Jon Gosselin’s affair confirmed by mistress’ family

May 6th, 2009 // 195 Comments

Despite the fact both parties have denied a relationship, the relatives of 23-year-old Deanna Hummel are coming forward to confirm she’s been having an affair with Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Her brother Jason provided Us Weekly with all the details:

“She’s a nice girl, not a homewrecker,” Jason tells Us Weekly. “He is a bad liar. This isn’t healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself. I hope this clears the air.”
After Jon and Deanna met in mid-January at Chill Lounge in Reading, Pennsylvania (they sent each other $3 shots), Jason says Jon — who has twins, 8, and sextuplets, 5 — began relentlessly pursuing his sister. By mid-February, he was coming over to their Reading house.
At the Hummel house, Jason says Deanna and Jon would “pretty much stay locked away like two teenagers. It was weird. He’s a grown man.”
He also adds, “A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um — how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let’s just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who’s, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast.”

Also, I’m pretty sure Jon yells a lot during sex. Mostly things like:

“I get to keep my testicles afterward?! OH, GOD!”
“There aren’t post-it notes on your vagina telling me what to do! YES, YES!”
“No kids are walking in! No kids are walking in! No kids are WALKING IN!

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    Seriously. He’s cheating on his wife, she can be a bitch if she wants. Also…if you had that many kids and a husband who clearly doesn’t want to be there I’m sure you’d have some issues too. Give her a break.

  2. Sandy

    Obviously this story attracted a couple of extremely bitter female commenters, but sorry, their life is on video and we’ve all seen it. Jon is weak, but Kate is hostile. All the time, to everybody, not just to Jon, but also to the kids, which makes the show unwatchable at times. Adults can marry and spend their whole lives cutting each other down, that’s their free choice. But when you do it to young kids, starting at a very early age, like Kate does ON-CAMERA (god only knows how harsh she is off-camera), you need to be bludgeoned.

  3. Nice

    Hey Sandy, why don’t we hash out your imperfections and decide that you deserve to be cheated on? After all, if you can wish such ill will on another person, you must be a total bitter hateful bitch…

  4. duh

    “Seriously. He’s cheating on his wife, she can be a bitch if she wants. Also…if you had that many kids and a husband who clearly doesn’t want to be there I’m sure you’d have some issues too. Give her a break.”

    You’ve got real chicken-egg logic problems here. This woman is a bitch through and through, it’s her personality, not the situation. She’s a bitch. Fix everything in her life that she’s currently complaining about and you know how she’d act? Like a bitch.

  5. Freekity geeek

    Oh MAN. SPONGEKATE SQUAREHAIR’s gonna go nuts. Jon’s wandering peepee 8===D got loose. Get it back in the cage! And by cage, I mean Squarehair’s gordita. I’d call it a “taco” but after 8 kids….?

  6. Pat

    At this point, I’m quite sure the name-changing psycho-defender is Kate herself. Sad.

  7. Fleur

    Take it easy on Right. Of course I’m offended by absolutely everything he said, I say this as a woman and a wife and a mother, and I thank God that most men out there don’t share his hatred of women. But clearly some woman in his life hurt him very, very deeply and he’s decided to hold it against an entire gender. Right, you couldn’t be more wrong, but I think you’re hurting and I feel sad for you. Until you get past your anger, you won’t ever meet a woman willing to love you with all her heart for the rest of your life.

  8. Finally

    Thank you #91. Finally a guy who gets it. You know what, we’re animals…if we wanted (either sex) to have sex with random people all the time and never think about relationships we could. People are together because they want to be…not because women need men or vice versa. People choose other people that are worth spending the rest of their lives with….not like #77 will ever know what that’s like. I hope he’s just bullshitting to sound cool (which I suspect he is), and if not, well, either way he’s just pathetic.

  9. vince

    Sure are a lot of bitter women out there!

    But, hey, life’s short. There’s no reason to waste time with people like that.

  10. vince

    Infidelity shouldn’t make anyone bitter or angry! It’s like pedophilia or murder, or rape… just a way of life! Being angry about it is a waste of time. People like that are so inferior.

  11. chupacabra

    man, these posters got all, psychological/sociological for some reason.

    Guys, gals, settle down: this is for ratings. They were probably going to cancel the show in order to start filming another freak show: *the OCTOMOM.*

  12. (the real) vince

    lol @ 110 – move on, sweetie. He cheated on you. It happens. What matters is what you do with the rest of your life. With all due respect, you’re not off to a good start.

  13. Gwyn

    @34 and 105 and anyone else who says that Kate’s vagina is stretched out after eight kids:

    THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN HAVE A SAFE VAGINAL DELIVERY FOR THAT KIND OF LITTER. She had a c-section (for both the twins and the octuplets, probably). I don’t even watch the show and I can tell you that, as an aspiring gyno.

  14. (the real) vince

    And by the way sweetie, while I’m off to a great start being a smug condescending turd, I will be candid in saying I need to believe that everyone is a bitter female who’s been cheated on. It’s the only thing that fits my smarmy agenda.

  15. (the real) vince

    lol @ 114 – Wow, you’re pathetic. By the way, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH PEDOPHILIA. OKAY????

  16. sam

    You sound like a total sexist and chauvinistic ass*hol. Boys like you that talk s*hit the way you do, are usually hiding the fact that their dicks are the size of baby carrots. ” happy hunting cougar” …If I were you, I’d be happy with whatever woman agreed to sleep with me regardless of the age you jacka*ss.

  17. vince

    Women are so bitter. Why can’t everyone be as smooth and suave as me? Cheating is cool, as long as it isn’t happening to me, of course.

  18. (the real) vince

    @ 116 – Boy, another bitter angry woman. I’d cheat on you too. Move on already, sweetie. Make the most of your life. My mom did.

  19. Andy Sipowicz

    The name-changing commenter has gotta be Kate herself. There are plenty of bitter women, but this woman is wound-up psycho too, compulsively replying to every single comment. I wonder if they’re filming her at the computer?

  20. To "vince"

    You’re a dumb fuck. Obviously you advocate cheating as some kind of cool guys’ ritual, otherwise you wouldn’t be parading around here with your shitty holier-then-thou attitude. Fuck off.

  21. Mike

    BitterTroll – take a breather. Don’t you have a rabbit to boil or something?

  22. Sam

    Ah yes, Chauvinism.. An entire faux political belief system created so that insecure , small dicked men such as yourself, can feel better by telling themselves women avoid them because they’re intimidated. Yes. Of course. That’s the reason.

  23. PunkA

    #104, that pretty much sums it up. Personality traits get heightened by the situation, not he other way around. What Kate is comes out even more when she gets bothered. If she were mellow, she would be chill no matter what happens. But that chick is a bitch, is mean, condescending and only gets worse when upset. Sorry, but people who use the situation to take stuff out on other people suck.

  24. Andy Sipowicz/Mike/vince

    enough already

  25. (the real) vince

    @ 122 – Sweetie, you sound bitter. Been cheated on lately, sweetie? Move on already, sweetie. So many bitter women. The world is not ready for me.

  26. Sam

    Never been cheated on you dumba*ss, don’t assume I’m bitter, just because some males on this planet are absolutely retarded and I call them on it.
    Good for your mom…..but one question, how does she accept you as a child exactly…I mean you being so open minded and sensitive and all…?

  27. Cait

    Honestly though the brother of this girl if this was real, by filming Jon was clearly in it to make money. And that doesn’t even look like Jon. It just looks like some random guy.

    I would like to point out that Kate is highly stressed and they are both bitchy towards each other because of it. Kate and Jon don’t fight at all when the children are there, that we have seen when they go on vacations together. It’s the stress of the children that makes them act that way. I find it amusing that people label her the bitch when she has to maintain order in a house that could instantly fall apart if she wasn’t there for them.

    If Jon has had an affair that’s truly unfortunate but it is a personal thing. I have to admit that I don’t believe that they have just due to the way I have friends that are male and yet I have a steady relationship with my partner of 5 years. I often have male friends walk me or drive me home from the bar but that does not mean that I am sleeping with them. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you stop having friends of the opposite sex.

    It obviously showed poor judgment on Jon’s part to be out with another woman that late when he is in the public eye but that does not mean that he has been having an affair.

    I wish Jon and Kate all the best for them and their lovely family.

  28. Freekity geeek

    @113 Gwyn– we all know she had a c-section. But there’s nothing comical about it. Now a giant vajayjay? Funny stuff. (BTW, I’m a woman, so I know that normal vajayjays bounce back normally).

    Come on, people. This board is about laughing at celebrities, not about all this seriousness with medical terminology and oprahnetics. Where’s the laughter??

  29. Sam

    Oh my dumb males are all the same. A woman stands up for her own sex, and she’s either a lesbian, a cheated on bitter woman, or she’s fat and ugly and can’t get a guy. You’re pathetic SWEETIE !! I believe in multiple partners, …not cheating, I’ve never been cheated on or intend to cheat. So SWEETIE, f*ck off will you ,…..:):)

  30. Mike

    Cheating is coool!!! you’re supposed to like it, otherwise you’re just a bitter looser!!!!!!!!!

  31. LOL

    Watch out #129, you might get him interested… especially if he thinks you’re a guy…

  32. Americanwhitetrash

    I actually don’t blame the guy. Anytime I ever passed by this show and stopped to watch for a few minutes she is bitching and putting him down. Just a big fucking nag. I’d seek new tail myself with that bitching in my ear all day.

  33. Deacon Jones

    lol…..WHEW! Powder keg.

    If she’s not screwing him since her cunt is the equivalent of an iceblock 2 hours into the party, for the love of god, can someone tell me whether she’s a good cook at least???

  34. Gale

    I feel very sorry for those kids. Kate may be a b*itch at times, .. but Jon is a big fat p*ussy !! He cheated on his entire family…not just his wife.

  35. Izzy

    Americanwhitetrash, why wouldn’t you just leave? I mean if it makes you so unhappy, why not just leave and find a better wife? Is it a revenge thing or something? It just doesn’t seem to have any point whatsoever, to be so unhappy with someone, yet insist on keeping them.

  36. @49 – The kids will understand. Their mom sucks.

  37. Joan

    so what if Jon wants to poke around in strange fortune cookies

  38. jimbo

    for some reason the Wizzard of Oz’s wicked witch of the west and her flying monkeys keeps popping into my head

  39. Jamie's Uterus

    How does that video show that he was cheating? I’m all for him getting a hot cookie on the side, but there really isn’t any real proof here.

    I am enjoying that Kate is now getting hers, after all her yelling and emotional abuse of Jon. It should come as no shock to her and she deserves it.

  40. Janet44

    MEMO to the modern American married woman:

    You are a wife 1ST

    NOT a mom, friend, homeowner, soccermom, businesswoman,consumer,etc.
    That’s how you keep a family together. Older people seemed to have known this.

    Thanx for the lesson Khate

  41. JB

    First off, cheating is NEVER acceptable.

    Second, if you had 8 kids running around 6 of which were the age of 5 you wouldn’t be the happiest person in the world all the time. The show is edited which means on the things the producer wants to show are shown…I’m sure Kate isn’t a complete and total bitch.

    It’s a shitty situation for everyone and I’m sure Jon is regretting it every moment of every day.

  42. Mary

    What the hell is wrong with you? What are you saying…if the kids are hungry, but your man wants a blow job, you should s*uck his dick first and than feed your kids?

  43. Chunkymonkey



  44. JB

    So I read a few more comments…

    I find it amazing the arguing that is going on on The Superficial because someone none of us knows has been accused of having an affair…the arguing about whether or not you get laid and how you get laid…it’s ridiculous.

    #77…Do you realize the amount of women who not only raise a family, be it with a husband or as a single mother, but make $75,000+ a year? The number of women in the business world is rapidly increasing. “It’s women like you. No guy wants you after they have you. They get paid for the same job so they aren’t going to stick around for your money. Women on the other hand might because they are useless gold diggers who are no better than a call girl.”…No guy wants you after they have you???? Really…that’s how you feel? I’m not one to judge someone or the way they grew up, but I honestly think your father was a cheater and you know nothing else…it’s very sad, very very sad.

  45. Mike Hawk

    Fuck these two…it’s time for Octo-Television. A new era of celebrity Fucktards is upon us..

  46. truth

    Lots of married people cheat on their spouse, so there’s nothing unusual about Jon. But it’s rare, thankfully, to encounter an extreme cunt like Kate.

  47. uripadees

    here’s a pitch for a new movie “Bless The Beast and the Children” The Story of Kate Gosslin + Eight

  48. Deacon Jones


    Wrong on the salary there, toots.

    At my work, and company wide, most women do not make it past a Grade 9 (about 10 years of experience). They flat-out suck as managers because they micro-manage, or quit because they can’t handle the stress. They hired one as our office manager (Grade 12) and she “stepped down” after 4 months. Now she comes in on Tuesdays/Thursdays and sits in her office with the door closed all day.

  49. tv addict

    for all I care these two can renew their vows a third time in the middle of an active volano?


  50. Ralph the wonder llama

    If she wasn’t such a frigid castrating witch “pokey” wouldn’t have to go out looking for a new minge bucket.

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