Jon Gosselin is a respectable guy

July 20th, 2009 // 51 Comments

A close friend of Jon Gosselin (Read: His publicist.) tells People that Jon never began dating Hailey Glassman until after his divorce from Kate who, surprise, was the one to end the marriage:

According to a source close to Jon Gosselin, “Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike.”
The source says Jon and Hailey, already acquaintances, began their romance only after Kate filed for divorce on June 20.
According to the source. although the public did not know it, Jon and Kate actually split up late last year: “She said she wanted her life. She said she was done. It came out of the blue.”
Soon afterwards, Jon moved out of the couple’s bedroom and slept elsewhere in the house – and started going out to clubs and bars.
Reporters spotted him out with 23-year-old teacher Deanna Hummel last spring, but there was never an affair between the two, the Jon source insists. As the trouble at home grew unavoidable, Jon moved out of the main house and into the apartment above the Gosselin’s three-car garage.

Jesus. The only thing missing from this story is the part where Jon gave birth to their kids himself. Then again, he does sort of resemble The Pregnant Man. And loves hot dogs. Wait a minute…


  1. EuroNeckPain

    FIRST !!!
    Who is this ugly guy ?

  2. Savalas

    If my wife kept hotboxing me with her explosive gas, I’d get the hell out of the bedroom, too.

  3. Why do people care about these two? Because they have a stupid reality show? There is nothing interesting about either of them.

  4. Garrett's Girl

    If you look in the dictionary under “douchebag”, you will see a picture of Jon Gosselin. He tries to look so hip in his hat turned backwards, his diamond stud earrings, and his Ed Hardy ensembles. He looks like a member of the high school quiz bowl (the Asian token) trying to be hip, and he fails miserably.

    What a joke. Kate’s looking better every day in the press.

  5. LOL!!! OMG He freaking does look like that pregnant sheman…….Im kind of disturbed by the way his face looks as he is stuffing that food in it….he looks like he is morphing into something un-human…LOL!!!! Lets keep it real people, I have seen their reality show and excuse my french but Kate is a total Beeootch the way she would talk to him was disgusting and he should have back handed her (just kidding I don’t condone violence) Im glad he is seeing someone else she walked all over that dude!

  6. LilDi

    Man I am so sick of looking at his nasty fug face. He’s sloppy and gross.I can’t wait for this family to just go away already. Be parents to your kids.

  7. arg

    yes b/c June 20 was sooo long ago, and please the give the man another pastry – cause he needs it!

  8. I want to suck his sweaty balls

  9. Oscar

    What a fucking naco!!!

  10. Ellie

    After his divorce from Kate? Since when do divorces take 4 weeks? They just filed.

  11. @ #8: Rough Douchie it looks like your wide stance has finally taken you out of your closet.

  12. The Jerk

    Im certainly giggling like a little school girl to his poses on this rock he calls home. Its like hes camera shy while on the phone talking to his coked out fatty fat fat gf and choking on a hotdog that reminds him of his gf’s peen.

  13. Jason

    You know number 2/Savalas, I don’t want to break your man bonding with Jon but just by the way Jon looks like on that picture and on other pictures as a matter of fact….my feeling is HE was the one having explosive gas!

    Actually you’re right, if my husband was having explosive gas, I would kick the hell out of him from the bedroom as well!

  14. Wow!

    @12…I’ve got a crazy feeling you don’t like Jon very much. :)

  15. The Jerk

    @14..No I love Jon just as much as I love any red-headed stepchild with down syndrome who rides a segway.

  16. Wow!

    @15…HAHAHA. You always make me laugh! Thanks.

  17. at Pasha

    Why is it that guys feel that if the wife is bitchy at any one point that gives him the right to go and give himself venereal disease and waste gads of money and crappy clothes and Manhattan bachelor pads? She was taking care of 8 kids by herself for the majority of the time – I’d be crabby too. Well looks like his solution is working out well…

  18. Chloe1

    He’s such a gross fat fuck.

  19. alisa

    he is such a douche…. and no one wears ed hardy anymore..

  20. He should date Brooke Hogan… that’ll learn ‘em…

  21. Hailey is going to be in the new show, preview the rest of season 5 here:

  22. Hailey is going to be in the new show, preview the rest of season 5 here:

  23. WhiteManAskingQuestions

    Why do people keep taking pictures of this individual? What has he done that is worthy of all of this attention? I must admit I’m a tad perplexed at this situation! I mean I’ll be darned if I give one hoot about this character and who he’s having intercouse with and whatnot!

  24. big teeth

    Here he is, the Biggest Douche of the Universe! In all the galaxies, there’s no bigger douche than you!
    You’ve reached the top, the pinnacle of douchedom! Good going, douche. Your dreams have come true!

  25. Anon

    acknowledging that you’ve been a bit bitch once doesn’t mean that’s the only time you have been.
    Everyone here can see how much crap he put up with but you so I’m guessing the reason you don’t is because you’re just like kate.

    And yes she’s been raising them ALL by her poor lonesome self.
    Says the one with selective vision

  26. RealBigBlackDude

    YO!!!! Why people be takin pictures of this ni99a son?? Sh!t all cause he be all up in a couple a white hos everyone all up on his jock like woot woot and sh!t!!! Nobody give a damn when white ladies wax up my jimmy! I mean I’m out rappin snappin and cappin and no one gives a damn!! Maybe I need my own show called RealBigBlackDude At Large!!!

  27. GrizzledOldMan

    Back in my day you had sex probably twice in your life, had a couple a kids if you’re lucky, got a job, brought home the bacon and let her deal with the kids!! Back in my day we didn’t have DVDs, computers and reality tv. There was no time for that crap even if we had it…we did other things with our free time…like kicking Hitlers ass!!!

  28. @ Anon

    @ anon

    Actually You’ve missed the point – why is it justifiable to go and be a selfish ass even if your spouse is stressed? And guess what you’ve probably never watched the show so have no actual or educated opinion. John was a pampered boy of his parents when he met Kate, he had no job and only got one when Kate had to quit her job as a registered nurse to look after the kids. I guess you happen to be a juvenile one yourself and will probably end up in divorce anyway.

    Good luck with the ho-bagging it up yourself, cause I’m sure the Haileys of the world are probably out of your league

  29. blah

    @ anon – obviously someone is way too into this – go get a life man.

  30. huh? umm ok

    I luv how Backwood Bitch like to project what he sees in himself onto me…

    As far as “douche” I dont believe Ive ever type anything thats douche worthy, unlike you I will back up everything I type…

    One more thing, whats a wide stance? I dont believe anyone know what that is unless they belong in your minority group…

  31. mafme

    I’ll bet he was out of breath when he got to the top of that rock.

  32. dude_on

    I would like to be a fan but dude has made it fairly difficult with his douchness. I can see the savvy it took to get away from a bitch and 8 kids to find yourself with a variety of younger women. There is a skill in there to be admired. But I think dude may be too much of a loser to have bedded any of the skanks he is seen with – and that’s too bad because the first one had trophy potential. I still like the fact that he doesn’t work. Life is too short.

  33. Dora

    How much do you want to bet that Kate filed for divorce because the backround run on his girlfriend shows all that drug use and partying…and Kate doesn’t want that shit anywhere near the kids.

    And while she may have filed…he was the one talking about how he’s “only 32″ and moving on. :P She clearly wanted to work it out…he didn’t.

    Everyone calling her bitchy and controlling forgets that she was essentially forced to be a mother for NINE kids when you count Jon in. It was less that she was a bitch, and much more than he was a pussy.

  34. Courtyardpigeon

    Who cares. And who taught this guy to dress?

  35. Douchie, your douche nozzle is showing. Everything your wide stanced, log cabin republican ass does is steeped in doucheness. Besides, the only you will be backing up is your colon from getting repeatedly packed full of penis.

  36. Backwood Bitch will you ever write anything of value? but dont get me wrong I enjoy a mutant like you following me around this broad and spewing nonsensical…

  37. me

    geez people …..wether you like or dislike someone theres no need to be so are making all the assumtions out of pics for crying out loud ,i dont think anyone on here sounds any classier or less of a douchebag as you say he is ,,,he is still a father of 8 going through a divorce and you people need to ease up ……..get a life

  38. Galtacticus

    Like we did ever doubt his integrity.Cough,cough.

  39. Darth

    His integrity has an undoubtful impressive long list of duty.Medals of honors are all the way over.

  40. Rhialto

    For the continuation of humans we can rely and count on him.

  41. A

    I can’t believe this asshole bred 8 times, like there are not enough Asians around that have over populated the earth. I don’t care how much he whores himself around, he better had a vasectomy thought.

  42. Dragon

    That’s right #41…and, pretty soon the world will be rid of the haole man. And, believe me…you won’t be missed.

  43. I have some ideas for next seasons episodes:


    Jon and his skank Hailey move in with Kate and the kids, and Kate has to clean up after and take care of all of them. There could be situations like Jon passed out stoned/drunk in a pond of his own urine and feces, Hailey wearing Kates clothes and stretching them out because they’re too small for her blubbery late middle-aged body, Jon and Hailey fucking in Kates bed and passing out there for days, the kids playing in a snow drift in July, which turns out to be Haileys Cocaine-Diet supply.

    Jon and Hailey are snorting fertility drugs, and Hailey gets knocked up with octuplets. That sets up the next season, where Kate has to take care of those too.

    Also, during all this Kate has to run back and forth through an obstacle course to get to her family. The course could be similar to Most Extreme Elimination Challenge/Takeshi’s Castle.

    Season Three, Octo-Beast and her 14 kids move in, and Octo-Beast, Jon and Hailey have a meth-fueled threesome in church.

    Season Four, Cara and Mady both have Octuplets and their slacker/drug dealer/fucktard boyfriends move in for a good Sarah Palin spin. Kate’s obstacle course now includes anti-personnel mines. Kat Von D covers all 46 kids with tasteless, shitty looking tattoos while Kate is out hunting for food in dumpsters to feed everyone.

    Season Five, the show moves to Los Angeles, and the “18 Kids and Counting” brood moves into the same house there.

    That would be some good television right there. It writes itself. “It’s a beautiful liiiiife…”

  44. holliebean

    i know i’m really stoned but this site is soo fuckin funny 2day. =)


    He reminds me of the 20 year old that comes back to high school to “hang out” with the teachers and kids, even though he graduated like TWO YEARS AGO.

    Jon, stop acting like a kid and *#$*#^$*%$ grow up dude, its pathetic.

  46. kim

    @26, why dont you learn to speak English? NO one is impressed with your mouth full of rocks.

    ONE of the reasons black people are not respected is because of people like you.

  47. grey

    To all:

    I have watched the show, though not religiously, but certainly more enough to see that Jon was a passive pushover 99% of the time and Kate was certainly had a voracious appetite for bitchiness, particularly toward Jon.

    That said, anyone (including myself) with the unmitigated gall to stand in judgment of people in whose shoes they have never walked should take a moment to resign their self proclaimed position of general manager of the universe and return it to the owner, Jesus Christ, for further administration.

    And this is from a black person that says respect worth having is earned by the content of one’s character, not the color of one’s skin.

  48. ray

    All right you bitches all sound the same, weather it’s jon or some other poor slob I think u must hate all men in general from the post I’ve read. How long is a guy suppose to put up with your bridezilla attitude? is it from the time we say I Do or does it end after the honeymoon, or after the birth of the kids or after we have to listen to your countless days of badgering & bitching & discontent, or is it till we die? I guess thats what they mean when the judge says till death do you part (meaning: you the husband don’t get a repreve until your DEAD & BURIED) Kate decided she wanted a career, not a husband & family, shes getting what she wanted, just not on her terms. And that seems to Piss all of You OFF! Did you ever watch the show……….It was always all about what Kate wanted! or Nuthing! She’s lke the bridzilla to the 3rd power……

    My hats off to you Jon, How did u put up with that never ending pissing & moaning Mouth?

  49. Just

    I think if Jon would have grown some balls way back and when they wouldn’t be in this mess. Yes Kate was a bitch, but sometimes you need it pointed out to you when you’re stressed and have no help from your husband. Maybe if he tried they could have gone to counseling and tried to repair their problems rather than just dumping his family and trying to play like a young boy (and thats what he is a yound boy). Only a man can take responsibility for his actions and that is one thing that Jon Gosslin is not doing. He is giving up on his family and children. Life is to short buddy to miss out on things. Just because you asked someone to marry you in you early 20′s and had children.
    Maybe you should have thought of that before asking to someone to marry you. Now you think you are hip and dating younger women and trying to get married again. Well good luck to you and I hope your children have nothing to do with you for what you have done to their family.

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