Jon Stewart Is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Yesterday afternoon/early evening word got out that Jon Stewart shocked Tuesday’s The Daily Show audience by announcing he was leaving the show which came barely two months after Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report and will essentially end one of the most brilliant satiric eras in television history. I’m at a loss for words here because Jon Stewart is one of my heroes. I’m not going to try and make that sound cool or quippy because that’s the brass tacks of it. I can’t wait to see what he does next, and I like to believe he’s built a strong enough foundation that the next John Oliver, Stephen Colbert or Larry Wilmore can take his seat and knock our clits and dicks off. That said, here are a few parting thoughts on Stewart’s tenure that I’m going to shotgun at you because I love to hear myself talk/type:

1. To write the past 15 years of The Daily Show off as just a “liberal” comedy show is to completely miss the true genius of Stewart’s tenure: Exposing the media for the bullshit carnival show that it is. Because “the liberal media” is a myth. There is no liberal media. There’s a for-profit media which exists solely to sand the edges off of the truth making it more easily swallowed by the most amount of people, so parent companies can rake in the advertising revenue. And when the media isn’t trying to create a false balance, or perpetually fill its 24 hour news cycle with something, anything, it pits both sides against each other like a goddamn game show. Which Jon Stewart wasn’t having in 2005 when he was invited onto Crossfire and called out Tucker Carlson and his stupid fucking bowtie to his face:

And if it seems like Jon Stewart spent a disproportionate time calling out the bullshit from the right, that’s because there’s a disproportionate amount of bullshit coming from the right. It’s a political worldview that houses Sarah Palin, creationism, homophobia, global warming deniers, and fetishizes guns in the aftermath of school shootings. These people live in an alternate reality which is why Stewart was at his best calling them out with the exact words and actions that just came out of their faces:

2. Craig Kilborn will never be anything more than a footnote in Jon Stewart’s career. His time on The Daily Show was barely a blip and anyone who tries to play hipster/contrarian and say the show was better with him on it is a bullshit person. You will never hear a more wrong argument in your life than Craig Kilborn was a better host than Jon Stewart. The man is a textbook prick, and that’s why you never see him anymore.

3. Chez Pazienza has probably come the closest than anyone I’ve read about what finally broke Stewart: Watching Brian Williams get punished for lying about being in a helicopter in Iraq (which he should’ve been) while the rest of media walks away scot-free for cheerleading a bullshit war that left thousands dead and broken in its wake:

And that’s the end of my scattered thoughts that show why I write a dick joke and titty blog instead of hosting an award-winning satirical news show that does better reporting than the actual news. So here’s Stewart’s goodbye from last night’s episode, and fuck Bill Cosby, this is actual history. This is a goddamn legacy:

Photo: Comedy Central


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