Jon Stewart Came Back To Rip The GOP Another Orange Asshole

Last night, Jon Stewart took over The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to give it one of those viral hits the kids like go to fucking town on Donald Trump’s Hitler-esque rise to become the Republican presidential candidate, and all the mental gymnastics it took to put his tangerine demagogue ass there. And while Stewart was at the top of his game, hoisting hypocrites with their own shitty petards, the sad reality is the people who need to hear this aren’t interested in reality or facts. They want Daddy to tell them he’ll deal with all these uppity blacks asking not to be shot, build a wall to keep the Mexicans out, and commit war crimes to fight terrorism even though that’s the exact reaction the terrorists want so they can recruit more terrorists. But you can’t put that on a bumper sticker like “I AM YOUR VOICE” because Donald Trump has the best words, and he loves you. Not as much as his daughter, but you know, close-ish. Believe me.

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Photo: YouTube