Jon Hamm’s Got Your Mighty Hammer Right Here

November 8th, 2013 // 19 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got Hammbone.

As hinted yesterday, Photo Boy and I are going on a date this morning to see Thor: The Dark World under the auspice of me writing a review about it. (Haha! I’m not a film critic.) So to tide over the readers who get routinely shafted – *adjusts bowtie* – by the eight million daily bikini pictures, here’s Jon Hamm‘s penis on the set of Mad Men where I’ll assume he plunked it on a desk then dared AMC to make him wear underwear. And maybe twirled it like a lasso at his side which I would do constantly in that man’s shoes. You have no idea.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    Prosthetic from Boogie Nights or sad attempt to gain more homosexual viewers for Mad Men? You decide.

  2. aha, no wonder they put such a low crotch on his pants

  3. Cock Dr

    Well thanks for this.

  4. Naturally, I’m envious, but let’s be honest… I barely know what to do with the dick I have. What would I do with that monster? Fell trees? Demolish derelict buildings? I’d probably get exhausted just walking around with that thing in my pants.

  5. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    If that’s his cock then how high is the waist on his pants? Nipple level?

  6. Ed The Sock

    That’s the “monster” everybody’s making such a big fuss about? Doesn’t look more than average size to me.

  7. Trinz

    Yay! Something for the ladies!…and our gay brethren.

  8. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    Look at this thing, always with this man. Can someone get this man some underwear? Or at least upgrade him to some quarters rolls to make it look bigger?

  9. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    The only being on earth Clooney actually envies.

  10. oh i know

    THANK YOU Fish– I LOVE this man and his hambone!!!! ;)

  11. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
    Helena Handbasket
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    Hamm sandwich, hamm & eggs, spiced hamm … it’s all good! I love pork!

  12. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    Pinche. I want a piece of Hamm.

  13. Dox

    “Dammit Weiner stop texting me.”

  14. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    Mr. Pee-pee is making a run for the bottom of the pant leg

  15. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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  16. Jon Hamm Penis Mad Men Set
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    Good Lord. Why hasn’t he learned by now?

  17. Becca

    Thanks. Wouldnt mind to take a closer look.

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