Jon Gosselin bags another one

August 4th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Now that he’s shed Hailey Gangbanger and Kate Starfucker, it’s time for Jon Gosselin to move on to greener pastures. And by greener pastures I mean a 23 year old single mom most likely using him for a modeling gig. Dude knows how to pick ‘em. RadarOnline reports:

Providing more drama off screen than in front of it, Jon spent the night with Stephanie Santoro, 23, a cocktail waitress, single mom and aspiring model whose online resume reveals she’s willing to pose nude!
Jon and Stephanie, who works part-time at Legends, Jon’s favorite night spot in Reading, Pa., spent Saturday night there, with Stephanie sitting at his table most of the time.
They left together at a little before 3 a.m., an eyewitness told (The club closed at 2 a.m. but they stayed inside.) They drove together in Jon’s car back to the family home in Wernersville where Stephanie spent the night in Jon’s apartment over the garage.
Stephanie stuck her head out at approximately 7:15 a.m. Sunday, wearing the same outfit as the night before. Jon called her back in and soon they left in separate cars.

According to Radar, Jon is telling people she’s the new babysitter which is pretty racist for an Asian dude. “Hey, Jon, who’s that Spanish chick you were with last night?” “Oh, uh, that’s the maid. Ha ha. Hey, did you guys know I smoke now? Come take pictures of that so chicks know I party.”

EDIT: Added pics from Stephanie’s ModelMayhem page. Thanks to realmodel in the comments.


  1. Erica

    Dude LOVES plain chicks. It’s like a fetisch.

  2. HomeTown

    She’s a single mom so you know she puts out!!!

  3. Taz

    stop with this guy already

  4. Those dogs smell fish…

  5. realmodel

    fuck, thanks to model mayhem every below average girl is an aspiring model…
    here’s her profile:

  6. stupidass

    hey i love plain chicks, too. nice work jon.

    boner: achieved

  7. msdn

    what a jerk. he’s going to lose his kids.
    which really sucks for them because kate isnt a good parent either!

  8. huh?

    Great all we need is another chick who thinks she’s Kardashian….
    She’s not that sexy…VERY amateur!

  9. DeviousJinx

    Considering what the last 3 skanks looked like, I’d say this one is an UPGRADE! Well done, Jon, shedding the Ed Hardy shirts is working for you!

  10. Venom

    This is the best one so far.

  11. I wish he were my dad instead of Burt Reynolds’ voice.

  12. Crusty

    23 year old single moms..

    That’s the sweet spot..

  13. Audrey: It’s amazing how many beautiful women live in New York, I actually find it kind of intimidating.

    Kramer: Well your as pretty as any of them, you just need a nose job.

  14. no more, please

    so…he has determined that he will not go over the age of 23?

    new show : Jon & Kate + Syphilis

  15. give it up, girl

  16. Grrrr! This guy has issues. How can he be so irresponsible after everything that has already happened? He said it himself: he knows his kids will google his name one day.

  17. me


  18. Annie Loves Anal

    Who told this chick she could model? Barbizon? I had a niece that fell for one of those “modeling” schools. six years later….not one booking.

  19. Ihatetlc

    Ah the legend of Bagger Jon. Now don’t get arrogant Bagger Jon I don’t call you that because you bag so many girls, but because every girl you pick is such a hideous fucking bagger. Have you still not forgiven your penis for knocking up the SHIT out of your wife?

    Really now, is this guy on a quest to bang his twelve fans because this is exactly what I would guess female TLC watchers look like at their very very best. Great job picking out the best fish in the world stinkiest shittiest little pond John. Enjoy it because sadly this is as good as it’s gonna get for you and then your shehag porcupine wife is going to take you for all you’ve got so she can pay for a lifetime of those ass ugly haircuts.

  20. stupidass

    so then, so far he’s dated two 4′s, a 5, and a 6.5 by my standards. this latest bird being the 6.5

  21. EG

    well it’s not like he is a 10. (or 6.5 for that matter)

  22. chris

    i see it now, her only future is a shinning star, a porn star, that is

  23. Well, all I can say is he knows what he’s doing and appears okay with being used for publicity. Not sure what that says about him. Last one was a wanna be reality star, this one is a wanna be model. Both latching on to him trying to get some fame. And he has no problem with that.

    What can I say… Man whore?

  24. jim

    Her facebook page has Jon & Kate Plus 8 as her favorite show…..awww….

  25. nice one inch mules…

  26. nice one inch mules…

  27. ew

    gross, he smokes


  29. nice one inch mules

  30. uglyhos

    he loves ugly women 20-25. this one’s face is a 2.5 and her body is a 6 (tits too small, thick legs, but pretty toned with a flat tummy). so that makes her a 4. kate has to be about a 6 overall. def nicer face, strange hair though, and thicker body, but with much larger breasts (add a point to the body for her recovery from a multiple birth – give credit where it is due, even if it is only b/c she suffered through a tummy tuck).

  31. Harold@Sick

    No one seems to get it… JGoss is a humanitarian! He’s using his power to make Cinderellas out of these pumpkins. He’s like a Roden, sculpting something “beautiful” out of very raw [and unrefined] material. Be praised oh mighty Jon! He should get his own show, “15 Minutes of Fame” with Jon Gosselin, on which he bangs random women and gives them a day or two in the media spotlight. Brilliant!

  32. ghr

    She is 23 but looks 35. The worst of both worlds. I would rather date a 35 year old who looked 23. Because, you get the maturity (none of this whiny, jealousy, needy, insecure crap – believe me any 35 year old who looks 23 is not going to have any insecurities, and she won’t need any one person!). This guy has his priorities all messed up – he likes the little girls cause they aren’t smart enough to cop on to his act yet. Not cause they are hot (look at who he picks!). If he is gonna date women decades younger than him, at least make it worth while and pick hot ones. Get your priorities straight, pal! Maturity is better than stupidity. And looks come before any of that!

  33. meg

    #7 is just an annoyingly bad photograph. It’s not funny, it’s not sexy, it’s not artistic. It’s just dumb. Rant, sorry. *photographer.





  35. TheSillyWizard

    “Buzz’s girlfriend… woof”

  36. ___

    This chick looks like she would have one of those super irritating Long Island, NY accents. Which is, by the way, the worst accent known to man.

  37. Richard McBeef

    Dude must be reading B. Clinton’s manual on nailing marginally attractive women. BC knows whats up though – really smoking hot chicks know the are really smoking hot and they won’t take a load in the mouth, much less up the butt.

  38. all the time

    She looks like the only kind of modeling she could do is as a transexual.
    Man Face!
    Go to school and get a real job.

  39. Barney Rubble

    This broad is delusional; I’m guessing all of the drunk idiots in the bar keep trying to get into her pants by telling her bullshit like “she should be a model”. I guess if you hear something often enough, you may begin to believe it no matter how ridiculous it really is. She’s doable, especially after a few drinks, but a model?!?!?!?!?!? I wonder what other lines she falls for….

  40. HAHAHA

    #31. I lauged so hard my husband came in to read your comment he lol’ed too. Thank you for your unique and hilarious persective.

  41. NO

    He’s like the Leoardo Dicaprio of ugly chicks.

  42. A MODEL? Seriously? That’s it, screw Real Estate, I’M GOING TO BE A MODEL! …I’m ready for my close up! Anyway, so he’s “bagging” all of these chicks: too bad they’re all BROWN BAGGERS. He needs to stop thinking with his little Asian pecker and be a good Dad.

  43. ew bad doggy

    Why would anyone leave a little baby with three dogs? That poor thing, the big dog already has her in it’s grasp. She’s a gonner, someone should have been calling Children’s aid instead of snaping pics. Useless paparazzi.

  44. kat

    I know it’s been said several times already but, seriously “aspiring model”? I’m all for having a healthy self image, but bitch is delusional.

  45. Bethy

    She is kinda fat for a model….she makes me look like LiLo with my weight compaired to her.

  46. So thats how it is in reading PA? if you dont scare small children youre considered a model?

  47. Jamie's Uterus

    Again, put on shoes Jon. We are tired of seeing your nasty feet. Does he even own a pair of shoes?

  48. yourname

    Maybe she can model for walmart…lol oh and @#39 good one

  49. uh

    The reason he goes for plain girls is because he’s ugly as fuck.

  50. bevo

    Kate did the show to line up acting gigs. John did the show to line up fucking gigs.

    Why did the kids the show? Oh, yeah. No one asked them. I guess their rights stop once their heads crown?

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