Jon and Kate Gosselin file for divorce

June 22nd, 2009 // 56 Comments

Apparently Jon and Kate Gosselin couldn’t even wait for tonight’s episode to air and filed divorce papers this afternoon, according to People:

Documents to initiate a legal split were filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, Penn., Monday afternoon.
Fans who have watched the couple’s popular TLC show – or read the voluminous coverage of the Gosselin marriage in the press – will hardly be surprised: The duo had long maintained a tense relationship, with Jon recently telling PEOPLE he wanted a less high-profile life, while Kate appeared to remain committed to their TV career.

Somebody at TLC just shit a kitten over this. Then pitched it as a reality show because they have no soul. “Coming this Fall: Anus Cat. Only on TLC. We’ll fucking film anything.”

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  1. haha


  2. haha


  3. lollilollipop

    we already new this was in the makings… duuuhhh!

  4. lollilollipop

    we already knew this was in the makings… duuuhhh!


    About time… They’re nobodies anyway… What about the 8 kids? Selfish twatbags… I’m sick of hearing about their stupid asses… Good bye

  6. Child of divorce

    Well way to go! Two selfish pricks just simultaniously f#cked up 8 kids lives.
    You heartless, stoneless bitches should bite the bullet, stick it out (you started it, they didn’t) and do something for those kids besides exploit them for all they’re worth. The two of you would do them more good by dying in a car crash or a hotel room in Bangkok. I’m sure so many will be understanding, but, I weep for the kids and the adults they could have been. Shameful, selfish scum!

  7. Impressed by U

    @1 who gives a shit. Morons

  8. Child of divorce's dad

    There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. You’re the reason your mother and I got divorced. It’s your fault. We were happy together before you were born, but you ruined our marriage.

  9. Drestylz

    The ultimate douche family.

    John + Kate = an open time slot on A&E.

  10. ph7

    The divorce judge should have them alternate in picking which kids each parent wants to keep, in alternating fashion.

    Now that would be a good episode. The pretty ones get picked first, the whichever parent goes last gets the ugliest one.

    Vegas could lay odds, college students can make drinking cames around the picks. TLC can film the kids getting prepared for the selection, trying there hardest not to get picked last.

  11. Parker

    Call me Kate. Leave the kids with the ex. All anal, all the time baby. After I blow a load on your ass you can make me a sandwich then we’ll go spend some of your money.

  12. haha

    #8 – fuck you, jealous ass.

  13. Kelly

    Next episode!: kate finds out that no man on the planet earth is interested in dating a divorced woman with EIGHT KIDS!

  14. LeanneMarie

    I’m sure ABC is all over this! Jon on the new season of The Bachelor!

  15. ash

    quick! someone call the giveashit police

  16. LEB

    They filed this morning before the show even aired?? Damnit, talk about a spoiler.

  17. Anonymous


    That was vile…..and funny as hell.

  18. hmmmm

    well, look at that picture. Jon in a polo, some jeans, and some tennis shoes. Kate with her hair and makeup all done, jewelry all sparkly, in a little dress (you can’t see the gold heels, but they are there my friend). She is like “bitches I’m on TV, I’m in magazines…” He’s like “god my wife is a bitch. I need a beer.” I feel for him.

  19. timbo

    Kate is going to remain committed to their TV career? Neither has any talent except being able to have a litter of kids and blow boat loads of money.

    I’m sure she is already fielding calls for “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” or some other show featuring d-list celebs.

  20. Guy Rossi

    She’s kinda of a bitch. I think she just needs to be banged really really hard. I’ll do it.

  21. justifiable

    #19 No kidding. The anti-gay marriage crowd doesn’t need to fret about animals being next -Jon’s already married to a bitch AND a racehorse. Talk about your dog and pony show.

  22. Joe

    @19 – Your comment sums it up perfectly.

    Kate = fame whore, using her kid$ to feed her “makeover” from fugly to TV star.

    Jon = Guy who thought “well, this family will need financial support, and as a responsible guy, I need to make the best choice given the situation. This will provide some financial support for the kids, and it will only last a year or two. Then we will go back to “normal”.

    (Fast forward, a few years, and his wife is fucking the body guard, berates him constantly, and he sees the effect on the kids, but can’t put her in her place (he’s in a catch-22).

    Sadly, if Jon had a couple kids and a wife without borderline personality disorder (which a LOT of women suffer from), he would be just going along fine, productive member of society, happy family, blah blah. 8 kids (all young) is insane to handle, and then you throw a reality show in top of it.

    Hesusforqingchristo, there’s no way.

  23. Joe

    @22 – LOL

    @21 – No amount of fucking will straighten her out, because she’s fucked in the head. Those women can’t be fixed by a regular, good, solid orgasms, because the problem is (and always was) mental.

  24. sign me up for that show about the cat.

    does this dude just perpetually have sunglasses tan, or is something really up with his face? cant stand lookin at it no more

  25. Val

    I watched the E hollywood special on them a couple of nights ago (don’t judge me, monkey) and they talked to her previous boyfriends who all said she was controlling and had a jealous streak a mile wide. They also said that if she wanted something, you’d better get out of her way. Because if you tried to stop her, she would cut you. With fire.

  26. Sarah

    am i the only one in america who thinks kate’s hair is fucking atrocious?

  27. dude_on

    Yes, she appears evil. Who in their right mind is going to hit that?

    I hope they have a reality show that features the plot of her picking up the phone to call some dude who mounted, and she tells him he bunned her oven.

  28. randombeing

    Wow, #7 sure is messed up. You’d expect a “child of divorce” to understand that “staying together for the kids’ sake” is just about the dumbest goddamned thing two people can do. Or would you prefer to have grown up the child of a loveless marriage? Hooray: THREE ruined lives!

  29. GoldLyon86

    This is so STUPID!!! who cares?!!!!!!! The marriage ended just like all other marriages, in DIVORCE!!!!!

  30. mikeock01

    Who gives a fuck? Next!

  31. katerh8tr

    Poor Jon…
    I think #23 is spot-on. Any man who continues to let a woman berate him like that is heading for a breakdown. He’s rebelling, she knows it and can do nothing about it (which I’m sure is driving her mad!). She’s lost control of him and can’t stand it. I’m sure she’ll spin it to fit her agenda.

  32. Savalas

    So when does Joey Buttafuocco make an appearance?

  33. Spin offs:

    1. Kate + 8

    2. Jon + new 22 yr old/week

  34. Pilatunes

    >>>About time… They’re nobodies anyway… What about the 8 kids? Selfish twatbags… I’m sick of hearing about their stupid asses… Good bye<<<

    I don’t think it would be possible for me to agree more. First, why the fuck have 6 more kids in addition to the twins you already have? Then what makes you think that pimping them out for a tv show is going to be somehow beneficial? Oh wait, you are just two more reality show whores pimping out your family!

    By the way, who watches fuckin’ TLC so that THIS is their highest rated show?

    Two fucking douchebags.

  35. mandeer

    Another hogan family on the loose……. damn media and its drama

  36. Truth Doctor

    Come on you two. This is nothing a large rake up her cunt won’t solve.

  37. Kate's a bitch

    Finally Jon learns the lesson that many white men (including his own father) has learned. Never marry a white American woman. They are selfish controlling bitches who think that they’re entitled to everything and who screw around at every chance they get.

    To Kate’s credit, at least she’s taken care of herself, minus the hair and the tummy tuck. Most white American women balloon up to the size of elephants after marriage.

    If you want easy sex, go for white American women. For marriage, go for anything but them.

  38. NOT about the kids

    If it was about the kids, they should have stopped the show back when they started having issues. 7-8 months ago? But noooooo, instead they continued to ride the gravy train that is their brood. Hope TLC is paying for their shrink visits and the rehab programs that are in their future.

  39. Splooge

    “No amount of fucking will straighten her out, because she’s fucked in the head”.
    You may be right or you may be wrong. I would like to fuck her three times a day for the next month. If she hasn’t changed, then I’ll concede that you’re correct.

    so please end thisone, folks!!

  41. Sakiko Theobald

    Be patient for there will be happier days just around the corner!

    For your new episodes….I suggest you to have a Nanny and a Tutor to help you raise your children. as well as a segment for Jon with the children.

    Is there anything I could do to help you? Please, contact me.

  42. Sakiko Theobald

    Be patient for there will be happier days just around the corner!

    For your new episodes….I suggest you to have a Nanny and a Tutor to help you raise your children. as well as a segment for Jon with the children.

    Is there anything I could do to help you? Please, contact me.

  43. Sliver

    To the person who hates Kate’s hair. -I am the second person in the world who hates her hair… It wreaks. Nice to meet you, btw.

  44. Elle Diabla

    Amen @ #19………………………………………………….

  45. Andie

    I watched. I was so afraid they were going to tell the kids on national television. When they went to the ‘fancy’ restaurant toward the end of the show, I really thought they might be planning to tell the kids they were splitting at dinner. That would be some ratings. It would also be the sickest thing they could have done. This does make me sad. Divorce is hard for everybody involved, TV show or not. It will be interesting to see what television opportunities come out of it, though. … Kate’s hair? I had that haircut in 1997.

  46. An Old Friend Of Jon’s (Not Kate’s) Speaks Up (Interesting):

  47. she may be a bitch, but he just seems like the biggest dickhead.

  48. suzeee

    She can be a bitch but Jon is just an idiot. Like you want to put play houses back in the woods away from the house where you can’t see them? Jon is like another kid..he can’t even string a sentence together. He belongs with a 23 year old because that what he acts like.

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