UPDATE: Jon Gosselin is banging ANOTHER chick

Obviously realizing that dating Hailey Glassman could only end in her stealing his kidneys for blow, Jon Gosellin was spotted Saturday night in New York with a new mystery lady whose Facebook page is probably being ransacked as we speak. In the meantime, I love Jon’s expression in these pictures because you can genuinely tell he didn’t expect to run into the paparazzi. The words “Can’t a guy quietly bang a horde of homely looking white women before TLC cans my show?” might as well be written on his face.

UPDATE: Added pics of a post-dinner, friendlier Jon recognizing he better act like he wants to be seen with this woman if he plans on exposing her to the Jon-Gut later.

UPDATE: Celebuzz reports Jon’s date is Kate Major senior reporter for Star. Wait. They get to sleep with their stories? No fair.

Photos: Splash News