And Now Jon Stewart Going Off On Ferguson

August 27th, 2014 // 79 Comments
Jon Stewart Ferguson

The Daily Show has been on summer hiatus for the past few weeks, but it’s back and last night Jon Stewart got to work tearing apart the media coverage of Ferguson which I’m posting for three reasons: 1. It’s awesome. 2. Apparently the police in Ferguson are letting dogs piss on Michael Brown‘s memorial whenever they’re not straight running over it with their cars, so you know, fuck that. And 3. I’m killing time waiting for Lara Bingle topless pics because as the late Benjamin Franklin once said to Captain America during the Vietnam War: “If there is one thing, above all else, that elevates our discourse and fortifies our righteous rancor, it is the naked titty. For from its nip flows knowledge, truth, and the ability to forge mens souls into committing any deed. Literally any one at all.” (Full Disclosure: I may have mixed up some of the dates and key players, but you get the gist.)

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  1. To say that liberals have a strange, unhealthy obsession with Fox News is an understatement. I am talking about borderline derangement. Only Jon Stewart could somehow turn a serious issue like Ferguson into a diatribe bashing Fox News. If anyone has actually watched cable news coverage of the unrest in Ferguson, they would know that Fox has actually had the most restrained coverage. CNN is the network that was doing everything it could to stir up unrest (race + violence = ratings). They were the network falsely portraying Micheal Brown as a “gentle giant” who wouldn’t hurt a fly and falsely claiming that Brown was shot in the back. Today CNN got called out for airing alleged audio of the shooting that they couldn’t even confirm was real. Of course MSNBC’s coverage included sending one of its premier “journalists” Al Sharpton to Ferguson to stir up racial animosity and lead protests. Because everyone knows that the role of journalists is not to objectively cover the news but to accuse cops of a racist murder before the facts of the case are even known.

    Unfortunately, bashing any other network besides Fox News doesn’t play well with the low information crowd that makes up Stewart’s audience. It is really scary that a large part of our country actually gets its news from late night comedians on Comedy Central (::cough cough:: Superficial writer ::cough cough:) And we wonder why our country is in the pathetic condition it is.

    • MRF

      Thanks Bill, You have you’re own show to rant on, don’t go ruinin’ our titty site.

    • The best part of that just has to the “low information crowd that makes up Stewart’s audience” crack, because surveys consistently show that Fox News viewers are the least-informed audience, while Daily Show viewers are among the best-informed. But of course, this is what passes for insightful political reasoning on the right these days: “People who disagree with me must be ‘low-information,’ because if they had all the information, they would be on my side of the issue. Ipso facto.”

      • fox news viewers being idiots gets into a chicken and the egg argument.

        although I generally believe almost all television programming makes people more stupid, especially cable fucking news.

      • According to the nonpartisan Politifact, Jon Stewart lied when he said that Fox News has the least informed audience.

      • “So we have three Pew studies that superficially rank Fox viewers low on the well-informed list, but in several of the surveys, Fox isn’t the lowest, and other general-interest media outlets — such as network news shows, network morning shows and even the other cable news networks — often score similarly low…

        “Meanwhile, the other set of knowledge surveys, from, offer mixed support for Stewart. The 2003 survey strikes us as pretty solid, but the 2010 survey has been critiqued for its methodology.

        “The way Stewart phrased the comment, it’s not enough to show a sliver of evidence that Fox News’ audience is ill-informed. The evidence needs to support the view that the data shows they are ‘consistently’ misinformed — a term he used not once but three times. It’s simply not true that ‘every poll’ shows that result. So we rate his claim False.”

        So instead of “consistently,” I should have said “mostly” or “frequently,” adding “pretty much always” when comparing Fox News viewers to Daily Show viewers. Also, the Politifact entry is dated 2011. The survey I linked above is from 2012—in other words, one more survey showing us how poorly informed Fox News viewers are.

      • Mitch

        So Fox news has the least informed viewers, yet one of the other cable new channels featuring Al Sharpton has more informed viewers?

      • And here we have Mitch hurling non sequiturs featuring Al Sharpton into the conversation, because of course he is.

      • Conservative logic: As long as you can finish with a (perceived) dig at liberals, no matter how irrelevant to the argument at hand, you win.

      • Well yeah. When your are the network paying the direct deposit to Al Sharpton while he’s there creating news of course you’re more informed as he’s creating the news as it happens so by watching it you’re the most informed as it airs live.

      • Joe

        TomFrank’s Ghost – did you even read the article you linked to?

        The difference between solely Fox News viewers and Daily Show viewers was 0.38 questions correct. Is that a statistical difference?

        And this was the big takeaway:
        “People who watch no news at all can answer more questions about international current events than people who watch cable news.”

      • First of all, good job on reading only one side of that table; there was a difference of 0.38 for “domestic question” and 0.52 for “international question.” Second, the difference between 1.04 and 1.42 indicates that Daily Show viewers did 37% better—and that’s just on domestic questions; for international questions, it’s 48%. Those are both statistically significant distinctions.

        Meanwhile, the reference to “cable news” in your pullquote really only refers to Fox and MSNBC, as viewers of the Daily Show (as well as CNN) did better on international questions than the “no news at all crowd”—which you would have noticed if you knew how to read the table.

        I know, math comprehension is hard.

      • Visible

        ” surveys consistently show that Fox News viewers are the least-informed audience, while Daily Show viewers are among the best-informed.”

        In fairness, you can find just as many surveys that show Fox viewers are the best informed.

    • Hmm

      Low information? That’s rich coming from the people that think it is wise to give a fully automatic machine gun to a young girl, and a young girl that has never shot a gun in her life, and then to stand right next to the gun when it was being shot.

    • Bri

      If as you say “the facts of the case aren’t known” then why are you saying CNN falsely stated Michael Brown was a gentle giant. It cuts both ways….if Michael Brown could be a crazy thug/criminal then the officer that shot him could also be a racist trigger-happy nut job.

    • Except he bashes the other news stations (CNN, MSNBC) as well, quite regularly.

      Fox has been shown to repeatedly have the least informed viewers of all news stations in the US, so spare me the “low information” tag when talking about a fucking comedy show.

    • Klipper

      To be fair, conservatives in turn have a strange, unhealthy obsession with Obama. It’s as if the guy they had in office before him didn’t damn near sent us into another great depression. Plus, the guy was essentially a fucking war criminal.
      I’m not a huge fan of Obama either but the way the right blames everything on him is hilarious. The funny thing is their extremism is doing nothing but electing the next democratic presidential nominee into office.

  2. I had the misfortune of being at a friends house when the cops kicked in the door. Long story short, we were sorta hiding a friend who had felony drug warrants. So they kicked in the door, came barging in with the dog barking his fool head off. Everybody gets zip tied and then the dog took a big piss in the middle of the living room. Worst part was the dog got piss on the N64 controller. Best part was the male dog squatted like a bitch. It wasn’t even a leg lifter piss. I said something about housebreaking that dog and they tightened my zip ties. Several of the cops had visible erections over the whole deal.

    The point is maybe the cops aren’t having the dog piss on the memorial, maybe their dog just fucking sucks. Cop dogs can fuck off harder than cops themselves. Which is really saying something.

    • Seriously. This. Years ago when I was a patrolman my PD had a dog that was barely under control, and subject to randomly attacking citizens. It was so unsafe half our shift went to see the Chief, and asked that they ‘retire’ the dog before it hurt a citizen. Chief said nope, dog stays on the street, since it cost the department so much money to buy and train.

  3. bob ross

    Stewart is as much a shill/mouthpiece for the Left (though he cleverly hides behind the: Hey, we’re a COMEDY show line) as Oreilly and his band of yahoos are for the Right.

    I miss when the Daily Show was actually funny (with Kilborn), and not just a thinly veiled way to win the masses over to the Left with bad humor.

    (Though in full disclosure, I love Colbert. Even though he is as guilty as Stewart, he really is funny as shit).

    • “I miss when the Daily Show was actually funny (with Kilborn).”

      There’s a reason why Kilborn was only the host for 3 of the 18 years the show has been on the air, and it’s because he’s an unfunny dick that only idiots bring up in the context of a bullshit, pseudo-hipster, revisionist history.

      • Yeah, I stopped reading after “funny (with Kilborn)” because there’s absolutely no point in listening to someone’s argument after that.

      • bob ross

        Jesus christ, way to miss the point completely. I’m not some flag waver for Kilborn (as you are for Stewart), but the point I was making was that the show was better before it became a recruiting ad for the Left.

        But to state facts: “There’s a reason why Kilborn was only the host for 3 of the 18 years the show has been on the air….”

        Yeah, there is. he LEFT the show. DId he fail at other shit? Yeah. Is he a dick? From what I’ve heard, yup. He does seem like a smarmy ass. Would the Daily Show be what it is now with him (or even still on?). No. But the reason the show is so big now is because fuckin koolaid drinkers cant wait to watch it and pat themselves on the back about how informed and awesome they are when they do. Just like the Fox News junkies.

        It doesn’t matter. Rivka actually put what I wanted to say into words far better below.

      • I’m guessing a potato could probably “say into words far better [sic]” than you, based on your posts so far. And the Kilborn thing.

    • Hmm

      Craig Kilborn funny? Ha ha ha ha.
      With that joke you just wrote you just proved that even you are funnier than Kilborn ever was.

  4. Vlad

    I always liked Craig Ferguson. What’s Stewart’s beef with him?

  5. Rivka

    I only watched 2 minutes of the Stewart video, and in what I saw he used humor to make a serious commentary. First he observed that some media figures (such as O’Reilly), express outrage over the way some media outlets have reported this case, instead of expressing outrage over the fact that an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a white cop.

    But why should anyone feel outrage about a police shooting until they know the facts? The fact that Brown was unarmed does not make the shooting unjustified. Nor does the fact that he was 18 and thus a teen and that he was black and the cop white prove anything about whether the shooting was justified. It may have been unjustified and it may have been justified, and anyone who is automatically outraged about this shooting has apparently leapt to the conclusion that the shooting was unjustified.

    Stewart then (around the 2 minute mark) mocks a woman who said that “the mantra about an unarmed black teen being shot by a white cop colors the way we see the case.” Stewart mocked her by saying, “Yes, describing the actual facts of the case might color the way we see it.”

    But surely he realizes that “actual facts” can be conveyed in different ways for different persuasive purposes. It’s factual to say that a white cop shot and killed an unarmed black teen, and hearing that certainly does color how many see the case (just as describing Zimmerman as “white Hispanic” instead of “Hispanic” surely colored how some saw that case). Just so, it’s factual to say that a 6′ 4″ 292 lb. male who was caught on video strong-arm robbing a convenience store was minutes later shot and killed by a police officer and was unarmed when shot, and this will also color how people see the case. The mere fact that someone is “describing actual facts” doesn’t mean they aren’t also spinning facts for persuasive purposes.

    • “I only watched 2 minutes of the Stewart video…”
      You just criticized Stewart for not knowing all the facts after watching only 20% of the video. Isn’t irony ironic?

    • “The fact that Brown was unarmed does not make the shooting unjustified.”
      The beauty about freedom of speech is that it does such a good job in describing the speaker rather than the subject.

    • Thoughtful observation, but one which will not be appreciated by most on TS. Stewart’s protocol with any story is to pick and choose perspectives to fit his worldview, but again his is a reactionary comedy show; not actual news or reporting. Perhaps appropriately, his writers are excellent at pointing out hypocrisy and irony and then stop short of proposing a solution…because they have none. Just laugh and lament the fact that many, many people get their information this way.

  6. right

    Fact is Jon Stewart is UN-funny. His audience has to be retarded or high. Nothing he said warrants laughs or applause. Stewart has no clue of the facts.

    • No clue of the facts…

      The whole point of this rant was to point out that racism in America is a very big, fucking problem, and trying to not make it one of the biggest issues surrounding the whole Ferguson incident, as FOX News tried like all hell to do, is disingenuous to the utmost.

      Now try to argue with those facts… c’mon, stupid… we all know you want to…

      • Wrong. Stewart is making the Ferguson case a race issue when the facts of the case are still unknown. We still do not fully know what happened that night and the case is still being investigated. That police officer could be a cold blooded murdererer or he could have acted in self defense. Unfortunately liberals like Stewart don’t care about waiting for all of the facts. They are more interested in making reckless charges of racism against a cop in an effort to convince everyone else (as well as themselves) about how racially tolerant they are. It also allows them to smear Fox News as racist simply because they disagree with the political bent of the network.

        Sorry liberals but facts do indeed matter.

      • Oh BABY

        Come on, Skippy: You know full damn well that facts and truth mean absolutely nothing to Fish and his liberal-retard circle jerk. Michael Brown was a bully thug. The piece of shit had just got done robbing a store when he assaulted the cop and tried to take his gun. The fat asshole deserved what he got. His age and the fact that he was alleged to be going off to college aren’t relevant; his actions are what prompted his demise.

        Losers like Fish like to make it all about how the poor innocent darkie got shafted by the white cop, but the known facts of the case aren’t pointing that way, which means these libtard dumb shits are going to throw anything they can at the wall to see what sticks. Facts just don’t matter when you have that approach to life.

      • “Losers like Fish…” have people like you compulsively commenting on their blog. Yeap, losers alright.

      • @Skippy3000: YEAH… because racial profiling had absolutely nothing to do with Darren Wilson accosting Michael Brown in the first place… no doubt about it, he would have been just as aggressive toward white kids if they were walking on a deserted street…

        Sure… that would have definitely happened to white teens…

      • So, Skippy, by your reasoning, anyone who is making any conclusions about this case at this point is doing so erroneously. So why aren’t you complaining about FOX? Why is it only ‘liberals’ at fault for jumping to conclusions here? Sorry, Skippy, but consistency does indeed matter.

    • Carl BlaCK

      Ummmm, I don’t think anything he was talking about was supposed to be funny. Not funny at all.

  7. The only thing lamer than these idiots defending their whiteness is Comedy Network’s region locking BS.

  8. Alert!! Alert ! Unfunny angry little Jew ahead!

  9. Greg

    Weird, you’d think Jon Stewart would go off on a President for talking about how he was greatly pained by the loss of James Foley and how he was going to do everything in his power to bring the people to justice, and then proceeding to the Golf course to yuck it up with his buddies while having a good time, but I think Jon’s writers just haven’t gotten to that yet….. ;)

    • There are so many interesting issues to discuss in regards to Ferguson……police brutality vs. justified police shootings, militarized police presence vs. law & order, etc. Instead, Jon Stewart chose to dumb it down for his audience with yet another “Fox News is evil” segment that he does every other show. And of course the lemmings in his audience ate it up.

      I mean seriously, what does Fox News even have to do with what happened in Ferguson? Stewart’s obsession with that network is very strange.

  10. Deacon Jones

    I guess the bigger question is why does every other race/nationality have these awful preconceived notions of black people?

    • Just to stoke the fire, I’m genuinely curious what stereotypes non-white people have about white people. Stuff along the lines of we can’t dance, we’re most likely to be serial killers, we’re uptight, we love Van Halen, etc. etc.

      • … You’re never harass by the police as much as all the other races, except Asians… you’re way more likely to move your money to a offshore account… you all smoke as teen, but, the minute you have kids, you strongly support the war on drugs… you LOVE country music…

      • Edvard Munch

        Those stereotypes are better than drug users, gang members, dangerously violent stereotypes that white people think of black people. I think we should stop all advancement of other groups until the blacks of this country finally get treated like fellow humans. Im white btw.

      • White people love inbred, hillbilly sex, “polka” dancing, playing the banjo; building, operating and maintaining alcohol stills; eating mayonnaise sandwiches, and raping middle class businessmen on camping trips. Yes, all my stereotypes come from the movie Deliverance, not any real world experience.

      • Westside Liberal

        Just made me laugh so much!!
        I’m from So California and some of us “natives” have our own prejudices about inbred whites from Appalachia area states, I can’t stand country music, I hate mayo and to this day cannot understand my Louisiana husband’s obsession with it and anything fried, I don’t understand hunting for the thrill of it versus for food and the fatal shooting of anyone in broad daylight bothers me tremendously.
        That said, I re-watched Deliverance last week with my high school senior son as a way to discourage him attending a university in the south (for sports). I don’t think there’s a way to take an educated teenager whose best friend is half black and has friends of many colors and ethnicities and send him somewhere where things haven’t changed much. That said, my son says the funniest thing at his high school is the area called “Mormon Hill” where all the Mormon kids congregate and have lunch together and eat together. They come in morning caravans after praying together. They don’t associate with anyone else.

  11. Cock Dr

    How can anyone focus on this BS when Brad & Angie just got married?!?

  12. Yet, not a single Kardashian has ever been teargassed or shot on sight… that’s an absence of justice right there.

  13. What is this silver and bronze commenter shit? ive been out of town the past couple weeks

    • Forget that, man… you can edit your comments now if you’re logged in!

    • They’re new but I don’t think they arrived with any explanation. I kinda don’t want any. I’d hate to find out even a rough number for how many posts I’ve had on this site. I’m already depressed enough.

      • It will be worth it if these badges lead to a “Trusted Commenter” status so my comments don’t fall into content-filter limbo because I refer to, say, the name of the original Leagues where Jackie Robinson played, or mention “pasta e f-gioli” soup (see, I had to edit it). And God forbid I put two links in my comment to buttress/source my arguments. That clearly means I’m selling counterfeit Chinese handbags. Shit—I think “counterfeit Chinese handbags” just got this comment flagged.

      • Honestly? I assumed that if schmitler and OH BABY could get their posts in, there must not be any sort of filters on here. I swear to god OH BABY should just end all his posts with “ROLL TIDE!”

    • And apparently no one gets a gold star.

      EDIT: Ho Lee Fuk, an edit function! Thanks, Fish!

  14. JEDBOB

    really? Ben Franklin talking to Captain America?
    Ben Franklin died in ww1.
    that was before Cap.
    Cap fought side by side with Ronald Reagan during VietNam.
    nice try with your libral bs.

  15. Brooks

    The Daily Show has been on hiatus? I hadn’t noticed. Mostly because I don’t fucking watch it.

    Stewart is a talentless shit stain who reads jokes his writers give him and makes stupid Jerry Lewis faces.

  16. 51 years ago, today, Dr. King gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. Reading the comments posted here, I think his dream has yet to be realized.

  17. RexSeven

    The question is, who will cure cancer now that Mr. Brown is dead? I mean, who doubts that he would have. Racists probably do.

  18. Dox



  19. j/k

    With no regards to the details, I saw a disproportionate amount of the town’s 21,000 residents upset by what happened. That was a clear indication that town has had serious problems for a long time.

  20. I love how all the wingnuts pouring their righteous derision on us “libtards” are consistently impervious to the irony that they’re all over this site in the first place.

  21. Bryan

    Fish’s constant fellating of Jon Stewart really illuminates that he’s a living, breathing cliched stereotype.

    • Your comment made me curious. I clicked the “Jon Stewart’ tag up there and only 5 posts came up for the last year and a half. While I personally don’t feel that warrants the use of “constant”, I did enjoy re-reading my personal bitch-slapping of Name(visible) in the Dean Cain thread, so thank you for that. I was kinda on fire that day.

  22. Fitzgerald

    Did you guys even read the Weide article? Like seriously you guys…

  23. Jon stewarts mom

    Stewart is an idiot, he didnt see the 18 yr old hold his hands up. He is taking the buddy’s word. Nice facts. The black community tells the cops that they didn’t see nothing, unless it deals with winning some undeserved money from a lawsuit against the police.
    Then stewart says that cabs in nyc are racist.
    Are any cab drivers white?
    Are only white people apparently racist.
    All bullshit.

  24. Visible

    Isnt Jon Stewart like the Fox News of Comedy Central?

  25. Polar Bear

    Typical jew chameleon, hypocrite, parasite. Outraged by this BS but ok with his country committing genocide over the summer. Lower than shit.

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