Jon Gosselin caught drinking with other women

May 28th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Jon Gosselin was caught flirting at a New York bar and grill on Memorial Day while Kate and the kids were in North Carolina, according to TMZ. Great. Now there’s going to be another “Extra Special Episode” where Jon explains why he’s drinking with strange women again. Let’s just cut to the one where he rationalizes his children finding a dead hooker in the sandbox. You know it’s coming.

Photos: Splash News, TMZ

  1. this site sux


  2. gawker

    That’s not him.

  3. Joe

    Yeah, nice pictures of him drinking.

  4. Momto5

    Dear God, that man deserves to have a conversation with a female-any female-who won’t rip his balls out and have them for breakfast. Go for it Jon!

  5. Karen

    Gotta get up to speed on this story – he’s not “caught” anymore. They agree the marriage is over but they’ve agreed on a set of conditions for continuing to live together so that they don’t look the show (and the income and freebies from it). One condition is that they don’t have to spend time together as a couple off-camera. But his faux infidelity is giving the show a huge bump in viewership so I’m sure they’ll keep pimping these “Jon caught looking at a girl’s erect nipples” type stories.

  6. PeePee


  7. Mark B

    Does he spend that $5/day for that one beer, or does he save up for a month and go on a bender?

  8. crazypants

    You know, the man is over 21 and is allowed to drink at bars. And speak to people. And some of those people may be women.

    He’s not a cloistered nun, unless he’s fucking these women in public or has his hands down their pants – leave hime alone.

  9. eurotrash

    dont watch this show, i have a life………..but chicky looks pretty good (from the neck down) after popping out 8 brats

    god knows what state her vajayjays in though

  10. “caught” looks to me this poor bastard was having a drink & got approach by 2fans, whats he suppose to do? turn his back?

  11. TJ

    This is nothing to worry about!

    It will only be time to worry if Jon is caught talking to a man.

    There’s no way he could want to be with a woman after being married to Kate.

  12. PunkA

    Kate is an uber-bitch. She could teach the FBI & CIA classes on how to be so controlling. If Jon wants to have a beer, then chat with people, let him. Not like he got caught drinking with a hooker in his room. he was out in public for hell’s sake.

  13. Mike

    You people don’t think this stuff is all an act for ratings?

  14. Fribble

    Oh, my GOD! He’s… he’s… talking to someone! No! Two someones!
    …and they’re female! Call the police! Call the National Guard!
    Yup, sure fire proof of infidelity there: standing, holding a beer, talking!
    The bastard! The drinking-a-beer, talking-in-public BASTARD!
    It makes me weep…

  15. Jazz

    Jon next time bring a guy friend along for appearance sake. Do it for the kids.

  16. douche

    I’d bang his wife…milf.

  17. sim

    who cares?
    dont care about these two..
    dont care who he drinks with
    dont care if they’re getting divorced

    next story

  18. Jill

    He should be taking care of his damn kids. He’s their father. So what if he doesn’t get along with his wife, there are eight of them.

  19. Fribble

    Hey, Jill 18:
    He IS taking care of his “damn kids.” While his wife runs off for months at a time on her “book tour” where she bangs her bodyguard.
    He ought to shoot the bitch.

  20. Zack

    Their own families say the same thing – the marriage is over, the show is hoax, Kate thinks she’s a star and will do anything to stay in front of the cameras, the kids have to do scripted activities, and Jon just wants to be done with the show and Kate. At this point, the story is about people tuning in hoping to see a trainwreck involving 8 little kids. It’s disgusting.

  21. Jon and Kate + hate…

  22. THat looks normal. But they really are milking these publicity stunts.

  23. mrs.t

    have never seen the show, could give a fuck about them….but I am 100% certain that he either imported these two creatures from Arkansas or they are tourists in NYC who accosted him.

    Where does one even find those fucking white ‘slip-on-sneakers’?

  24. Ummm

    Why is that girl on the left wearing Sketchers??????

  25. mom

    Something tells me those two ladies are going to start to look at their backsides in the mirror before they go out in public again!

    I agree with #10. This couldn’t be more innocent.

  26. Im sorry to break it to the Jon and Kate fanatics, but that “Bodyguard” is tucking this make-over recipient to bed at night! I smell sweat and cologne just by looking at that pic…

  27. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    I’m with #10, pure innocent chat with fans. Besides why would he cheat on Kate , she fucking hot, unless she’s not putting out anymore, then Jon is justified in looking else where.

  28. Barney Frank

    I can’t get past the fact that someone on here called her Sponge Kate-Square Hair.

    That was some funny shit.

    Of course she got a free tummy tuck but did she also get a free boob job?

  29. Tee

    To #9:

    She had all of her babies by C-section and someone paid for her to have liposuction and skin-removal surgery. No wonder she looks good!

  30. Mom

    I feel bad for Kate. I flat out think that Jon’s a typical man wimp. Sure Kate is bossy and has to have things in a certain order but for cripes sake she has 9 kids if we are including Jon to manage. I think if he didn’t like the way Kate was acting towards him he should TALK not shut down and act like a poor baby. I mean really! He is a father of 8 very young children and is out at 2 am drunk with a young college girl while his wife off trying to sell a book (plus- who’s watching the kids while he’s out acting like a frat boy?). Why is it Kate fault that HE made those choices. I think he’s a selfish looser. I feel bad for the kids in all this but I hope she dumps his ass.

  31. Frank Pirro

    Maybe if the show gets dropped by TLC Kate will do Playboy or even better porn!

  32. DeeMacD

    I remember pictures ofher in the local paper when she was a chubby brunette with fat ankles.

  33. DeeMacD

    I remember pictures ofher in the local paper when she was a chubby brunette with fat ankles.

  34. Kikmo

    Why does this woman need a bodyguard again? Oh yeah, she’s a self-important money-grubbing control freak.

    Don’t expect praise for stuff you’re SUPPOSED to do. When you have 8 kids, you’re SUPPOSED to take care of them, fool!

    #30 – Why is she off selling books (and her piss-poor advice) when she has 8 children at home?

  35. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    SHE WAS IN NC!?!?! Damn it! I could have totally gotten a piece of that sweet 8 child exited ass. Fuzzy TIngle Times & Kate Plus 8. I like the sound of that.

  36. wtf

    all that money earned exploiting her children and fake marriage and she still hasn’t bought the one thing she needs…
    a fucking stylist!!
    my mom circa 1994 called, she wants her outfit back.

  37. Jeezy


    Those that do should get a fucking life.

  38. sextuplets

    where’s Momeeee. Where’s DaddEE?………….(.pretending they are both 19 children)………………..but Momee,Daddeee…come baaaaaaack………..please !!!

  39. sextuplets

    where’s Momeeee. Where’s DaddEE?………….(.pretending they are both 19 children)………………..but Momee,Daddeee…come baaaaaaack………..please !!!

  40. abel

    Oh, for chrissakes… look at the women. They’re a couple of soccer moms in saggy denim.

  41. what?

    Kate’s sunglasses are increasing in size everytime we see her…must mean she has delusions of being a real celebrity huh? Seriously, these two morons need to go off the air for the sake of the kids. He’s an arrogant gook, and she’s a mega bitch.

  42. gene

    I think he’s looking to borrow $5

  43. #28 – “Of course she got a free tummy tuck but did she also get a free boob job?”

    Well, duuuuh… where do you think they put all of that extra skin?

  44. Cait

    They look hot. Love the shoes. Like walking on sex.

  45. Shane

    - that flop over is getting long in pic 5 ——she’s starting to look like Cousin IT

  46. FuzzyBean

    In case you were wondering, yes, that’s faux paint splatter on her sweatshirt. You probably weren’t hip enough to notice it.

  47. Parker

    I want to blow a load in Kate’s ass so bad. She’s got a sweet looking ass.
    And if she stuck to anal only she wouldn’t have this problem now, would she?

    Here’s what her husband is thinking right now…
    What the??? Eight fukn kids? Holy crap. I need another beer. Where’s the strippers?

  48. Lisa

    She really is making a total fool out of herself.
    – like a cartoon character

    get home and wipe some asses bitch!

  49. bluelake

    I think it’s safe to say she has left the church crowd, er church suckers behind dressed like this. She’s movin’ on to Hollywood

  50. axdiva


    She had a tummy tuck paid for by TLC. There is an episode about it.

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