Jon Gosselin emptied Kate’s bank account

October 4th, 2009 // 67 Comments

Jon Gosselin has reportedly emptied “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from a joint account he shares with Kate, according to RadarOnline:

He appeared on Larry King Live last week with his lawyer Mark Heller and said he had an epiphany, adding: “I want Kate and I to mediate. I want us to become friends.”
But within hours of uttering those words, Jon was withdrawing several hundred thousand dollars from his joint bank account with Kate without her knowledge, leaving his estranged wife with only $1,000. has confirmed with multiple sources that Kate routinely pays the family bills from that bank account.
When Kate discovered what happened she engaged a high-powered lawyer who immediately sent Jon a letter, demanding he return the money to the bank account. And has learned that another lawyer for Kate will go to court in Pennsylvania on Monday to file papers demanding the money be returned.
Multiple sources tell that Jon’s actions were in violation of the Gosselin divorce arbitrator’s guidelines.
Another bank account, set up for the Gosselin children, was untouched.

Well, this would explain the solid gold ATV I saw parked outside of Lane Bryant. Those plus-size women don’t even stand a chance, and I hope Jon used Kate’s money to reinforce the suspension. Then again, that would be a decision that’s not astronomically retarded, so let’s assume he didn’t.


  1. timbo

    Whoa, Kate – What do you have in that cup? Her eyes in #1 look like she’s on something.

  2. Chubby Chicken

    Jon is a stupid sonofabitch. I hope he gets everything took away from him. What an asshole coward!

  3. Shep is disappoint

    Sensationalism Title. If it’s a Joint account, you can’t say John emptied Kate’s account.

    Douche move by John, and as usual….Fish.

  4. dude_on

    Just exactly how does she expect Jon to score homely skanks without some sweet bank? I guess she is too good for food stamps? Get the cookbook out sweetheart ’cause nothing says nutrition like brown rice pilaf and green bean and mushroom medley. Karma is about to be a much bigger bitch than Kate ever thought about.

  5. enough

    Well if they use that for family expenses and he took the money maliciously under family law he could be liable for not only giving it back but suffering a penalty of up to 50%-100% of the money he took – but he probably hasn’t had time to use it on Ed Hardy clothes and weed for his girlfriend

  6. Rob

    I bet you’re fat

  7. Savalas

    This situation can only end in a knife fight. My money is on the dude.

  8. Shirley

    She looks tired to me!!! Shes trying to make a living to support her kids and deal with that low life of a husband hopefully soon to be ex husband of hers. I support Kate all the way. She will come out on top not that LOSER jon. Let him stick to his BIMBO’S which will drop him. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  9. jmhulsey

    how else is he going to buy all those douchey ed hardy tees

  10. Danklin24

    Jesus you know what’s getting more old than this Jon and Kate bullshit? Fish’s year old joke about the ATV. Seriously that was a while ago, let it go Fish, come up with some new remotely funny stuff.

    I have nothing to say about Jon and kate. They’re both assbags and I really don’t care about them or their kids.

    I just found out a friend of mine from high school has 8 kids yet they dint need millions of dollars like these pieces of shit do and guess what else, they’re not exploiting their fucking kids either.

  11. Danklin24

    Jesus you know what’s getting more old than this Jon and Kate bullshit? Fish’s year old joke about the ATV. Seriously that was a while ago, let it go Fish, come up with some new remotely funny stuff.

    I have nothing to say about Jon and kate. They’re both assbags and I really don’t care about them or their kids.

    I just found out a friend of mine from high school has 8 kids yet they dint need millions of dollars like these pieces of shit do and guess what else, they’re not exploiting their fucking kids either.

  12. Parker

    What an idiot.

  13. Jibbly Biggins

    Wow, I used to complain about Kate’s bitching, but it seems like she really has something to bitch about. Loser husband man whore draining the family fund while hitting on local blond white trash.

    Pretty disgusting. At least she takes care of the kids.

  14. jim

    My bet’s on Kate. And for all those who criticize her saying she’s neglecting the kids chasing after the money… quite the contrary! Her gravy train won’t last forever, might as well stock up while she has the chance. Yeah the little ones have to sit with a few nannies for now, but someone has to pay the bills once this ride is over! You think Jon will contribute? He’ll have pissed it all away by then!

  15. anastacia

    i feel sorry for the both of them

  16. Disgruntled Postal Employee

    Please stop posting anything about these two poster children for condom usage.

  17. mon

    @ #11: Did your friends even ever have the opportunity to “exploit” their kids and make millions in return? Maybe they didn’t “need” it but it I’m sure it would’ve been nice! A lot of people will grab at opportunities if the price tag is high enough… and with a family that large I can’t say I blame them!

  18. I hope Jon only took half of what was in the account. That would be legal. He is trying to get her attention. This probably got it.

  19. fortheloveofgod

    I’m so glad! He best wake up. Kate has been secretly stashing everything in her name alone. Jon will be homeless, if she gets her way. She doesn’t need him anymore, now that the 5 yr olds are finally potty trained.

  20. alibi

    HEY…’s his money too!!

  21. yup

    @ alibi the bank account does constitute both of their funds, but he can’t take ALL of the funds or over 50% – btw just b/c a bank account is in one person’s name doesn’t mean that the spouse can’t get to it, by law you could make your spouse do an accounting but if she spent it only family funds nothing you can do it about it cause it was for the family

  22. I think

    he’s an idiot. simple as that.
    @19 it says he left her $1000 in the account
    i’m pretty sure the account wasn’t only $2000 in it

    it said he stole a several hundred thousands. so yeah thats def not half of it!

  23. zuzuspetals

    hahahahahahahaha- I despise both of these people and I want them both to suffer for selling their children, but for some reason I dislike her more that I do him. Here’s hoping they both lose all their money and that their children are adopted by parents who won’t sell them to a TV producer.

  24. Dee

    God just when you think this turd can’t sink any lower. He won ‘t be happy until he looses custody with the way he acts.

  25. They should put a picture of Jon and Kate next to the word pathetic in the dictionary.

  26. I’ll have what she is having

  27. Jac

    I thought is was a joint account….. well It is his money to and he needs money to take care of the kids to.
    To bad TLCand Kate is keeping this Jon hate fest going when they are the devil to use kids to earn money off them.

  28. Turd the third

    She siphons coc*s, he siphons her bank account,,, as pink floyd would say .. A Nice Pair…

  29. Sean

    Joint account mean it’s his money to. Couples do this all the time when they are going through a divorce. What’s new about it.

  30. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    These 2 just don’t stop, but I love the fact he took the cash. He should spend it on blow and hookers in Vegas to further humiliate Kate.

  31. the lovable Milk Man

    I look at this as a good man getting his due for providing his seed to a whore. I blame all this on the cunt.

  32. Rudy

    Jon should just stick a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. His life is pretty much fucked. He has 8 kids he has to pay child support for now and an ex wife thats a complete bitch. Believe me, chasing after stripper pussy is only fun for so long then its time to man up and this guy doesnt have the balls to do it.

  33. Danklin24

    #18 – No they never had the chance to exploit their children but they did grow up when they had the first two kids and got good jobs. The guy makes over $150,000 a year and she makes half that so i’d say they’re pretty well set and no one gets exploited. Its amazing what an education and a job can do.

  34. Tina

    I am sure Kate has taken much from him. About time he swings into action. Go Jon, keep it for the kids needs and yours. Kate spends a butt load on dirty feet and nails and those hooker cloths. Jon, you rock. Kate just keeps on being a bitoch and the kids will hate her one day for it. TLC sucks for that stupid show and Kate sucks for what she has done to her family.

  35. Dogman2

    What a lowlife that guy is, someone should kick his but… Maybe we should sick the dogs on him….

  36. umair

    Used to work at bank, every once a while someone would come in and say “How do I take my girlfrien/wife/boyfriend/husband off the account”. You can’t, you have to take out all the money and open a new account in your name only. “Then that’s what I want to do”, was alway their anwser.

  37. Jon Gosselin – reconfirming my douche theory since 2008

  38. The Rough report

    Joint accounts are like musical chairs when break up comes, you snooze you loose. I feel sorry for the judge, that’s going to deal with this B.S….

  39. I think she looks damn good for how many kids?

    power tools

  40. granuaile

    Oh, wah wah. She only has a grand. Until the check from her next episode comes along.

  41. Fashion Police

    When people look back at this decade to mock it, they will use that tired haircut, the reverse mullet. The frizz in back, the long bangs.

    If there’s any justice, _every_ woman with that trite, ugly haircut will have their bank account emptied.

    And given to the space monkeys. Rocket fuel don’t come cheap, yo.

  42. Dave

    Screw these two! Kate’s 15 minutes are up. Now she’s just a fame-grubbing media whore. And Jon’s just a whore.

    I hope Jon left enough money for their kids’ therapy bills.

  43. Chubby Chicken

    #7 and I bet you’re retarded. Wait, you are!

  44. joe

    Wow, I’m liking Jon more each day.

    He’s doing what THOUSANDS of women do on a daily basis, who are divorcing. They empty the joint accounts, on the advice of their attorneys. It’s “their money”, and either party is entitled.

    Just because she was stupid, I don’t feel sorry for her.

    Ladies, I guess you don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot, eh?

    I think is crazy like a fox. TLC and Kate thought they could control Tubby McATV, and he showed them, “If you want to go to war, I’ll take you to war.”

    Kudos to Jon and his vampire lawyers.

    Kate will be in Playboy within 2 years, as this show won’t have legs beyond this season.

    Jon will laugh all the way to the bank. He’s not hooked on the rich lifestyle, just the poon. He will have an endless supply, as Kate has shown herself to be a top-notch cunt, and other women dislike her for it.

    She has a deathgrip on the fame and money, and will die before she gives it up.

    Oh course, the kids are the real losers in all this.

    But I love how he takes a page of the the women’s divorce book, and should it right up her tanned, liposuctioned ass. Bravo!

  45. Terry

    Smart man. Women do this all the time.

  46. kara

    What I think is funny that men think women are the ones who do this all the time, when the reason they put the 50/50 law of divorce into effect was to protect housewives from being left with nothing after men drain the accounts. My Dad tried to do this to my Mom and she was smart enough to freeze their accounts. He still was able to build his whore (adulteress) a salon with their money though the way he claimed it as a business expense. There are shitty money hungry people everywhere who will use emotions to strip you dry. The shoe is on both foots asshats, no matter the gender. Divorces are shitty, mean, and screw everyone over. Nobody should root for anybody. They are all a bunch of selfish pricks who really don’t value their children at all. If they did, they would have quit the show and got some counseling.

    I only feel bad for those kids who are now stuck in the middle of a shitty divorce with their life on camera. At least I was able to hang out in my room and cry in peace. Wahwahwah.

  47. Carol

    Kate looks high on cocaine.
    Loving Jon more and more every day. Way to take your balls back from that bi#ch Kate. He had to do this before she spent it all in Hollywood trying to make her ugly @ss look like a star.

  48. whatever

    Kate is a bitch. Period.

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