Jon Gosselin: ‘Kate’s lying’

Jon Gosselin appeared on The Insider this morning and denied claims by Kate the he withdrew over $230,000 last week. Apparently, she handled all the money, and he believes these accusations will only draw attention to her finances, according to People:

“I’ve never taken any money out because over 10 years, Kate handled all the banking,” he said. “Over the past four years of doing the show, we accrued $2,250,000. She says in the past week I took $230,000. I have withdrawn roughly $177,000 over the course of a year, which is less than 10 percent of what we made. That’s like my paycheck.”
Jon goes on to say that he suspects his wife is the one whose numbers don’t add up.
“She’s hiding money,” he said. “We have 11 bank accounts. That was just our joint account. She had a best-selling book. Where’s that million dollars? I believe she’s incriminating herself and not thinking clearly. She’s wanting me to look bad. I didn’t want these things to come public. I didn’t want this to be embarrassing for her.”

I say we settle this the old fashioned way: Divide the kids evenly between Jon and Kate and whoever can exploit their four for the most amount of money gets to keep all eight plus a brand new Chevy Tahoe from Baby Gap. Because, remember, there’s no point in having kids unless you get a bunch of shit you don’t have to pay for. Ready GO!

Photos: WENN