Jon Gosselin is ‘tired of being blamed’

August 5th, 2009 // 83 Comments

In an interview with InTouch, Jon Gosselin reveals he’s tired of being blamed for his divorce from Kate Gosselin, and that she’s the one who pulled the plug as far back as October 2008. Kate also refused to seek marriage counseling and instead focused on her career:

On the timing of the divorce:
Let’s go back to October of last year — that’s when all of this happened. Kate basically came to me out of the blue and said, “I am done. You are going to live your life, and I am going to live my life.” I was like, “What?” I didn’t really know what was going on. When she said that, I was really upset and nervous.

On Kate’s reasons for ending it:
I think she initiated the split because she wanted a career. Maybe I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and she was going to move on regardless. I said, “Are you sure about this?”

On trying to work things out:
Yes, I asked, “What do I have to do to mend the relationship? What did I do wrong?” I was beating myself up about it. So I read a lot of books about personalities, like The Five Love Languages. Throughout the marriage, I felt like my personality had changed a lot. In December, I went to therapy. I asked Kate to come, but she didn’t want to. She said, “If you have a problem, go fix it.”

On the final straw:
We went to Utah on January 1. On January 12, she flew back with security and I stayed. That’s when I started to just hang out and meet people, and feel free. Not too many girls, just with my guy friends. I couldn’t do that for nine years. When I came back on the 17th, Kate and I weren’t talking. So I just said, “I’m moving out of the house,” and that was it.

On dating Hailey Glassman
Hailey — it started around May. She is the polar opposite of Kate. It’s really different. I feel good about myself and people see my good qualities. I’m not being put down. If I want to go out with my friends, Hailey says, “Oh, go out.” I’m not used to that. I was used to, “No, no, it’s your fault.” Sometimes I ask Hailey permission, like I used to do with Kate, and she says, “You don’t have to ask permission.” I was used to living like that, and now it’s like a breath of fresh air. You can have a balanced relationship but also spend time with your friends.

On how the kids are handling the divorce:
Even though they are young, it still hurts them. They can’t figure it out. They’re like, “Why aren’t they together? Why can’t you hug her?” The other day, Alexis said, “I want you and Mommy to be home together.” And it hurts because it’s not going to happen — and how do you explain that? I just let them know we love them no matter what. It’s hard. I feel like I failed them.

Man, that’s kind of sad. But look, the important thing is you can continue to exploit them for tons of cash and more mediocre pussy than you can shake a small Asian child at. Am I right? High five!

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  1. Niggsy


  2. Richard McBeef

    don’t fucking care.

  3. So when do we get a break from the slanted eye JFK jr Fish?

  4. Aunt Jemima

    John, your wife was a total, nagging, bitch. Focus on that.

  5. Carlos

    Is he tired of being fat?

  6. Derrick

    Friggin I was in the same boat. Friggin controlling wives are monsters. I feel for the dude, his wife is a nut.

  7. Captain_Insano

    Hey Superficial: NOBODY FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mcdouche

    Dude, you should be ashamed. Regardless of your situation, your focus should be on your kids. The tail and “freedom”, you gave that shit up when you decided to get the hag pregnant or have six at a time. Nothing more pathetic than a middle aged fat dude trying to be young again.

  9. Mcdouche

    Dude, you should be ashamed. Regardless of your situation, your focus should be on your kids. The tail and “freedom”, you gave that shit up when you decided to get the hag pregnant or have six at a time. Nothing more pathetic than a middle aged fat dude trying to be young again.

  10. dk

    It shows how shallow these miney grubbing, star dreaming, whores can be to fuck a fat pig like this, with how many kids!? lmfao You bitches are the epitomy of disgusting pig.

  11. David

    If he’s tired of being blamed maybe he needs to stop being photographed with skeevy young hos at 3 a.m. Seriously, his wife is evil, but he just keeps putting himself in these “I’m a middle-aged loser in a mid-life crisis” situations.

    Dumb ass.

  12. Picky

    He is a WHALE!! Please, get that disgusting fat pig off my computer before the screen breaks! I can’t believe an enormous slob like that can get laid. He makes me want to hurl.

  13. zips

    Say, why is Mr Superficial not posting all the pics he can get his grubby hands on of the girl I’ve been seeing all over the UK tabloids today – the one who is a natural 28H? I mean, I’m just a straight girl, but this chick must be some sort of engineering case study. I’d like to know how she doesn’t topple over when she stands up.

  14. amoi

    I have watched precisely 2 halves of 2 reruns of the show, and each time Kate was an utter bitch – negative, unsmiling (even at her kids’ birthday party)… I suppose I was watching episodes that were filmed when the subject of separation had already come up. Jon seemed to already be a non-entity.

    As far as children of divorce go… well, they all grow up, and most get over it, but kids whose lives have been recorded for posterity during the process of a failing marriage, well – we can only wish them good luck.

  15. Amy

    Wahhhhhhh!!! I’m fat and a pushover so my wife mistreated me….wahhhhhhh!!!! I’m a good person and likey the skanks wahhhhhhhhh!!!! Someone pity me…after all, it wasn’t MY decision to have 8 kids and wear classy Ed Hardy gear. Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!

  16. a little help

    @13 – stop being a little bitch and post some links then. I just checked The Sun and they are not showing anything about huge boobs.

  17. Timmy

    He’s lying pretty much.

  18. Newcastle

    For as much pub as this guy gets, he really would be wise to get in the gym. He looks like shit.

  19. zips

    @16 – and may your Kleenex boxes be plentiful and man-sized.

  20. JuliaJolie

    You know, there’s a REASON why Hailey doesn’t need to give him “permission” – neither of them have any kids to take care of full-time! It probably wasn’t even about permission, but rather, “oh I have to take X kid to X and you need to take X kid to this” because there’s the responsibility of 8 fucking kids shared between 2 (well, 1.5) fucking people.

    He just wanted to be a fucking adolescent for the rest of his life. Seems he’s happy to make money off his own spawn but not actually do the behind-the-scenes work to take care of them. All the benefits, none of the responsibility. Now, Kate has 8 kids instead of 9.

    This is exactly why I would never have kids, let alone 8. There’s no way I could handle even half the responsibility of just one.

  21. kelly

    Keep living the dream Jon! –


    How can you write about these fucking celeb pieces of shit (and others) and at the same time whoring out your entire web page with these fucking fake ads and crap all over the top and sides. FUCK YOU SW you fucking whore!!!!


    How can you write about these fucking celeb pieces of shit (and others) and at the same time whoring out your entire web page with these fucking fake ads and crap all over the top and sides. FUCK YOU SW you fucking whore!!!!

  24. zips

    Hey repeater – I would imagine the logic is all in the title, which you apparently missed. The US Weekly site is for everyone who thinks this stuff is serious.

  25. fuck this turd

    OH BOO HOO go bang another fugly ho why don’t you…

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  26. CaptainMorgan

    I’ve never seen the show and don’t friggin care. All I know is he was married to a total cow. Enjoy your freedom, dude.

    HOWEVER, since you are a pseudo celebrity, pick some chicks that are at least above average looking. Lose the shade too. Fat is bad and hinders the hottie factor. On the flipside, why do these girls want a baster stuck in them that shoots multiple babies? WTF???

  27. JoJo

    I thought it was because he was sticking his dick in a stank hole and got busted, so he should not be such a whining ass and just live his life, and as far as being in the media spotlight he’s the one who put his redneck ass there in the first place.

    What a complete dumb fuck…lol

  28. Sport

    What exactly is her ‘career?’

  29. I’m wondering when Jon is going to be ‘tired of being fat’

    Just saying..

  30. Ship of Fools

    To all the idiots out there….try to get it right at least once.

    Jon didn’t impregnate Kate. Neither is she fertile. All eight of their kids were baked in a lab then stuck back into Kate to carry. The natural order of the universe did not want them to have kids. Science gave them 8 bags of cash.

    They built these test tube babies for the sole pupose of making money. Kate was a trailer park whore and Jon was a lazy bum always getting fired from his jobs. Kate came up with the entire plan to have lots of kids and ride a gravy train of free stuff. The show was an extra surprise that she gladly took and exploited.

    Jon and Kate had a long standing contract from the start that Jon could fuck whatever he wanted as long as he showed up for tapings. The only reason it’s in the situation it is now is because he truthfully got tired of her shit and let all the skeletons slip out of the closet.

    The children should go into the hands of CPS and Jon & Kate should be thrown into a river.

  31. Andie

    Wow did he get fat.
    Just…. wow. I can’t believe how fat he got. He’s just .. SO fat. I wouldn’t do him.

  32. Boobs are Required

    @18 zips, who is this person? she is nothing more than a Maria Swan wannabe. Don’t get me wrong…she beautiful and of course has a great rack and I bet gay men would not kick her out of bed. I’m just saying of the skinny, huge boobs genre; Maria Swan is my absolute fave and this girl obviously is trying desperately to ride on that coat tail.

  33. Carolyn

    I’m 62 years old and I wouldn’t let this fattie anywhere near my wrinkled ass or comatose pussy.

  34. Carolyn

    I’m 62 years old and I wouldn’t let this fattie anywhere near my wrinkled ass or comatose pussy.

  35. Carolyn

    I’m 62 years old and I wouldn’t let this fattie anywhere near my wrinkled ass or comatose pussy.

  36. Kim

    What’s he doing with a diaper? But be for his new girlfriend (babysitter). I heard she was a single mom!

  37. BettyBoop

    What the hell is the swim diaper for in pic #1? Aren’t those kids like, 5?

  38. Alibi

    We’ve all witnessed Kate’s abuse towards her husband & kids, right on their show. No surprises here. Jon needs to move on. Kate needs a shrink. Those children need to be put in foster care, since none of their other relatives are involved with them. TLC needs to cancel this crappy excuse for a program!

  39. Toninho

    Who is this pregnant dude?

  40. FU

    just wanted to add a comment about something else.

    Thanks for turning off comments for the Giuliani & Bill “story”
    I guess you can’t have the wave of normal comments about them being worthless and her taking it up the ass by a yak.

    oh yeah….Hailey, I’d hit it…then probably rot away

  41. jessica

    all you fucking hilbillys need to get a lifeand let people critic your ives because i bet they are worse then theirs. They are going through a divorce and you guys are just jealous they have money and all you dont. those kids are cute and you all need to research your information before you start running your mouths.

  42. you suck

    @42 : I have completed extensive research and have discovered that you are a festering twat.

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  45. pasteve

    This is kind of like a douchebag saying it’s “tired of smelling like vinegar and water.”

  46. Goofy

    I’M SICK OF THIS FAT FUCK! Do us all a favour you fat pig and go and pull a Mikey…believe me no one will miss your fucking fat carcass.

    Fucking loser!

  47. DCMikeRotch


    Moritorium on Jon & Kate stories please. They’re not that interesting. Report on Kathy Lee Gifford & Rachel Ray while you’re at it.

  48. skel

    Good lawd, he’s a fatass. Kate should be glad he’s out of her life.

  49. mama


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