Jon Hamm Saw The Conor McGregor Pics, Hold His Beer

People often ask me, “Does it bother you to put intrusive photos of Jon Hamm’s penis on the internet when he clearly doesn’t like that?” And my answer is always the same, “Are you gonna hire me at this gas station or what?” In all seriousness, I do feel a twinge of guilt every time we hop on the dong train to SEO Station, and sometimes even an unshakable terror over what would happen should Conor McGregor chose to throw even a single punch at 15% power at me. Shit out my teeth, right? I would literally poop teeth out of my butt is what I’m guessing. So you ladies and fellas who are into big, unrestrained celebrity wangs need to thank me for putting myself in harm’s way once again with this shot that’s totally 100% trouser hoagie and not keys or a pack of gum. Seriously, if I just got my femur broken over a dickhead-shaped pack of Camel Lights, I’m gonna be super pissed.

jon hamm penis
Jon Hamm in Los Feliz. January 27, 2017 (FameFlynet)

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