Jon Gosselin has to be half retarded. At minimum.

Jon and Kate Gosselin had an all-day mediation hearing on Saturday that will essentially finalize their divorce and apparently things went remarkably smooth. Minus the rocky beginning when Jon tried to ham things up for the cameras. People reports:

Nor was she shocked when Jon showed up to the session with a bouquet of roses. His lawyer said they were a peace offering, but Kate saw it as something else and refused to take them.
“In what should have been their most serious moment as a couple,” says the source, “Jon again resorted to a publicity stunt.”

Proving how much he loves his children, Jon also gave Kate primary custody of the kids during the proceedings without a fight. Then again, who needs a bunch of rugrats knocking over all your incense and Ed Hardy tapestries while finding bottles of rohypnol under the couch? Sure, he knows how to keep powering through questionable labia when it happens, but what if they scratch his Nickelback CDs? You see where I’m going with this.

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