Jon Stewart Goes Off On Charleston Shooting: ‘We Won’t Do Jackshit’

We can’t upload galleries right now, so here’s Jon Stewart turning off the jokes and getting real as fuck on the Charleston shooting and how this country won’t do jackshit about it. Which is in stark contrast to Fox News who couldn’t even set aside their schtick for a minute and had to find some way to make it not about racism because their audience doesn’t want to hear about the plight of black people in America. On top of that, Stewart points out the dichotomy of how we handle foreign threats by invading two countries and bombing the shit out of them with drones, but when there’s a mass domestic shooting, we sit on our hands and go, “Welp, what’re ya gonna do?” And that was our reaction to dead, blue-eyed white children, so it’s a miracle we’re even still talking about this.

Photo: Comedy Central