Jon and Kate Plus a Shit-Ton of Ratings

The season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 earned so many ratings Monday night, TLC is pulling the plug on a reality show featuring Jennifer Lopez because, no joke, she won’t exploit her children like the Gosselins. TMZ reports:

It was just a year ago that TMZ broke the story that J.Lo and TLC were trying to come to terms on a reality show but J.Lo was adamant that she would not put her kids on TV — she wanted to focus on … yawn … behind the scenes on creating a new J.Lo fragrance. TLC, we’re told, wanted to show the kiddies.
Fast forward to Monday night — Jon & Kate scored an astonishing 9.8 million viewers. TLC sources tell us it’s pretty clear the J.Lo ain’t gonna sell tickets anymore, so they have shelved the show. As one TLC source put it, “It was on life support for awhile, and now we’ve just lost interest.”

Who knew pretending to get a divorce and making your eight children think daddy is leaving could earn enough TV gold to tell J-Lo to fuck herself? I guess this cloud really does have a silver lining. No, wait, Kate just melted it down and bought some more heels. False alarm!

Photos: Splash News