Jon Hamm’s Penis Wanted Kids

What I’m about to say makes no sense, but apparently Jon Hamm told a woman he wanted to put a baby in her, and her answer was.. no? *grips sides of desk as reality vibrates into chaos around him* Us Weekly reports:

One insider tells Us that the pair “definitely tried” to work out their differences and keep their nearly two-decade-long romance going. However, the split was imminent, especially since the two didn’t see eye to eye about starting a family.
“There’s always been a rift,” another source close to the actress tells Us. “Because he wanted kids and she didn’t.”

In fairness, I’m not sure many people would do well with this conversation:

“Jon, Jennifer, have a seat. Listen, I’m not doing any of us a favor by sugarcoating this, so I’m just going to come right out and say it: If this kid gets an erection while he’s in there, it’s over. You’re dead. The risks are astronomical, and quite frankly, I’m amazed there’s even a uterus to be talking about let alone a functioning one.”
“I see. But what if it’s a girl?”
“Same scenario, only it’d be like placing an anvil inside of a water balloon instead of a spear. A very, very long spea- wait, how long has it been wearing my stethoscope?”
“Ha HA!”
“Oh, Jon…”
“That’s hilarious. But seriously, you put a baby in this woman, she’s dead.”
“Well, thank you, doctor. That gives us something to think about.”
“Think about?!”
“What? Oh, shit, are you mad now? Here we go…”

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