Jon Hamm’s Penis, You Came Back!

It seems like an eternity since we last saw Jon Hamm’s penis demanding to be seen despite the presence of pants, so here it is making a slightly less prominent return, so we shafted spiced things up by adding celebrity reactions to its girth-ajesty and splendor. I won’t spoil the end for you, but do you think a double stroller is too expensive of a gift? I like to tell myself Jon Hamm’s penis and I are at that level of our friendship even though it sometimes takes a day or three to respond to my texts. It’s just busy, okay? Really, really busy. YOU DON’T KNOW US.

“So, what’d you do with your college degree today, son?”
“I dedicated a song to a penis on the Internet.”
“…. Change your last name.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Splash News, WENN