Jon Gosselin: ‘I’m single’

Confirming what his new mouthpiece/life coach Michael Lohan said over the weekend, Jon Gosselin reveals he no longer dating Hailey Glassman and was not romantically involved with Kate Major. People reports:

“At this point … I’m single – per se,” he told PEOPLE at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field on Saturday. “I’m just a regular guy who just wants to have friendship and good times. And I like meeting people.”
Of 22-year-old Glassman, Gosselin says, “She’s always a good friend of mine. Her family is so good. They took me in and I lived there for a while. I love them to death.”
But for now, they’re on a bit of a break. “She doesn’t like this [craziness]. She loves me for who I am and not for what I do,” he says. “We are going to chill out for a while and see where it takes us. I’m not looking for anyone.”
As for Major, the former Star magazine reporter he’s been spotted with, Gosselin says, “We are just friends.”

“I’m just a regular guy who wants to have friendships and good times.” Read: I’m gonna use my eight kids to build me a pussy wagon.

Honestly, I don’t see how you could interpret that any other way.

Photos: Splash News