Jon and Kate Plus a Shit-Ton of Ratings

May 27th, 2009 // 57 Comments

The season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 earned so many ratings Monday night, TLC is pulling the plug on a reality show featuring Jennifer Lopez because, no joke, she won’t exploit her children like the Gosselins. TMZ reports:

It was just a year ago that TMZ broke the story that J.Lo and TLC were trying to come to terms on a reality show but J.Lo was adamant that she would not put her kids on TV — she wanted to focus on … yawn … behind the scenes on creating a new J.Lo fragrance. TLC, we’re told, wanted to show the kiddies.
Fast forward to Monday night — Jon & Kate scored an astonishing 9.8 million viewers. TLC sources tell us it’s pretty clear the J.Lo ain’t gonna sell tickets anymore, so they have shelved the show. As one TLC source put it, “It was on life support for awhile, and now we’ve just lost interest.”

Who knew pretending to get a divorce and making your eight children think daddy is leaving could earn enough TV gold to tell J-Lo to fuck herself? I guess this cloud really does have a silver lining. No, wait, Kate just melted it down and bought some more heels. False alarm!

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  1. Photoshop Police

    who the hell is watching this?

    why does anyone care?

  2. Expert on Everything

    I love us Americans. Always ready to laugh at those who have it worse than us. I love how their family asked us to boycott the show and look what happened. Suck it in-laws!

  3. slugo

    -who but trailer trash give a crap about this pig and her litter

  4. Haus fraus aplenty! ill stick with survivor, hope theyre still doing well!

  5. minoux

    who cares about this?
    much more importantly in today’s news: mike tyson’s daughter passed away

  6. Frank

    I really dislike Kate. I hope the season ends with her in a fatal car accident.

  7. andy7171

    Kate is a MILF!

  8. It's Me Fuckers

    “Who knew pretending to get a divorce and making your eight children think daddy is leaving could earn enough TV gold to tell J-Lo to fuck herself?”

    Oh my Jesus I fuckin laughed at this!!! Can you imagine the diva fit J-Lo threw over this?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  9. Classy

    Frank! Please don’t speak such into the universe. I lost my mother nearly a year ago, and I have been devastated, I can only imangine how those babies, and they are still babies would. Say what you want about their marriage,and her being, but she loves those children. Just ugh to you FRANK-ENSTIEN!

  10. jimbo

    I’m with Frank, I hope Kate flies through the window and onto the hood……………………..fade away as she tugs one last time on her earlobe and that sheepdog do flaps in the wind and turns red … XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  11. The Bong Show

    Someone tell Jon to stop dressing like he is seventeen years old.

  12. J-Mad

    What’s with that rat’s nest on the back of her head?

  13. JJ Daddy-O


  14. pirhan

    I’d like to thank the 9.8 million viewers for personally keeping this train wreck going. I can’t believe anyone bought this whole load of crap even more so that this load of crap would be available only on the season premiere of the show. Perhaps Sherlock should come out and spell it out for 9.8 million dummies.

  15. Jeezy

    “Reality” tv is unbelievably popular… Live your own lives, people. Go outside. Get a hobby. Spend time with your own kids instead of watching scripted “reality” bullshit.

  16. The only people who watch this show are fucking boring.

  17. Deva

    Wow, proving how stupid and gullible Americans can be. She is obviously exploiting the kids for her own financial gain and anyone who watches this show is condoning this behavior. This show is such a ruse. People should concentrate on their own lives instead of others.

  18. Aunt Jemima

    I’m predicting that next season John will get a spin off called John – 9 where he goes around banging a bunch of teenage hotties and traveling around the world.

  19. Alex

    I’m all for exploiting children, whether it be a horrible reality show, cheap labor, or a sex cruise in the Philippines, but what I don’t get is why people get all up in arms over this twat showing her kids on tv for money, but when any other stage mom pushes her kid into filming any of the dozens of scripted tv show and burns through their money everyone just says “Awwww, isn’t that precocious little scamp just adorable.”

    then 10 years later, BAM, Gary Coleman all over again

  20. Frank

    Classy, if your mom was half as awful as Kate you would be high fiving people and buying rounds at the local bar when your mom died. Kate is the lowest form of filth on the earth, a woman who will hurt her own children for her own selfish gains. The best thing that can happen to these kids is to stop being exploited and manipulated by their harpy hag of a mother, something that will only happen if she is torn in two by ravenous wolves, crushed by a falling piano, or some equally gory and satisfying death.

  21. meee

    why is jon wearing an IU tshirt?

  22. Joy

    Kate is so full of herself. She said on t.v. Monday that traveling was her job. Jon quit his job so she could go traveling around the world while he took care of the kids. If she wants to work she needs to go back to nursing and let Jon get a job and live like everyday people do. She is such a control freak, I don’t know how Jon stood the embarrassment so long. She yells all the time. If she says jump he is supposed to ask how high. What Kate want Kate gets. And that is BS if she does this for her kids as she stated. Why does she have to have a body guard? Lots of women write books and I don’t see any body guards around them, what makes her so special. No wonder her family does not want anything to do with her, cause she is a real witch. Admit it Kate it you want all the glory and cannot take critizen. You always have to be right and Jon is always wrong. You even correct him on the show about his grammar, how rude of you, like you are miss perfect. Get a life and put your marriage back on track so your kids can have a dad and mom living in the same house.

  23. chupacabra

    @22. Joy

    “critizen”??? you mean, criticism? Wow, ebonics is alive and well people.

    Also, you shifted from speaking about her, then directly directly to her, which is just funny.

  24. rebcca

    Ya I agree with #22

    Why the hell is kate travelling around and jon has to stay home with the kids?
    No wonder he freaking cheated on her and started going to bars

    He has to stay home all the time by himself with all the kids he never gets to do what he wants to do, while she gets all the free time in the world
    I cant believe hes trying to let that bitch act like hes the problem.
    He looks like a normal guy, he talks like a normal guy.

    Shes the one prancing around in highend fashion and from watching the show, she also seems to be putting on a show to make more money.
    EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is blaming it on jon.
    and her acting skills suck, shes not doing a good job of it and its obvious.

  25. rebcca

    Ya I agree with #22

    Why the hell is kate travelling around and jon has to stay home with the kids?
    No wonder he freaking cheated on her and started going to bars

    He has to stay home all the time by himself with all the kids he never gets to do what he wants to do, while she gets all the free time in the world
    I cant believe hes trying to let that bitch act like hes the problem.
    He looks like a normal guy, he talks like a normal guy.

    Shes the one prancing around in highend fashion and from watching the show, she also seems to be putting on a show to make more money.
    EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is blaming it on jon.
    and her acting skills suck, shes not doing a good job of it and its obvious.

  26. they will be together next week?
    ………..DON’T COUNT ON IT, folks!!

  27. Those Poor Kids

    I think Kate is a crazed b*tch.

  28. Fed Up

    Ok, I’m getting more than a little sick of the comments about how “stupid and gullible Americans are” every time a small fraction of the American populace proves they can be. 9.8 million viewers, hmmm…that’s about the population of New York City and Philadelphia put together, which is I don’t even know what small fraction of the entire American population, which, BY THE WAY, is comprised of citizens from all over the world! So many of those 9.8 million viewers to feed into the Gosselin cash cow are very likely to have originated from Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, Sri Lanka, or even, heaven forbid, France!! The only time I’ve ever watched the ridiculous Jon/Kate drama was when I fell asleep watching TLC and awoke to that screeching witch, Kate, and decided it wasn’t the show for me. Reason being: I didn’t like it, and I decided that all by my gullible, American self.

  29. Lyric

    Jon found a new mate, he’s coming home late, his wife he does hate, what will be his fate, and how will their show rate?

  30. Jade

    My theory:

    This scripted non-reality show has been hiding marriage problems. So the producers/writers had Jon and Kate orchestrate this entire thing for show publicity. People who never watched are now watching.

    It is just more fake reality tv. It is a publicity stunt. And it worked.

  31. justifiable

    She’s an ego-driven control freak. He’s an immature tool who never grew up and doesn’t want to work. The kids suffer with either one of them at the wheel of the bus. I just want them ALL to fade away into richly deserved obscurity.

  32. dee

    Please..PLEASE make this go away!!!

  33. Jon and Kate are screwed financially without this show and publicity to ensure more viewers. How the hell can a computer worker (or whatever Jon’s former job was) earn enough money to support 8 kids! They don’t have a choice. Especially now that they live in a mansion.

  34. notfunny

    you people are messed up, following this bs , I come on here to see hotties and you show notties

  35. Double Standard Debbie

    #22 and #24, you’re forgetting that KATE quit HER job when those babies were born so JON could continue with HIS job. SHE was stuck there while HE had all the free time in the world. Would it have been OK if she had cheated on him because she was ‘stuck’ at home? Last time I checked, it’s 2009.

  36. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    My question is: why is that dumb bitch kate always wearing that coon-skin cap on her god damned head? I would have no problem whatsoever if she just croaked.

  37. CJ

    I work in an established club in downtown D.C. It’s a gentleman’s/sex club if you will, one of many all on the DL . There are alot of powerful wealthy men who spend big cash at this establishment to get what they want. There are those who want to be dominated or humiliated with or without sex. Getting to the point: They have edited the John & Kate show down to her berating and humiliating him. There are at least 40-50 clips that they play in a loop at one end of the bar to get these guys in the mood before their session. If Kate ever decides to, or has to, there is a real future in the industry for her . She does not have to touch anyone, just be her nasty self. She could make in the mid-6 figures and she already has what looks like a big following.

  38. poo

    jon is smokin’ hot…………i mean it!

  39. Dottie

    I wonder if Kate & Jon have put a large percentage of their earnings into trust funds for the children? If these two are really doing it “for the children” then they better have eight large college funds as well. If not for Kate’s unusal birthing circumstance, there would be no show. However, I imagine like most pimps, Kate & Jon keep most of the dough for themselves. They are raking in the cash and getting free stuff like plastic surgery and hair plugs. This exploitation of one’s own children is disgusting. TLC is really keen on getting fertility families, little people and the mobidly obese to sell their souls for reality TV. “The Learning Channel” should change their name to “The Freak Show.” People watch it or else this bs wouldn’t exist. What does that say about American television audience?

    The twin girls will be nine years old this year. That means only eleven more years until they are working the pole and writing their own tell-all books.

  40. How about, instead of a show ABOUT kids, a show to SCARE kids? How about, “Marc Anthony: Forehead of Terror”?

    Pic 4: “Jon, I’m just one man. I’ll need a seperate team to cover your gut.”

    Hmm…one of the only episodes I saw, Jon was picking out Kates new wardrobe because she can’t dress herself. A few minutes of those kids brings pure TERROR at the thought of becoming a parent.

    @39 I wonder if they’ll be a bunch of Dana Plato and Todd Bridges types.

  41. Galtacticus

    We could have expected this.Bad or good publicity,it’s publicity.Folks love drama.

  42. Rhialto

    Folks love raw drama.Not refined things like how a parfum get created and then run to the store to buy it.Times are changing.

  43. Gando

    Bad publicity is actually a fair move.It’s an ugly monster what jumps on you to eat you.But it also measures your strenght.Folks don’t like mentally weak people as a celebrity.

  44. C

    @ 37 laughing my fu*king arse off.

    She needs a haircut so badly, its crazy.

  45. rutgersjaffo

    Dear Superficial Assclowns,
    I used to enjoy you folks. I really did. Over the last 3 years, I have had a few pretty good chuckles here. But now your hypocrisy and jealousy have just become too much. You folks hate on this woman and this man and hate on this show and hate on those who watch it and so on and so on and yet…you have no idea why. What a bunch of fucking pathetic sheep you all are. Look at you all bleating and babbling, racing to say that you watched the show and Kate is a bitch or John is an idiot. How pathetic. You are exactly like those celebrities you mock only WAY less successful. Yes, I watch the show. My GF likes it and so I have watched it with her for the past 3 seasons. The GF watches it because she enjoys watching the kids grow up. I guess in the minds of some, there is something wrong with that, right? Just the same way there is something wrong with John and Kate getting the maximum benefit out of their situation by having the show to begin with, right? I mean I am sure some of you who get on here and get all high and mighty about reality tv or us dumb old Americans and our lousy taste would also go on for hours about how great and thought provoking either Dr. Who or the original British The Office or fucking Star Trek or whatever the hell else you personally like is too, huh? And you all hate on Kate even though you don’t even know thw woman. She’s a ‘bitch’ eh? How about YOU try and raise all those fucking kids, dipshit, and try not to be demanding and structured. Gee, how would you manage to do that what with sitting your fat worthless ass in front of the internet all day to post snarky remarks about people who have it better than you, right? This site was supposed to make fun of vapid celebrities, not ordinary people who are trying hard to exist in a very strenuous situation. The fact that you all spew such venom at these people has finally shown me how truly petty and pathetic most of you really are. I regret ever wasting one second of my life on this site or any of you people. I feel like an idiot for having become involved in any way at all with you losers. Have a nice life. Keep mocking everything but your own life and your own decisions and your own taste, but know that deep down you are nothing but jealous and petty and small and pathetic.

    Good bye, Superficial…and go fuck yourself.

  46. An old friend of Jon’s (not Kate’s) speaks up (very interesting)! :

  47. Dr. Mark Francis

    Can’t stand the show . Won’t watch it. Won’t let my wife and children watch it . I’ll leave that chore to the 9.8 M uneducated American white trash.

    She ‘s a super mega-bitch and he’s just out to get some new trim .

    Off to the country club for a round of 18.

  48. Kathryn Rand Esq.

    Life is just too full of nasty people to sit in front of the tube and watch this low class family self destruct. She is just a completely worthless woman, & she is heading for a nervous breakdown, along with some of her fans. Instead of watching realty TV I have enrolled in fencing lessons, gotten tickets to the opera,and taken up ballroom dancing with my husband. Let the common people watch this show.

  49. Lauren

    As a tenured educator in the home economics field I have to strongly advise my pupils not to watch this lowly display of false family life. I’ve tried to steer my students towards watching something educational that will expand their horizons, not a modern” Beverly Hillbillies’ story , if you will. This wife, woman whatever, Kate, is an abusive vile human being, the kind you find down in the skid row section of every town. I hesitate to call her the “B” word for manners sake, but that is what she is an F’ing Bitch. …..sorry for my french

  50. Michael Jackson

    teee-hee……….pass the Kleenex Germaine

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