Here’s Jon Hamm Giving Relationship Advice To Random 16-Year-Old Girls On The Internet

Above is the latest panty-sploosher slip n’ sliding its way across the Internet – I’m a weaver of romantic imagery, I know. – featuring Jon Hamm participating in Rookie’s Ask a Grown Man web series where a celebrity answers five questions that are apparently exclusively from teenage girls wondering why a boy doesn’t like them. An experience I’m all too familiar back when I used Formspring more than once every new moon. Not that I’m trying to equate myself with Jon Hamm or anything, but I do have an entire garage furnished with 60s decor where I drink scotch and yell at the wall to fetch my coffee or I’ll impregnate it for looking like a whore in those knee socks and quilted sweater. So I guess you could say we’re twins. Identical twins.

Thanks to Kat who clearly mistook me for someone who ejaculates at the sight of Jon Hamm’s incredible stubble.

Video: Rookie

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