Jon Gosselin has a gun

The last thing I want to see in the hands of man who’s apparently broke and about to have his divorce finalized in 24 hours is a loaded gun that he arbitrarily fires into the woods in front of photographers like a retarded Hunter S. Thompson. Fortunately the county Jon Gosselin lives in felt the same way this morning. RadarOnline reports:

And in another reality check, for the one-time Reality TV dad, Jon was ordered not to bring any firearm onto the marital property. A Montgomery County, PA judge entered that order today as Jon showed up in court to square off against a former lawyer who is suing him for non-payment.

If I wasn’t 100% certain Kate Gosselin trained her children to form a bullet-blocking wall around her, I’d be surprised her people haven’t gone to DEFCON 1 by now. Instead, they’re just waiting for this thing to reach its inevitable conclusion. Read: Jon Plaxico Burress-ing himself in the nuts while dry-humping a Walmart cashier.

Any minute now…

Photos: INFdaily
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