Jon Gosselin dropped from Jon & Kate Plus 8, tries to stop divorce

September 29th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Jon Gosselin, The Marlboro Man of Mediocre Trim, has been axed from his own reality show which will now be called Kate Plus 8, according to Us Magazine:

It will continue to focus on the lives of the young Gosselin twins, 5, and 8-year-old sextuplets but with a deeper focus on Kate’s role as a single mother.
“Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family,” TLC president Eileen O’Neill said in a statement. “The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate’s journey really resonates with our viewers.”
She added that the network is in development on a Kate project for 2010.

Coincidentally, InTouch reports Jon has filed papers this morning to delay the divorce another 90 days so communication between him and Kate can improve:

“This will enable Kate and me to restore our relationship as cooperative parents and to open up our lines of communication. I hope that she will be as receptive and enthusiastic as I am to do what is best for our family.” He also pleaded with her to set aside their anger so they can start interacting amicably. “I would like to get back with Kate as a partner in parenting,” Jon tells In Touch. “Even though we were heading for a divorce, it appeared that Kate had been suffering from this divorce as much as I had. That’s why I asked my attorney to put the brakes on this divorce so I could try to regain control over the future of our family. So Kate and I could join on a cooperative course that would benefit our family — not destroy it.”

Read: “Parents should really exploit their children as a team, and also, how the fuck am I supposed to bang marginally attractive women on ATVs without a reality TV gravy train? You’re killing me here.”

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  2. cookie

    lol they got the age of the kids wrong. way to go Us.

  3. chupa

    FINALLY! The douche gets what he deserves. Next stop, he’ll have an STD – get on the herpes train, Jon, CHOO! CHOO!

  4. Puke

    Damn them are some ugly shoes

  5. chupa

    @3 Puke, those are the type of status symbol “epic fail” shoes that douchebags who never had any taste, or class, purchase when suddenly they come into money (and no idea how to spend or save it wisely, but instead fall prey to tacky, gimmicky shit like those turd ass shoes)….

  6. i think

    It’s about fucking time that loser gets canned from his stupid ass show.
    I hope no one watches Kate’s show too.
    Those kids need to get out of the limelight and have a normal life.



  7. Commander Poptart

    The wheel just fell off the gravy train Jon. His attorney will make sure that badger ass wife of his will be paying.

    I wish this train wreck would end but TLC is sucking the life out of idiots who watch this crap and the Duggar’s “My Wife’s Vagina is a Clown Car” and “Pedophile Bait on Stage.”

  8. chick

    @#2, Cookie, Good one – that’s why US is a premier publication

    FINALLY, It was about time they pulled him out of the show!

  9. kara

    Without the show, Hailey and all the others will be looking the other way. What a loser he is. Good bye. Hope he doesn’t get the delay, cause his actions speak way louder than his words.

  10. chupa

    haha – “The Marlboro Man of Mediocre Trim” will be known now as the “The Marlboro Man of no Trim”

  11. joe blow

    LMAO. I saw the head line on another website, and it simply said “TLC’s ‘Jon and Kate’ to be Renamed ‘Kate Plus Eight’”.

    And I swear on a stack, my first thought was “Well now, let’s se how long it is before he tries to get back with her, since this will mark the end of his gravy train… and the end of the string of ugly trim he seems to attract.

  12. norton


    Do people really watch this drivel?

  13. kara

    He should have put some of that stomach blubber in Hailey’s chest, that way they would have bonded forever. Or at least until she wanted them bigger for the next guy. He is a loser.

  14. There should be a spinoff show. “Jon Plus 8 Every Other Weekend”

  15. Cash

    Wait… So even though they are both a couple of spoiled twats, the lady president shit cans the guy? Yeah, cuz that’s not completely sexist or anything. These two deserve each, and breaking up the band is a bad idea.

  16. dude_on

    ‘Kate plus 8′ is doomed without the controversy of an immature pudgy punk father banging homely chicks. That was the hook. Watching a freaky bitch with a funky hairdo wrangle 8 kids will be about as entertaining as the Food Network.

  17. his face looks like a troll doll. since he’s wasting all of his money it’s a good bet he’ll be pumping gas in Koreatown pretty soon.

  18. JADE

    Seriously who wears shit like that, then again he does wear Ed Hardy crap enough said. What a tool.

  19. Joe

    Guys, you are missing the point.

    a.) Regardless if this guy is a douche or not, it shows that fathers are second class in this world. Think about it.

    b.) He still get’s the gravy train…anything Kate makes going forward, he gets 50%. He is the one with no job, not her, so he’s all set. He just needs some good lawyers to make sure he gets paid. I hope Kate pays through the nose for the rest of her life, just like guys do when the woman decides to leave.

  20. Jade

    Kate Plus 8? Are you serious?

    Focusing on Kate as a parent? Are you really serious??

    Yeah, must be hard when you’ve got that many kids and behind the scenes everyone is taking care of everything for you so your fake reality show looks real.

    And I don’t care if Jon is the model parent; he is still a parent and the only reason people are looking down on him is because he decided to move on with his life after being held back a year in a loveless marriage because his wife wanted to continue exploiting their children on the fake show.

    1) What exactly has Jon done wrong?

    2) What exactly has Kate done right?

  21. I think those are professional kickball shoes.

  22. Aunt Jemima

    I, for one, am excited for the new season of John Minus Nine! The season opener should have him windsurfing, banging skanks, ATVing in national parks, and pounding shots of tequila in Cabo! You know, bachelor stuff. That would be an awesome show!

  23. jay

    those are shoes? i thought he walked out in his funky looking socks! and look at that gut. what a loser.

  24. jay

    i thought he came out wearing socks. i didnt know those are shoes. i wouldnt be surprised if he commits suicide someday. he looks so fucking miserable

  25. ovns

    Those are mens Gucci shoes. Google “mens Gucci shoes” if you don’t believe me.

  26. dood

    he shoulda stayed together with her for at least 2 more years and stash his money somewhere then leave her bitch-ass bitchass when shes not looking. now he got nothin cuz he spends his money on expensive tshirts and ugly argyle socks that look like ugly shoes…or is it the other way around? anyway. he will hang himself one day when he realizes he shuda just stuck around until hes ready to kill the bitch.

  27. Jen-jen-bo-ben

    They reversed the ages of the kids – the sextuplets are 5, the twins are 8.

    Jon got himself kicked off the show because of his antics – partying and sleeping around, bashing Kate and revealing secrets about the show in interviews. He only has himself to blame.

    Divorce looks good on Kate, despite the reverse mullet which I hate. Jon on the other hand looks like he’s been drinking his weight in beer.

    Now he wants to delay the divorce so he can take 50% of Kate’s earning for a further 3 months. This guy is a total deadbeat loser.

  28. Jen-jen-bo-ben

    I know that no one really cares, but they have the ages of the kids bass ackwards – the sextuplets are 5, the twins are 8.

    The only reason Jon wants to delay the divorce is so he can take half of Kate’s earnings for another 90 days. He probably spent most of whatever money he had on trips to the Hamptons with Hailey and Ed Hardy shirts. You don’t need to be married to work on your relationship as co-parents, in fact finalizing the divorce will probably help to further that along because all the stress associates with the divorce proceedings will be gone allowing everyone to focus on the new relatinship going forward.

    By the way, despite the crazy reverse mullet which I hate, divorce looks good on Kate. She’s looking very cute and toned. Jon looks like he’s been drinking his weight in beer.

  29. cc

    In other news, the word ‘douchebag’ is being retired in Jon Gosselin’s honor. A spokeperson for The Oxford Dictionary stated ‘Referring to anyone else as a douchebag would dilute the true meaning of the word. Therefore, we are recommending that the word be retired and be brought out of retirement for the sole purpose of writing it on his headstone.’

  30. sixpack

    Well there you have it, DUMB ASS – the gravy train dropped you. Now you have to get a REAL job, ASSHOLE!!

  31. Io

    why doesn’t TLC just give up on it already. the only people interested in seeing this trainwreck of a family/show are people just like Kate or Jon, which clearly is a very small percentage of the US…it’s only a publicity ploy to try and get people to watch it again. won’t work. they need to let those children be children without cameras in their faces all the time. I guess they don’t get people WERE interested when they were BABIES. but how long can you drag a story out when there isn’t a story beyond ‘i planted a gazillion babies in my uterus now pay me’?

  32. havoc

    Its going to cost him but he’s still better off not having to wake up each day next to the bitch hog.


  33. DA

    14:57, 14:58, 14:59 …

  34. tootandpuddle

    aw poor Jon… dropped from his own show. What a loser! It just goes to show what a little money and 5 minutes o f fame can do to an average person.

  35. Savalas

    So you’re telling me a chubby schmoe blowing a fast-disappearing sum of cash while trying to score with average-at-best women doesn’t resonate with viewers?

    That’s reality television, baby.

  36. Rhialto

    I’m a bit surprised but there’s some logic.Divorced parents don’t usually run a reality show together.

  37. it's me

    Looking at this asshole, makes me want to be a lesbian!!!!

  38. chloe

    This guy IS deadbeat loser. Where was his desire for better communication before he got axed? He should get a job & help support his kids.

  39. Jon is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Kate is one hell on wheels bitch! A man can only take so much! How could they possibly stay together? He is willing to spend time with his kids. Let him, Kate! Kate is the money grabbing, “LET’S BE CHRISTIAN IF IT GETS US SOME BUCKS” role- model Mom.

  40. gosyco

    Along with #14

    “Jon Plus Two 4s”

  41. boo

    #6 and 7 nailed it. Those kids are being sacrificed on the alter of their parents egos and greed. I hope somebody is putting money away for the future therapist bills.

  42. Clamhammer


  43. HowLong?

    How long before his river of free pussy dries up? I wonder if Vegas will take odds on a bet like that.

  44. The Rough report

    Yes please someone get this rhesus out of my E-life…

  45. My bad. I think those are _Gucci_ professional kickball shoes.

  46. blah blah

    interesting that even when a guy has proven himself a horrible family man or man in general by screwing everything in site which he gets publicity from, and spending thousands upon thousands of college money for his kids on these trashy girls that people are still saying Kate is to blame for his actions. Grow up people even if Kate’s a big bitch that doesn’t excuse Jon’s philandering fat ass ways. The guy showed his true colors, who would want a dad that says oh your mother is to blame for me getting gonorrhea and why I need to crash on your couch for a couple of days.

  47. blah blah

    oops *Kate is*

  48. I hate him

    This guy is such a douche that now that he is going to be penniless, I’m sure he’ll try to sue Kate for spousal support.

  49. Wow, a fat half-breed-gook who smokes. What a fucking catch.

    Ladies, get in line.

  50. j

    Jon minus crazzy bitch and eventual murder suicide

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