Jon Gosselin: ‘Kate’s lying’

October 5th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Jon Gosselin appeared on The Insider this morning and denied claims by Kate the he withdrew over $230,000 last week. Apparently, she handled all the money, and he believes these accusations will only draw attention to her finances, according to People:

“I’ve never taken any money out because over 10 years, Kate handled all the banking,” he said. “Over the past four years of doing the show, we accrued $2,250,000. She says in the past week I took $230,000. I have withdrawn roughly $177,000 over the course of a year, which is less than 10 percent of what we made. That’s like my paycheck.”
Jon goes on to say that he suspects his wife is the one whose numbers don’t add up.
“She’s hiding money,” he said. “We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where’s that million dollars? I believe she’s incriminating herself and not thinking clearly. She’s wanting me to look bad. I didn’t want these things to come public. I didn’t want this to be embarrassing for her.”

I say we settle this the old fashioned way: Divide the kids evenly between Jon and Kate and whoever can exploit their four for the most amount of money gets to keep all eight plus a brand new Chevy Tahoe from Baby Gap. Because, remember, there’s no point in having kids unless you get a bunch of shit you don’t have to pay for. Ready GO!

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  1. yea right

    I believe him…. NOT

  2. The Gorgeous One


    I believe him on this one. Does anyone honestly believe that Kate even told him which bank they use or gave him a bank card? If you have seen 5 minutes of the show, you would know that she probably give him freaking monopoly money and tell him to make it work.

    Come on now!

  3. Effing F

    No WAY that mega bitch Kate would let John have any kind of access to money. She is way too controlling money freak to let him sniff anything more than a dime. My guess is she siphoned money off to an account John doesn’t know about or isn’t on the books.

  4. sean

    that man’s in the right. regardless of how correct his wife is.

    he wears his junk on the outside of his body, not hiding it inside like a coward.

    men rule! women clean houses!

  5. sean

    that man’s in the right. regardless of how correct his wife is.

    he wears his junk on the outside of his body, not hiding it inside like a coward.

    men rule! women clean houses!

  6. JackSpratling

    So these a-holes (both of them) are going to litigate this case in the court of public opinion? Great.

    Two things — first, if you listen closely to Kate’s interview, you’ll hear that admits to withdrawing the money first “for safe keeping.” Jon does the same thing, and suddenly, he’s taking food out of his children’s mouths. Second, odds are high Jon did this to pay his attorneys.

    You know, people are losing their jobs across the board, hard times are coming for more and more people, and these spoiled brats are airing all of their dirty laundry on TV. I need to tune out.

  7. timbo

    I don’t believe either of them. He probably took a large amount of cash out of the bank. Was it $230k? Maybe…Maybe not.

    I don’t believe her when she says that there is no money left to pay the bills. You’re making millions from the show, books and TV appearances. How about knocking off the jet-setting across the country?

    All of that money can’t be going to the kids so they can go to college as she claims. This family has made enough money for the kids to get multiple degrees from an Ivy League school. Too bad they’ll be so messed up that they’ll barely be getting into the local community college.

  8. disgusted



  9. titsonsnack

    I fucking hate these assholes, you know they both walk around all day thinking about what big celebrities they are. Fuuuuuck themmmmm. So tired of the Jon and Kate bullshit. I actually tuned into the show once and it was honestly, not joking, a fucking half hour segment of them putting together their luggage to go somewhere on some ski trip thing. Just putting bags together. Talking about the bags. Talking about the names on the bags. Discussing how they got all the bags ready. Is this what people are going fucking nuts over and making these two douchbags from hell into mondo-celebrities for?

  10. jon=choad

    He looks like a large mouthed bass…

  11. These people are awful, everybody look away! Avert your eyes! Pull the plug TLC, stop feeding the fire, they just want to burn it all to the ground and you just want to sell the ad time.

  12. Amy

    #4, are you five? Does your mommy know you’re online…or is she too busy cleaning the house while your father is out winning nobel prizes?

  13. Amy

    He may be Asian…but it appears that he can stuff an average caucasian’s penis comfortably in his mouth.

  14. tromba

    Normally I would assume that someone is telling the truth. Here, not so much.

  15. havoc

    Hmmm. A woman going through a divorce accused of lying and caring only about money.

    Who’d of thunk it?


  16. man

    i’m sick of both of them


  18. Tanzarian

    Somebody kill this mutherfucka.

  19. joe

    Can both of them just die?? Who cares about this retarded drama? Super Douche and Queen Bitch need to go away.

  20. ike

    Yikes. I can’t bear it anymore. Can’t he even do simple math? They haven’t “accrued” $2.25 m over 4 years they “earned” it. $2.25 divided by four years = $562,500 a year and 10% of that is $56,250. But–if he is talking 10% after taxes it’s probably closer to $22,000. Why doesn’t he just go out and get a real job?

  21. number 4

    @ Amy

    shouldn’t you go and make me some kraft dinner? no ketchup this time, or i’ll take my belt off.

    in all seriousness though, i am a nice guy, and am not nearly as big an asshole as i portray on the internet, i don’t believe that women should be confined to the bedroom and kitchen. i went go-karting with my girlfriend the other day, and she drove her kart as well as i’d imagine any man could. see…i’m not five, i have a girlfriend, and she sucks my penis when it gets hard…something that i’d have to have hit puberty to accomplish.

    now where’s that KD, Amy?

  22. Amy

    @ 22

    you are so right…i’m sorry.


  23. Professional kick ball shoes ain’t cheap. Just sayin.

  24. makeitstop

    Couldn’t we agree to ban the Gosselings and the Pratts from the media? Ugh there are so many postings I feel like I’m throwing up my Ed hardy Wardrobe and fake breasts (via that blond bimbo girl) right now.

  25. Ratso Rizzo

    Fuck the both of them…..real hard.

  26. whit?

    Seriously, who the hell are these people?

  27. Mama Pinkus

    a pox on all you fuckers who watched this reality TV piece of SHIT and made “stars” out of these two narcissitic, self-indulgant whiny ASSHOLES *PUKE*

  28. Pablito

    He’s looking a little like Vince Vaughn in those glasses.

  29. Jackie

    - Vince Vaughn he is not!!!

    - This guy is a loser and I don’t believe anything he says.

  30. hamper_lint

    quick, shove a cock in his mouth !

  31. Jon’s mistake was dating and saying he’s in love (on Larry King no less!) But, other than that he’s a normal, dumb guy who got married and got talked into “one more baby” by the Super Bitch Manipulator Kate. She is an evil, evil witch and will stop at nothing. SHe really thinks she is Posh Spice or something. Get real Kate, you’re a sewn up stomached, fake boobed, divorced mother of eight with no fucking prospects …EVER!

  32. Amy

    #22, going online and stating that you indeed have a gf, that you ride gocarts, and that she sucks your dick makes you five. Better luck next time.

    Also, the day I make a Kraft dinner is the day I die.

  33. stu

    why are these two even getting any attention?
    welcome to the down fall of America
    abandon ship!

  34. zuzuspetals

    These two dumbfucks have made over $2M by producing far too many children. Jesus Christ this planet is fucking doomed.

  35. it's me

    open mouth
    insert dick

  36. Ellie

    I believe Kate is a lying fake hag. She is playing the media like a fiddle.

  37. Maria

    Kate is a manipulator.
    I hope her phony game get busted.

  38. Amy

    @ 33…you’re a poser.

    you’re not the real Amy… i am.

    now where did i put that kraft dinner that i have to make?

  39. Bobo

    I’m nawt lyin-gah

  40. Amy

    # 39, you know how I know you’re a gay five year old?

  41. When I found out this show was about a married man with 8 kids, I knew it was over

  42. Dee

    Can someone take custody away from this dirt bag? Just when you think he cant sink any lower he out douches himself.

  43. Come on now… You gotta pay for hair plugs, Ed Farty and 20-something-year-old girlfriends somehow.

  44. karen

    He’s admitted to taking money…not as much as she’s said.

    one of them is not telling the “whole” truth.

    We are hearing their names in the media almost every week (maybe not every week).

    I think they are both telling “stories” that make them look good and the other one look bad.

    In this case I feel bad for the kids the most. There is going to come a day that when these kids are older and they might not like one or ther of their parents that much. I think they are the ones being “used” in all of this.

  45. karen

    he’s admitting to taking money. for all we know he was paying some bills (ie his apartment, food, car insurance, etc.).

    Everybody wants to bash him but who would go on national TV and say I can’t pay my bills cause my soon to be ex took $200,000 or more money our of our account. There are so many people in the world who don’t even have $200 in the bank. She needs to stop her b****ing and he needs to start being a man.

    and People please remember there are three sides to every story. Your side, My Side and the Truth. They are both going to tell stories that make who ever is telling it look good and the other look bad.

    They are both in the wrong. and by the way if Kate were that worried about her kids she wouldn’t be talking about their father every chance she got on TV and in Print.

  46. Kay

    I knew he did not care about those kids. He is all for himself. Kate is the only thing that keeps those kids safe. Kate keep it up let the world know what he is doing, he is not fit to be alone iwth the kids. Thank God you are a strong woman. A lot of people will never be able to figure out what is going on. Love watching the kids grow up they are adorable.

  47. alibi

    Yeah, poor Kate can’t pay the bills, just like when the six youngest ones were born. Well, why then did she refuse 6 cribs that her father’s church donated to them because they didn’t match??? WTF??? Beggars can’t be chosers!

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