Jon Hamm’s Friends Ask Him To Impregnate Them

“Hello. Yes. I’m the guy everyone wants to fuck.”

When you’re a rugged, meaty piece of stubbled, fictionally misogynistic handsome like Jon Hamm, you’re faced with a daily struggle that only someone like myself can relate to because we’re soulmates. And that struggle is having close friends constantly come up with crazy excuses for you to fuck them, like, “Hey, I’m getting old. Mind putting a baby in my uterus?” Via Starpulse:

“I have actually been asked to be a father by a friend who wanted to have a kid. It was kind of weird and out-of-nowhere and I said no.”
“Mainly because I was totally unemployed, and I would feel so responsible, even though they said, ‘Don’t worry, no strings attached.'”

“Later, I’d find out ‘no strings attached’ meant ‘Haha! I had a hysterectomy five years ago’ which was actually quite clever because I’m the kind of guy who would’ve kept fucking her just to make sure she got pregnant. And as a friend she attempted to prey on that, so long story short, I try to stay home a lot.”

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