Jon Gosselin Works At T.G.I. Friday’s

Despite a brief foray as DJ PopsDemEightIn that amazingly didn’t rocket him back into a treasure trove of ATVs and Ed Hardy sheets to bang your mom’s divorced friend with a drinking problem on – but never in – perpetual falling star Jon Gosselin works at T.G.I. Friday’s as a prep cook now, so I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Wear condoms. Go on the pill. Pull out. Get abortions. Consider the butt. TMZ reports:

Jon’s been working at the Lancaster, PA franchise for a few months, prepping and cooking family fare. The pic was taken at the restaurant when he started working there a month or so ago.
We’re told JG even had to go through chef boot camp.

In related news, that loud “SKREEEE!” you just heard was not a bird attacking its prey, but Kate Gosselin orgasming for the first time. Blood will now rain from the sky for 14 days.

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