Jon Gosselin caught drinking with other women

May 28th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Jon Gosselin was caught flirting at a New York bar and grill on Memorial Day while Kate and the kids were in North Carolina, according to TMZ. Great. Now there’s going to be another “Extra Special Episode” where Jon explains why he’s drinking with strange women again. Let’s just cut to the one where he rationalizes his children finding a dead hooker in the sandbox. You know it’s coming.

Photos: Splash News, TMZ

  1. Denim mini skirts are an abomination.

  2. Karen in CA

    Has anyone besides Momto5 seen this show?

    Kate need psychiatric help. Seriously. There is a reason she has no personal friends, a husband who wants out and outside family that has disconnected from her. She is all in this for the fame and money. No one made any noticed the paparazzi at the kids 5th birthday party until she pointed them out for the cameras. Then she just stared back at them. She also dresses like no regular Mom I have seen going to the grocery store! Always ready for the camera that woman.

    If I was Jon I would have started heavily drinking a couple years ago when she first started publicly humiliating him on their show. In my opinion he stuck it out a whole lot longer than most men would have given her rediculous treatment towards him.

    I wish the kids a whole lot of luck and support, and pray the girls don’t turn out to be like their mother!!

  3. rebecca

    ya seriously….

    WHO has been giving all the interviews with the News channels.

    KATE has been

    how much does someone thats a semi-celebrity get paid to be interviewed on talkshows or news?

    Kate is being interviewed and getting major cash from it.

  4. Michelle

    This is such a messed up situation. I felt really disgusted watching the show Monday … but is it just me or do Kate’s skirts keep getting shorter? Hmm maybe because she is doing it for the camera, like Karen said.

  5. dirk

    Is that one bitch holding his cup of ramen noodles?

  6. The one on the left has some hot vericose veins going on…

  7. Beth

    This photo is so tame. Ten bucks says he was out having a beer and these women recognized him from the show and started talking to him. He’s not even touching them. I’m sure Kate gets approached by fans all the time–if she’s not with her bodyguard. Wait, maybe that doesn’t happen…

  8. Gando

    Let’s see it through his sunglasses,he wants to benefit from the show as well! There’s always time for a good time.

  9. Alli Watermelon

    Why do people insist on talking about Kate’s VAGINA? “Ewww!! She’s had EIGHT KIDS. I don’t want to know what her vagina looks like!” *gasp*!!! Hey you damn morons, guess what? You don’t have a vaginal birth when dealing with 6 babies at one time! It’s called a C-section. My God, if you’re going to try and insult someone, at least get your damn facts (and in this case, COMMON SENSE) straight. And as far as this picture goes, last time I checked, it wasn’t considered infidelity to be “caught” drinking a beer and conversing with someone of the opposite sex. Duhh…*drools*

  10. Darth

    The show is his job and he’s just having an ‘after work’ drink.



  12. kate

    Just because he’s married he can’t talk to women? They’re probaly just fans. Seriously, what’s wrong with talking to people and having a beer?!?

  13. Kelsey

    How dare he casually drink a beer in the presence of women!!!

  14. DCMikeRotch

    …because he finally thinks he has his early withdrawal technique mastered.

  15. Christina

    This is just pathetic. He’s drinking a beer and talking to two females in the middle of the day. Is he really supposed to go without any human contact when out in public? There isn’t a married man alive who hasn’t had a conversation with a person of the opposite sex. Who the hell cares?

  16. ann marie

    i think this is stupid.
    1) it doesn’t look like Jon
    2) so what if he is drinking? dont mean he is flirting.

  17. being honest in america?
    ……………………….ARE YOU NUTS?

  18. spike

    I think they should definitely exploit their family and milk their fame as long as it lasts and make all the money that they can. They’ve got 8 small humans to feed and clothe and send off to college one day.

  19. Kels

    Backless Sketchers circa 2001 ftw!

  20. Gary B

    nevedr watched the show, this show would be watchable if Jon went GAY, took a black lover and had him move in.

    Jon: your bitch attitude I cannot stand anymore, meet uncle ROY, he si this black guy I met at the bar who rams me in the ass.

    ROY: He cannot get enough of my coco

    JOn: Kate he is gonna live with us now.

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  22. Unless she does something with that hair I can’t watch any more episodes. What a train wreck!

  23. Unless she does something with that hair I can’t watch any more episodes. What a train wreck!

  24. Crystal

    the next TLC show…….Date Kate w/ 8. And to everyone who sits here and talks smack about them, the reason you dont watch their show is b/c your to busy online writing nasty things about some people you dont even know.

  25. mew

    like seriously!! People will do anything for a story. I’m sure they are just chatting normally. Some people need to focus on their own lives instead of others. The world wouold be a much better place if only people would just grow up and work on their own relationships..which I’m sure have enough problems of their own. It’s so much easier to talk about other peoples problems when you have problems yourself.

  26. i think they should be left alone,they have been enjoyable to watch,and lets not forget those children they do not need to see are here about things like this.

  27. Emilio Stuteville

    Flirting has always been difficult for me. Thanks for the wonderful advice

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