Jon Gosselin: ‘I don’t want my kids Googling me’

Jon Gosselin claims he’s learned his lesson and won’t be stepping out on the town with the ladies anytime soon. Us Magazine reports:

“It’s crazy,” he tells “I don’t want [8-year-old twins] Mady and Cara Googling me, and I have to explain [a photo] and lose that trust between my children. No, it’s dumb. Or explain it to my ex, Kate. Or explain to anybody what’s going on.”

Of course, all this could be a smokescreeen as a source close to Jon reveals to RadarOnline he’s dating both Kate Major and Hailey Glassman at the same time:

Asked if he was dating Hailey, Kate, both or neither, the source said: “He is choosing not to end anything with either woman. He’s dating and he doesn’t want to tie himself down.”
The source then admitted that Jon is deliberately sending out mixed signal publicly because he’s afraid that Original Kate (a.k.a. Mrs. Gosselin) is going to pursue a custody battle.
Defending Jon, one person who is friendly with him, said to “Look , is there something wrong with a man going through a divorce dating any woman he wants?”

And to answer that question: Yes, there is something wrong when both women wouldn’t think twice about eating one of his kids on live TV to land a spot on the Real World. No, really, I saw Kate Major pack a bottle of A-1 and a Transformer into her purse just yesterday.

Photos: WENN