Jon Stewart Came Back For Trump’s Executive Orders, It Was Okay

Before we get into this post, for the record, Jon Stewart is a personal hero of mine, which should surprise literally no one who’s read this site for at least five minutes. That said, I was a little disheartened when in the aftermath of Trump winning the election, he started telling people to relax and go easy on Trump voters because they’re not all racists, which is true. There were exceptions. Very, very few exceptions. More understandably, Stewart said some of the 9/11 first responders that he’s been tirelessly advocating for voted for Trump. And, again, I get where he’s coming from with that. I do. But at the same time, those responders watched Republicans straight up lie about the quality of the air after the attacks and repeatedly fucked them over in providing care for years. (Who was very pissed about all of that and actually tried to do something about it? Hillary Clinton!) Jon Stewart also said his working class neighbors voted for Trump, and they’re certainly not racist. Except at the end of the day, they had no problem voting for a very clearly racist candidate. And while the 9/11 responders are absolutely heroes, does that cancel out the fact that they lacked the insight to not vote for the closest thing to Hitler this country has ever seen? That’s a tough one.

At any rate, here’s Jon Stewart making a surprise appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night where he proceeded to mock Trump’s slew of executive orders. Which is rich because those orders are exactly the thing everyone wasn’t “relaxing” about the moment he was elected. Donald Trump is acting just like everyone – including himself – said he was going to act, and he’s only being curbed by a swell of political protest that this country hasn’t seen in ages. And while it’s great that Jon Stewart acknowledges this newly fired up citizenry, these are the people who did not “give Trump a chance” and stayed alert despite being told, “Eh, it’s going to be fine because my Trump-voting neighbor Joey the taxidermist is super nice to blacks!”

So maybe it’s time to realize that, fine, the heartland can be good, salt of the earth people. But they’ll still absolutely vote us into a dystopian nightmare where a bumbling cabal of white supremacists runs the White House. As for what we do about that? I have no idea, and my solutions aren’t pretty. (Bear traps covered in buffalo wings.)

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Photo: CBS/YouTube