeping with her soon to be ex-husband). I don’t know why it was so important for Jon to leave the house but it’s pretty shitty considering the fact that he doesn’t have a real job or anything. Probably needed to go meet up with that tramp Hailey. Kate should get full custody and Jon can come visit on the weekends so that he can run around and try to recapture his lost youth (i.e. get drunk and get laid). WHY DO THESE PEOPLE KEEP TALKING TO THE MEDIA?!?

  39. maya

    I should add that Stephanie is not a bad person or anything for being a “shot girl” but I don’t think she’s appropriate as a babysitter/nanny. Also, Jon saying that Kate was trying to “cry it up” for the cops is shitty. I don’t think for a minute that those were fake tears.

  40. Darth

    I don’t have any idea on what’s going on with them,so what’s going on?

  41. Galtacticus

    There must have been a good reason why he wouldn’t let her in.Ladies?!

  42. Rhialto

    This unexpected visit didn’t allow him enough time to send these three bitches away.Playing ‘who’s goona be on the show’ play.

  43. I believe Stephanie Santoro will have a legendarily unremarkable modeling career.

    So who’s babysitting Santoros kid? Hailey Glassman?

    @ 3 – They should give that guy the chair.

  44. joe

    @23 – Have you ever been in Legends? You’re probably one of the douchebags that they never let in so you got mad and are calling it a gay bar now. Furthest thing from a gay bar I have ever been in, it’s actually a pretty sick place.

  45. Goofy

    Really…Too bad these two idots were not in the helicopter alone that crashed and burned into the Hudson…instead of those nice tourists that did…may they all RIP!

  46. 1moreidiotintheworld

    She’s lucky he called the cops………. I would have shot her fugly ass dead in her footprints.

  47. Drama and ratings… that’s all they care about. They probably just needed some sizzle for their show.

  48. me

    I don’ t like her hair. I don’t watch her show…….I guess I just don’t care. I don’t wanna know. Hey, that’s rhymes!

  49. me

    I don’ t like her hair. I don’t watch her show…….I guess I just don’t care. I don’t wanna know. Hey, that rhymes!

  50. J.Goes

    # 27 – if you are a girl…..I LOVE YOU

    MARRY ME NOW!!!!!

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