Everybody Be Quiet, It’s A Jon Hamm’s Penis Post

December 5th, 2012 // 23 Comments

When we last left Jon Hamm‘s penis, it slapped on a leather jacket and a St. Louis hat for a night of drinking, so here it is in Loz Feliz yesterday where I like to picture it prepared as a McRib wondering why it doesn’t get top billing on Mad Men instead of this schlub it’s attached to. Seriously, a purple coat? Who does this guy think he is? Jon Hamm’s penis deserves better than this. Jon Hamm’s penis deserves to go solo.

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  1. KV

    Nice ! I wouldn’t mind having some Hamm under my Christmas tree.

  2. Max Shreck

    So what you’re basically saying is, Jon Hamm’s Penis (that’s always capitalized, right?) is Peter Gabriel, and the rest of Jon Hamm is the rest of Genesis?

  3. brtnphotography

    that is not a purple jacket. were you thinking maybe about his dick helmet?

  4. SFRowGuy

    He is wearing way too much clothes.

  5. Jon Hamm Penis
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  6. Jon Hamm Penis
    Toe Jam
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    Hey, sausage slinger, go with briefs!

  7. Am I the only woman in America whose vag couldn’t care less about this guy?

  8. He’s just taking out for a walk.

  9. Al Bundy

    What’s the fuss about? Looks pretty average. Him and the penis.

  10. Cock Dr

    I disobeyed the thing about being quiet.

  11. About three more posts and the Restraining Order will be served.

  12. Jon Hamm Penis
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    Prosthesis cheater!

  13. CartlT

    Come, bitches, come.

    You know he does this on purpose. Comic gold.

  14. oh i know

    how i’d love to have THAT with a red bow around it under my tree (if you know what i mean!!) christmas morning!!! ;)

  15. Jon Hamm Penis
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    My Godddd when is Mad Men starting again…

  16. Matt

    Is this all he does anymore? Get all chubbed up and then go outside for a walk in loose fitting pants?

  17. Jon Hamm Penis
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    meh.. not as good as the first one. THAT is a classic.

  18. Jon Hamm Penis
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