Jon Gosselin brings the ladies?

With TLC and Jon Gosselin about to reach a settlement that ends with him letting his kids go back on TV so he doesn’t live in a goddamn shoe, his lawyer is now angling to get him back on TV because – wait for it – Jon Gosselin is a housewife magnet. Not even joking:

“The show is based on female demographics,” he told “You have housewives watching. They want to see what Jon Gosselin is going to do next. They don’t care about Kate that much.
“She is not the ratings draw he is.”

While my initial reaction to this statement was to laugh my fucking ass off, I realized Jon Gosselin’s love life actually does look like a buffet line at Ponderosa. Also, I’m pretty sure 90% of the appeal of that show was to see if he’d finally fly off the handle and murder Kate in front of the kids at Dutch Wonderland. Don’t act like you weren’t waiting for it. “Oh, shit, she told him to stop eating funnel cakes in front of the camera crew. Load the gun, Jon. LOAD IT!

UPDATE: Guess who’s coming back.

Photos: Splash News