Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman: Still together

July 22nd, 2009 // 94 Comments

Despite taking Star reporter Kate Major out for dinner Saturday, Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin are still together and even posed for photographs on Monday (above). Hailey also gave an interview with People about her newfound love, yet somehow left out the part where she takes 20s out of his wallet for blow. Ha! Women:

“We’re always laughing and joking,” gushes Glassman, 22. “We watch movies, play pool and ping pong. We laugh a lot because I beat him at everything.”
She adds, “He’s a great cook. He cooks roasted veggies with special seasoning and sauces, and he grills pineapple with a butter concoction.”
And what does she think Gosselin likes most about her? “I’m a huge believer in not controlling someone,” says Glassman. “I’ll give my opinion but tell him to do what he wants to do. He said, ‘I’m just not used to having an option.’ I told him life is about options.”

However, friends of Hailey says she’s in for a rude awakening when it comes time to dealing with the kids and Kate who was last seen sharpening an ax with her hair. InTouch reports:

“She really thinks being a stepmom will be great and she won’t have to discipline the kids,” the friend explains. “She sees her role as a fun, cool big sister. She thinks the kids will all like her because she’s going to spoil them rotten.” Hailey’s enthusiasm is certainly admirable, but she’s forgetting that there’s another important person she’ll have to deal with — Jon’s livid, soon-to-be ex-wife Kate.
Kate will not let Hailey — who has been arrested and has a reputation as a wild party girl — just waltz into her children’s lives, especially since she’s barely even speaking to Jon.

Whoa whoa whoa, Kate. Until Hailey sells one of the kids for an eightball, let’s not jump to any conclusions. And, hypothetically speaking, say she did, would you really notice? Right away, I mean. Be honest.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ian


  2. erin

    And they said it wouldn’t last! – or they said please use disinfectant

  3. The Dude

    A dealer with benefits… sweet.

  4. PunkA

    After being married to Kate, I have no idea what the hell Jon is thinking here. Dude should never get married again, especially to a vapid, slutty 22 year old that he can bang on the side as long as he wants. Dude, marriage? Really? If you do, you are an idiot clown.

  5. tati

    this bitch characterizes and IS the quintessence of the degenerate whores of America who attempt to slip themselves into what they believe to be deep pockets or the the yellow brick road to the limelight… except in this case its jon slipping himself into a yellowbrick road to the STD zoo… and night terrors filled with him begging christain audigier to suck him off but thats besides the point…

  6. woodhorse

    Wow! How can you tell he’s not jailbait dressed like that?

  7. Darth Retard

    I bet he loves her because she lets him stick it in her poopchute.

  8. ew

    is that bitch really 22??? she looks like a worn down 55 year old hippie that has lived in the dirt for 2/3 of her life.

  9. JO JO

    OH HELL NO.. no way this beech is 22 She looks like a ROUGH 42.. Jon Needed to get from onder the iron girdle that is Kate but Did he really have to go out and date GOLLUM.. Get it together Jon.

  10. havoc

    This chick should call Amy Fisher for pointers…..


  11. k199831

    damn, what an ugly bitch!!! dude always seems to go for the white trash

  12. Kate

    Jon’s clearly got a type: the nasty blond haired trashy type. Goes well with the Ed Hardy clothes. Taking lessons from Bret Michaels. Way to live the Hollywood dream, douchebag.

  13. Do something with yourself

    good lord girl….would it hurt you to put a little makeup on?

    you are kinda fugly when it comes to au naturale. and the monkey ears aren’t helping out. I wonder if Jon holds on to those things when he’s trying to slip his little asian peen in her mouth (but misses and hits her nose)

  14. wth

    Her 22 is the new 50 – wow what did she do to age herself so much? Even if you look past the looks – what an idiot! This is a plastic surgeon’s daughter – they showed her parents house in the show and this chick grew up in privilege. I think if I were her parents I would be soooo proud!

  15. Kate is a ho

    I am going to laugh when Kate finally has enough of this parading around Jon is doing. We are going to see her out on the town one day with some Jamacian dude with a shlong hanging down to his knees and she will be walking with a limp with a look on her face that says “Guess what he can do Jon that you never could?”

  16. Jon Gosselin is the biggest douchebag on the face of the earth. It is a fact, look it up on wikipedia!

  17. amanda

    that is one rough lookin 22 yr old…

  18. GeorgeWBush

    @12. Kate

    ..uhh, aren’t you suppose to be looking after your 8 kids and not trolling around this board and spying on your ex?

    Jon’s just living the American dream….

  19. Polk

    I like her cans. That tanning booth tan sucks ass, though.

  20. steph

    She looks older than me and i’m the same age as her.

  21. Hailey’s going to be on the show, sneak preview:

  22. erin

    Oh I think that may be it – the tanning. Excessive tanning has caused premature aging – or maybe that’s just the Ed Hardy talking

  23. Chelle

    He wants to be nineteen years old again, which is just pathetic. Look at his extra-stupid hat and glasses.

    And that girl….it’s kind of funny that she thinks all the kids are going to love her because she’s going to be like their big sister and never discipline them. Those chillrens are going to be living with Kate, after all, and after some coaching on her part, they should be able to go over to Jon and Hailey’s and eat her for lunch.

  24. Darth

    This is how deep and true love looks like folks.Just print this good in your memory.

  25. shift

    ENOUGH!!!! Enough about these fucking losers! Does anyone still give a shit about this?

  26. HITLER

    This nerd is always wearing one of those homo Ed Hardy shirts.
    Fucking Homo.

    I LOVE KIDS!!!!

  27. Polk

    Wow. Very white trashy. But I imagine the sex is good. That’s very important for a man, and can justify a lot of things that otherwise are hard to decipher from afar.

  28. HITLER

    This nerd is always wearing one of those homo Ed Hardy shirts.
    Fucking Homo.

    I LOVE KIDS!!!!

  29. The show is fake. They’ve been separated a long time. Sucks that he’s off getting some, while she’s home with the kids. Divorced, single mom with EIGHT kids. That’s rough.

  30. Sandy

    #23 – projecting much? Sure sounds like you went through a bad divorce, and your very bitter. LOL.

  31. AZrock

    At first I thought he sucked a$$, but now as a single dude, this guy is becoming my hero!!!!

    Get all the ugly white girl ass you can stand, I mean someone has to?

  32. Kate Sucks

    Don’t be crying a river for that bitch Kate. You honestly think that she is the one raising those kids? Hell no. Nannies raise those kids. Have been for a very long time. This whole shitfest that they call a reality show was her idea to ensure that she would never be in a trailer park again.
    She flies all over the country WITHOUT the kids. What you see on the websites and in the magazines are PHOTO OPS. Just like douche-bag here. They live to whore themselves to the cameras.

  33. Evil Dick

    This chick looks very “dirty.” But, if you look at pictures of Kate when she and Jon got together (way back in the day), Kate looked “dirty” too. So, it’s no surprising that he’d go after that “trashy” and “skanky” look. But, if I was Kate, I’d be making sure that Jon took bleach baths before letting him anywhere near the children.

  34. elaine

    I used to work at Tiffany’s and the only people that would buy that god-awful 32in heart-tag necklace were trashy Ed Hardy wearing douchebags trying to impress their equally trashy girlfriends. Kinda refreshing to see that things haven’t changed much in past couple years.

  35. mommy of two

    He is a tool and she is a cee u next tuesday.

  36. Mama Pinkus

    does this guy know he has eight kids?

  37. eww

    All right children get ready….Attack!

  38. they make me sick!

  39. LIli
    Arghh… i can’t stand them

  40. Tanzarian

    Look at the guy, this is the best he is ever gonna do. And she includes his 2 point upgrade for “semi-celebrity.”

  41. wow

    This would be the most hilarious public midlife crisis trainwreck ever if it weren’t for the 43857293 children the dude has who are being affected by it.

  42. DAVID


  43. DAVID


  44. Liz


  45. o.k. p.s the bicth did not shower all week !!!!!!!!!

  46. dude_on

    Dude left his wife, or she kicked him out, and now he is out using his major reality star stroke to play with young twentysomethings. I get it. I think I’m ready to move on. p.s. – She screwed herself two ways – by being with him and also using her industrial strength birthing abilities to drop mass loads of humans in a single bound. In hindsight I’m now thankful she wasn’t crowning when she gave the paps that little tang tease.

    Jon and Kate – The Story.
    Kate dropped eight.
    Jon got a young blonde.
    The End

  47. BEA

    sorry b ut id take kate over this muppet lookin thing anyday!! she like a friggin POSSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. BEA

    sorry b ut id take kate over this muppet lookin thing anyday!! she looks like a friggin POSSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. BEA

    sorry b ut id take kate over this muppet lookin thing anyday!! she looks like a friggin POSSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. He's got the sausage tits!

    He has a nice pair of man boobs (sausage tits) coming in. Congrats Jon on the new pair!! Ed Hardy needs to make him a manzer!!!

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