Jon Gosselin: Children’s clothing designer

July 13th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Details of Jon Gosselin’s meeting in France with Christian Audigier have been revealed. Turns out the reality star dad and his 22-year-old concubine Hailey Glassman will be designing a children’s clothing line that the Gosselin children will model in ads. People reports:

“She’ll have a lot of input with Christian,” Gosselin told PEOPLE of Hailey’s involvement. “And I will, too.” And don’t forget the plus eight — Gosselin tells PEOPLE that his eight kids, who spent the weekend with Kate at the family’s Pennsylvania home, will model his designs in ads for the line. Audigier tells PEOPLE that he approached Gosselin with the idea after noticing that the reality show dad often wore his tattoo-inspired T-shirts on Jon and Kate Plus Eight. “He’s huge,” says the French designer, who may also collaborate with Gosselin on a specialty motorcycle collection. “Everyone knows this family. And everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.”

Okay, I think most of American was hoping for Jon Gosselin to grow a pair, but perhaps publicly flaunting his new girlfriend in France then pimping out his kids to Ed Hardy might’ve been a tad overboard. I was thinking more along the lines of giving Kate crushed ice when she demanded cubes then quietly whispering to himself “I hate my life” while bottling his rage. You know, healthy stuff.

Photos of Jon & Hailey in France


  1. Megan

    I hope the clothes look like his super awesome cool-guy shirt in that pic. Man, he’s so cool.

    Seriously, I hope they all die, they’re all fucked.

  2. Why don’t they both come out with a line of edible rat poision and be the first two to test it out?? They’d make billions.

  3. dk

    The entire situation is fucked up. This new girl is a home wrwcking whore and so is he. I would however fuck the mom in the ass. I would also fuck the new bitch and for that matter Megan and Wendy!

  4. Lisa

    After living through hell with Kate I hope John has all the success in the world. I fully support anything that makes him find a little happiness in his life. If you ever watched the show it was obvious she if a horrible mother and wife.

    I mean look his chickenhead wife was even trying to write a cookbook?!?! She does not cook most of the time and is nowhere qualified to write such a book. This proves how money hungry she is.

    Most people live through hell with us women and never ever enjoy happiness again so glad you broke the curse John, good for you.

    I hope you continue to be successful and enjoy your new life.

  5. meganisaguy

    Hrm. Either you are one beast of a woman or a guy. Pretty sure you are a guy by the way you typed. Must be sad to have to act like a woman. If you are a woman hahaha!

  6. meganisaguy


    Hrm. Either you are one beast of a woman or a guy. Pretty sure you are a guy by the way you typed. Must be sad to have to act like a woman. If you are a woman hahaha!

  7. dk

    Id also fuck Danille and Lisa, well obviously after Lisa’s done sucking Gosselins cock…

  8. Savalas

    Fuck Yeah, pimp the kids out by making them model the clothes you’ve “designed”!

    Maybe the divorce was nothing more than a big argument about who gets to say how the kids will be exploited.

  9. BitchPlease

    I wish he had a personal website so everyone could tell him directly what a world class DOUCHEBAG and fuckup of a father and man he is. And notice the new c@#& in his life. We lose Billy Mays and get stuck with this asshole, how can this be right?

  10. Laura

    I think it’s pretty pathetic how she’s all hanging all over him in the picture. Like, OK WE GET IT, YOU’RE A HOMEWRECKER.

  11. Friday Jones

    This guy is famous for what? Oh, yeah, fucking his wife what, twice? Motherfucker, please.

  12. BitchPlease

    PS- Let’s add FISH to the list of DOUCHES for the slimy ad with Drew Barrymore. Your comments and no space in the “Advertisement” for comments on what a douche you are for that move!

  13. erik


    Wasn’t she artificially inseminated? I’m not sure they had their twins the natural way at all. So he’s famous for never having done the deed.

    I give this whole Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier thing another year or two before people wake up, realize they paid $130 for a HIDEOUS F-$%^&*# IRON-ON T-SHIRT.

  14. #8 – You do realize that #3 used to be known Danny, right? I mean, I’m not judging, but “danielle’s” dick is probably bigger than yours.

  15. Mr. Jones

    In the middle: Dooshdonkey
    To the left: Dooshdonkey Dad
    To the right: Dooshdonkey groupie

    Who is more pathetic? Take your bets.

  16. @15. You would know, wouldn’t ya? Mr. Sirdicksunderdeveloped. Glad ya change the link and stopped lying to yourself.

    p.s. i am 100% female. something your mother will never be. tell Ted i said hi. :)


    I care about this important news about these important, intelligent people. Make sure I’m kept up to date with all that happens with them.

    Also, I would fuck megan too.


    I’ve just read the article and now have this to say:

    Is he going to design clothes for children because he dresses like one? Because he fucking does. Whoever he is, he’s obviously severely mentally disabled. But he does have super cool hair/shirt/faded jeans/smug face/overly tanned man dressed in pink hugging him.

  19. Tanzarian

    Look at how big their sunglasses are… They must me REALLY famous.

  20. #17 – I’ve seen the size of you… more like 1000%… because you’re ten times (the size of) what most women ever will be.

  21. Bitch please. Your eyesight is about as good as that of a blind person. Ya practically compared the size of your dick to the size of mount kilimanjaro. I’m 1000% sure you’re refering to your mother. Bitch’s shadow could cure global warming.

  22. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    Not much has really changed. Dude was a an awkward douche bag now he is a “cool” douche bag.

  23. Puhleeese!!!

    @22……..Seriously….grow up. You are making us “real” women look very bad. 100% women have class, thank you very much. Remember that.

  24. Aunt Jemima

    See what happens when you act like a total bitch to your husband? I want to see a new TV show called John -9. He could go on all sorts of adventures and his tag line could be “GOD I’m glad Kate isn’t here bitching”.

  25. danielle, I’m writing a book on the obese and unprovoked celibacy, and I’m hoping you could provide some first person testimony… what’s that..? OK, fine, I’ll wait until you’re done with that bucket of KFC… what’s THAT? Both fucking buckets..?

  26. yeah, the only thing funny about that insipid paragraph of yours was:

    >>”i’m writing a book”<<

    BRAVO, ya std.

  27. what the fuck does that idiot know about fashion? please.

  28. danielle, “insipid” must have been on your “Word of the Day” toilet paper. I bet you heard it give out a sharp shriek when you wiped…

  29. the infamous danielled

    actually it didn’t. it blew me air kisses and thanked me.

    one should only imagine what your ‘word of the day’ glycerin laxatives scream out when (if EVER) you decide to get all intellectual.

    i bet that box is just collecting dust…

  30. “the infamous danielled”?

    You really are a walking queef, aren’t you?

  31. Whatever, ya walking walking herp sore. Its called a typo.

  32. Mon

    The only thing more pathetic than watching a middle-aged man go through a mid-life crisis that’s apparent to everyone but him is watching a not-even-middle-aged man go through a mid-life crisis that’s apparent to everyone but him.

    The bling? Ed Hardy? (which should never be worn by anyone over the age of 20, let alone a soccer-dad) The early-20something-year-old girlfriend?

    Kate is far from spotless, but I hope she’s at least taking this opportunity to get a good laugh.

  33. DCMikeRotch

    With BOTH parents prostituting the kids like that, I can’t wait until all 8 turn into f***ed up teenagers. Like 8 Lindsay Lohans. A critical mass of mess.

  34. Molly

    Damn, for a second there I thought the big hand on Jon’s left shoulder was HAILEY’s hand! Holy crap, those would have been some scary man-hands.

  35. extracheeseplease

    And the money they make will end up going to Mady, Kara Alexis, Leah and Hannah’s rehab fund. Poor girls

  36. Jaxon

    It will be over Kate’s very dead body before any of those kids are wearing Ed Hardy clothes.

  37. Rich Port Ghost's Mom

    Now Behave young man or I’m going to tell daddy to tie you up in the closet again and put his “hoo ha” in your bleeding rectum.

  38. bexx-a-doodle-doo

    and we still care about these people WHY? Seriously?! WHERE the hell is the goddamn magical meteor to wipe these asshats out? WHERE?!?!?! I am hoping that he takes up experimental airplanes and crashes on an island of dinosaurs.. ANYTHING!!!!!

  39. camel_toe

    i wouldn’t wipe my ass with those clothes.

  40. Rhialto

    He has 8 models to show the products.What’s next? Teach them how to sing and dance?

  41. Darth

    Is he really proud on himself?

  42. Galtacticus

    They’re trying to squeeze out their situation as much as possible!

  43. Nero


  44. jen

    I think John is an asshole- but what goes around comes around !! ( cant wait to see him fall) He is dishonest – which is not a quality he should be showing his children. EVERYONE knows that he is a liar and a cheat. Grow some balls and lose some weight and be a real father to you 8 children. Quit setting a bad example to your childern ( remember this saying “you are only as good as the company you keep”) your GF is a child and NOT someone I would want around my children unless john thinks it is ok to party and do drugs around them !! NICE JOHN

  45. Videos are very clear and good. Your blog is really entertaining.

  46. karen

    If chris came to h im with a idea because of the show,he should know everybody liked jon and kate,not jon and the ugly 22 yr old girlfriend,and why is this little ugly w/them starting a line for kids,she dont have any,.and she doenstl look like she in any stylish fashion..he should just do buisness w/kate and the kids ,beacuse people will be very judgey on this girl having a say in the design because shes ugly and a whore.I woulndt put my sons in there line.

  47. Bitch please. Your vision as good as a blind person that is about. Yes, practically the size of Mount Kilimanjaro in comparison to the size of your dick. I talk to my mother in 1000 make sure you’re’m%. Shadow bitch could cure global warming.

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