Jon Stewart DGAF And It’s Awesome

Now that Jon Stewart’s leaving The Daily Show, he can go straight into DGAF-mode which is exactly what he did last night when he stopped pretending to be impartial and tore apart America’s right wing by calling them out as anti-education, ideological purists who constantly have their alternate version of reality catered to as if that will stop them from trying to turn this country into a theocratic Walmart for the rich. It’s practically breathtaking in its candor, so here’s that if you’re not about to fill the comments with your clever observation that Jon Stewart’s real last name is Leibowitz. (Get it? Like a Jew!) And if you’re concerned that this post got in the way of celebrity tits, here are two spectacular pairs of them and one where you can even see the nipple. All this time, I thought they were myths!

Photo: Comedy Central